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You also deserve some natural and eco-friendly cosmetics, Made In France!

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Depending on the season, your skin may face many adventures and obstacles. The goals of many people gather in one point, look young and clean… Even if you have some health problems, some cosmetics brands worked a lot to develop a selection of skin care products willing to help you in that way.

Following our last topic on snail based cosmetics and men’s care… we pursue here to enumerate a couple of natural solutions (often based on the power of vegetal species, such as this rare Lady’s Slipper from the French mountains), directly from French laboratories, that would fulfill your needs. Whatever if you have beard or not… By Alex Plato 




We start this beauty diving with an inventive couple, named Clémence & Vivien.

This French pair decided to unite together with a common passion for natural cosmetics. Since November 2019, they launched their first face care offer, following specific guidelines. Thus, you would either discover their Baume onctueux (multi-purpose balm), Deodorant, and even a Savon à froid (soap by a cold method). A good start to revisit your beauty routine with a different natural perception!

Those elements are based on super concentrated formats, allowing a certain longevity to their products (for example, 3 months of use for a 50 gram jar of deodorant) and of course 100% natural, vegan and made in France! Consequently, you wouldn’t find any preservatives or superfluous ingredients waste (photo credits: Clémence & Vivien).

This result made be supported by their wish to propose a diversified range of eco-designed care products. Indeed, they have a natural composition, packed in compact original formats, plastic-free and  without any greenhouse gas propellants…

Therefore, their cream pots are built of glass or metal, only recyclable materials, or compostable cardboard boxes, with the less transportation as possible, since the supply chain team prioritizes short circuits. It means that they seek to supply themselves most often directly from their raw material producers (vegetable oils or other) to their own production and packaging workshops and then ship the products straight to the distribution chain, saving money and carbon footprint. Which involves none external lab, logistician nor wholesaler. 

In addition to those basic Eco-designed packaging aspects, remind the efforts paid on notable details, like rubber pipettes and stoppers made of recyclable plastic.

Those functions adorn some of their cosmetics, where you could be sure to find there a strong educational bias, explaining their natural compositions, providing a total transparency

While informing you about their contents, you would be surely amazed about the emphasis directed on sensoriality and attention to the sourcing of quality basic raw materials and active ingredients, most of them coming from natural origin (such as Coenzyme Q10, wild rose oil, phospholipids…).




The first item we could mention is their deodorants, materialized in a creamy shape. Therefore, its primary action aims to fight any bacterial overgrowth. Your daily issue made be resolved thanks to antibacterial essential oils and mineral powders which act on your pH value.

Indeed, their deodorant acts while turning your pH status more basic, the only condition to stop the constant bacterial growth, either permitted by some specific environment or personal parameters.

Your new daily assistants are available in 6 addictive fragrances, you would have to read their personalities to make you choice! Among them, four naturally composed of shea butter, maize starch, sodium bicarbonate, abricot or sunflower oils, two are dedicated to sensitive skins (vanilla or mandarine flavored).

Most cosmetic products have a compact format of 50gr (8,90 euros), since the Clémence & Vivien team concluded that most of our cosmetics have a limited lifespan, then they better deemed to limit the quantity in their pots and jars…

Later on, you would have the chance to become familiar with other original new age products, the multi-use creams! Those are once again formed of 99% of ingredients, originating from organic farming and also suitable for babies and pregnant women.

Thanks to their still creamy, those multi-purpose balms, would undoubtedly be your new daily multi-functional beauty assistants! Healing your skin, even very dry, would be nourished. Even if it’s matters your body, chapped lips or small areas of dryness on your face, and either tired hair (before or after shampoo), your entire person may be considered by its natural hydration action. Your baby‘s delicate skin also! Those baumes (balms) are real Swiss knives, due to their combination of organic vegetable oils, including the softening properties of shea butter, mixed with the regenerating and antioxidant properties of apricot and avocado oils.

They are available in 3 scents and 2 formats (50 and 150 ml), in order to facilitate your transportation anywhere you want and for reasonable recommended prices of 5,90 euros and 11,90 euros.

Secondly, the Huile de Soin (face care oil) is another hydration companion. Due to an efficient balanced association between fatty acids Omega 3 and 9, your skin would be protected and supported to reconstitute its hydrolipidic film. Indeed, the phospholipids inner contained, increases the efficiency and the penetration of its oil. Moreover, the natural Bisabolol content also helps you to repair minor irritations. 4 different Huiles de Soin possible (make-up remover, antioxidant, mixed and dry skins), for a capacity of 100ml (an approximative potential 3 months of use).

