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The new version of the Messi Burger has just been launched at the Hard Rock Café Paris, along the Formula 1 collaboration with Oracle Red Bull Racing!

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This former theater hosts the Hard Rock Café Paris..

Hard Rock Café is arguably one of the best known and most established American restaurant chains in the World. With nearly 187 spots spread in 78 countries, the brand is still popular since its early days and does not hesitate to launch limited editions or events, notably through several signature burgers.

This is currently the case, with the new edition of the Messi Burger, developed in the framework of a 5 year partnership with the football star, Lionel Messi. Icing on the cake, don’t miss the upcoming animations happening for Grand Prix days (but not only), beneath the Formula 1 collaboration with the Oracle Red Bull Racing team. By AL another clothing souvenir to collect.
From a Rock vestige piece by Bruce Springsteen..

Let’s have a look at the new sporty connection at the occasion of this new year 2023, for the Hard Rock Café Paris with the new edition of the partnership with the Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi. This agreement has been settled around a 5-year confidential signed contract, organized around the promotion of various bilateral actions (photo credits: AL).

Therefore, a clothing collection inspired by Lionel Messi, following the obtention of his 6 Golden Balls, and the donation of one signed replica to the president of the international Hard Rock Café group, known as Jim Allen. By the way, this cup would be soon exhibited in a Hard Rock Café property, and would even enter the wide collection of musical objects, spread all over the World


..or a giant one of Timothy Schmit from the Eagles band.
From a mini-guitar piece to decorate your place..

For your information, and in return, Lionel Messi was getting offered an electric guitar, specially designed for him. Following the coronation of his Argentinian team at the Football World Cup 2022 that was held in Qatar, it’s a good occasion to celebrate this victory in Paris, with a fully dedicated menu and goodies, elaborated in tribute to Lionel Messi.

Furthermore, whatever you are into football or not, you could ask a piece of Messi, through its Burger Champion’s Edition, which is exclusively available until March in all of the Hard Rock Cafés around the World. Patiently waited by his fans, after a first edition in March 2021, this Messi Burger Champion’s Edition would let you better discover the personality and tastes of the star


..before eventually adopting your Messi‘s clothing slice.
A homemade chocolate brownie with its vanilla ice dream..

Indeed, presented in a toasted brioche bun, this juicy double stack of freshly ground beef patties, completed by a combination of toppings, such as cheese, provolone, sliced chorizo, caramelized red onion and spicy smoky sauce. This composition is topped with shredded roman lettuce and vine-ripened tomatoes, plus eventually a fried egg in option. This burger is served with homemade fries, to accommodate with three free sauces, which are aioli, Latin chili and chimichurri, which is Lionel Messi‘s favorite sauce.

This Messi Burger Champion’s Edition could be then accompanied by the brand new collection of accessories, caps, hats and hoodies, available for sale in the Hard Rock Café‘s stores, in the World.

“It’s an honor to continue our partnership with World footballing star Lionel Messi and to take the LIVE GREATNESS campaign to the next level with the Messi Burger Champion‘s edition. We couldn’t be more excited helping Hard Rock Café and Lionel Messi fans getting in on the action and they’ll love the new sauces, each of which completes the Messi Burger in an own unique way”, admits Anibal FernandezCoffee Division Vice-President of Hard Rock Café.

..directly connected to guitar accessories as well available.
Apart from Messi, the Rolling Stones also left a mark..

Indeed, fans can also immerse themselves in some contemporary technology and unlock a unique 3D augmented reality experiences, by selecting hoodies from the collection by simply scanning a QR code. Thereafter, these AR experiences can be shared with friends and family and could also be available to share on Instagram social network.

As far as we know, those products, resulting from the exclusive collaboration between Hard Rock Café and Lionel Messi, are available in the related stores. Otherwise you prefer opting for other classic Hard Rock Café elements to bring back home from Paris.

Don’t miss the opportunity to shop them online!

The promise of a pleasant moment in front of a giant screen..

Adding to this, the Hard Rock Café group even partnered with the Oracle Red Bull Racing team, with the mission to bring the thrill and emotions of Formula 1 racing to more fans worldwide. The result of a multi-year agreement between the iconic gourmet brand and the championship-winning F1 team will see, toward a range of various collaborations. Therefore, you could either appreciate this partnership in several restaurants from the Hard Rock Café group, through a series of animations and Grand Prix in-situ projections.

That is notably the case in Paris, across the 23-race calendar, with countless convivial and immersive experiences for fans, especially organized during Grand Prix weekends. Therefore, the Hard Rock Café Paris may become the favorite race day rendez-vous for all of this motor sport fans but also video games players, with the collaboration between Oracle Red Bull Racing and E-sports Team.
Hard Rock Café Paris, 14 Boulevard Montmartre, 75009 Paris (France) / Phone : 00 33 (0)1 53 24 60 00. More information on their official website.

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