On top of that, you should give a try to their soft and still handmade, savons à froid (soaps made with a cold method), a multi-functional is the star of the eco-friendly bathroom. Indeed, as it is mentioned in the title, their cold manufacturing process (without any heating), preserves the raw ingredients of those innovative soaps and provide you the best of their inner vegetal and essential oils‘ benefits, to your body. For your information, the glycerin produced during the process (at a rate of 9% volume) gives it a unique softness in comparison with other random industrial soaps, and you would surely see the difference while applying on your skin.

Thanks to its solid format, it is packaged in a compostable cardboard case, in order to fulfill your needs for a zero waste toilet. Moreover, since they’re manually shaped during the production, in small batches, you may be certain to buy a unique piece! Although, you will find a dilemma between 8 original fragrances, all starring all kind of natural and mostly organic oils: olive, shea, sunflower, castor… for a unique weight of 100gr, priced from 3,90 euros.

For more information, connect on the official website or directly in their partner stores.

Furthermore and straight from the French Alps, we lately discovered the mountain benefits of herbalism developed by the Exertier family brand (photo credits: Exertier).

A story rooted into a longtime alpine tradition and transmitted year after year, in order to be nowadays at the disposal of the skin care. This may be to ladies and gentlemen a green revolution, thanks to the properties of the Lady’s Slipper (Cypripedium calceolus), an alpine orchid, renowned for its nutritive and anti-oxidant virtues (photo credits: Hautes-Alpes Insolites).

Indeed, this french natural Exertier cosmetics line was launched, on the slopes of the famous ski resort of Courchevel, in 2014 by Julie Exertier.

She mated with two close associates, stronger with a long experience in the beauty sector. Pierre Schooneman, her Savoyard neighbor, formerly manager of the Avène laboratories, and Jean-Louis Barnay, her father-in-law and also former research director at Sanofi Pasteur laboratories. A collaboration leading to a natural french made production, excluding toxic products.

On the slopes of the largest ski area in Europe, Les 3 Vallées, conducive to the cultivation of a rich flora and therefore, altitude honey, this trio developed two lines.

The first range is composed of this mountain Courchevel honey, harvested at 2000m high, baptized Le Miracle du Miel (or French Glow for the native speakers), is more into the shining of your skin. Those creams are all made from this pure honey, grown at an altitude of 2000m in pure clean conditions, full of amino acids and trace elements. Indeed, those main ingredients bring some efficient moisturizing and cellular repairing, coming into a Light Face Cream, bringing you some high hydration due to the nutritive properties and low molecular weight of the hyaluronic acid, Still with the same acid, the Caring Mask would complete this fixing function, helping of organic royal jelly and karite butter, for the renewing of the cell process. This hyaluronic acid is really unmissable, through the Eye Treatment, allied with the Centella Asiatica plant, in order to stimulate the collagen synthesis. Another benefit of the Courchevel honey, the Intensive Glow Serum highlights and regenerates your skin glow, thanks to the combine action of organic Argan and apricot kernel oils.

The second collection called L’Or de l’Orchidée (or French Aging) focuses more on the prevention of the aging of your skin. By dint of an innovative process in the extraction of the specific virtues of this local alpine flower, the Lady’s Slipper (Cypripedium calceolus), into powerful anti-oxidant active assets, either combined with organic grape kernel and Argan oils for the Caring Cream , or the Ribwort plantain (Plantago lanceolata) for its skin highlighting action in the Global Serum., as well as the collagen stimulation of the olive oil cerate ingredient in the Wonder Cream. Last but not least, the Beauty Milk, a hydrating ritual after your cleansing, starring the Sweet almond oil, for its fatty acids Omega-6 and 9 encouraging the cell renewal, along the Karite butter, also full of vitamins.

You would notice that this mountain honey and this Lady’s Slipper Orchid are the main sources of Exertier‘s avant-garde cosmetics, with a soft fragrance, that would make you travel among the immaculate snowy alpine peaks.

Available Online, also in various beauty stores, pharmacies and parapharmacies.


In the same way to resurrect rare medicinal plants, we introduce you another kind of project, lead from an other French region. Founded by Marion Weber, who made, since a young age, her own cosmetics, Oden highlights the benefits of nature directly on your skin.
The natural Huiles Botaniques d’Oden (Botanical Oils) are grown and processed in France, thanks to a short circuit specially applied to cosmetics. There you could find pure vegetable, virgin and first cold pressed oils, thus without any chemistry nor water! And of course no animal testing!

Indeed, the seeds, used for the cosmetics recipes, are pressed in small quantities, in order to provide you a quality and fresh oil, full of Omega 3, 6 and 9 and active ingredients, like vitamins E and A.
That’s why, while using them, you would notice that those products have suitable affinities with any casual skin, due to the same fatty acid compositions as intercellular cement, forming your epidermis, helping the skin to instantly absorb oil, and last plumped and hydrated (photo credits: Oden).

In order to keep this coolness sensation, the Oden laboratory aimed to revive some forgotten plants, mostly undervalued, although they are supposed to be rich in active ingredients. This initiative may have been possible through a collaboration with some local French farms, willing to participate in cosmetic industry projects. 

Moreover, and to get the best extract from nature, Oden has also partnered with female farmers who make jams from French fruits. Then, they send their fruit seeds and pits, that they threw until now.
With this recycling path, and the involvement of laboratories specializing in plant extraction, the Oden team have determined the most ecological way to extract rare and precious oils from those extraordinary fruit seeds and kernels.

Among them, a range of six vegetal oils are already available for all kinds of skins (recommended price for 30ml: 28 euros).

Mirabelle for Normal skin types
Prune biologique (Organic plum) for Dry skin types
Noisette (Hazelnut) for Average to Oily skin types
Amande (Almond) for Sensitive skin types
Onagre (Evening primrose) for Dull skin types
Bourrache (Borage) for Mature skin types

Moreover, the Oden team is a huge enthusiast of agroecology and consequently, wishes to raise French awareness this new wave cultural mode. For that reason, the brand planed to create Jardins Cosmétiques, a botanic garden where vegetal species would be planted in harmony with others.

This homemade Oden garden (and showcase for its products) is for sure open to the public, who would have a great opportunity to discover different plant varieties dedicated for cosmetic use, and learn how to get an efficient oil, extracted from seeds of a plant, fitted with wonderful properties for the skin.
The first location has opened during the summer of 2019 in Piriac-Sur-Mer (this Brittany city is also a project partner); the second one would follow in Paris.

For more information, connect on the official website or directly in the stores.

Natural beauty also captured two girls, who created the new French cosmetics player Les Petits Prödiges, Camille and Clémentine. They met during their studies and shared many passions, among them, the beauty products. However, following their common experience, they noticed that consumers use too many products, on a daily basis, with sometimes too expensive and harmful aftermath. This point of view gave them the idea of ​​creating their new project of Les Petits Prödiges, involving multi-use balms in a small laboratory, located in the south of France

The passion of the two founders for travel made them discover through different trips. That was a starting point of their adventure, completed by the arrival of a chemist in their team. Their brainstorming conducted them to refine their cosmetics recipes, for example with the ​​addition of Vitamin E as a natural preservative in the composition of their multi-use balm, only composed of 7 ingredients, from the first steps at the end of 2017 (photo credits: Les Petits Prödiges). 

Thus, those balms were created in order to simplify your beauty routine, while respecting environment and your skin. Since the team always wished to put in the project, eco-responsible and biodegradable (made in France) products, neither any animal testing nor parabens, preservatives, sulphates or any alcohol.

In fact, the focus was brought to a minimalist packaging and the natural aspects of the texture and the scent. Therefore, based on this observation, two product lines were imagined those baumes multi-usages (multi-purpose balms) and deodorants. Their compact sizes allow to bring them from your bathroom, to your handbag and and for wherever you want.

The team considers the first one as a truly magic revolution production. Indeed, those multi-purpose balms may be used endlessly and for many uses, either for a daily facial or body care, an evening mask, a makeup remover, a lip balm, a hair care… and, according to the testimonies of some of their customers, in reaction care for small burns and in treatment against eczema.

They are made of organic olive and almond oils, beeswax, honey, royal jelly… like Exertier, we mentioned earlier, bees provide much beauty care! Moreover, their fragrances smell the South of France and a glance of exotism, through lemon balm, coconut balm and even odorless balm, for those who wish to remain neutral. Two formats of cream pots are available: 30ml (14,90 euros) & 100ml (34,90 euros).

More recently, Les Petits Prödiges launched a brand new range of deodorants, those are appreciated for their practical recyclable and biodegradable cardboard pack, plastic-free then… They exclusively contain ingredients from natural origin and thanks to their solid shape, they naturally neutralize odors, absorb moisture and provide a living pleasant smell for your whole day.

Made of shea butter, arrow root powder, sunflower oil, carnauba and candelilla waxes… Those deodorants are available in three different scents: Lemon & Bergamot, Cotton Flower and Charcoal & Eucalyptus, in a unique format of 65 grams (recommended price of 12,90 euros).

For more information about those 100% natural and made in France cosmetic identity, connect on the official website or directly in the stores.

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