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OHTOP unveils some Korean spirit with its new Art perfume collection, to discover in September 2024

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Behind this project of OHTOP stands Romeo Oh, a Korean designer established in Paris since the early 1990s. Romeo embodies the fusion of two cultures in the world of fashion and perfume.  
Born in a peaceful Korean province far from Seoul, he grew up surrounded by the serenity of the countryside and the scent of rice fields. These elements nourished his imagination and creative sensitivity, displaying his cultural heritage. Attracted by the cultural excitement of Paris, Romeo settled there and founded the SHOWROOM ROMEO in the illustrious Marais quarter. This space is dedicated to the discovery and promotion of upcoming young fashion talents. By AL 

..starting from fashion and cosmetics, and recently pursuing with a selection of perfumes.
Tainted with a dual culture, Romeo Oh would surprise you with his several projects..
After more than twenty years of highlighting emerging creators, Romeo decided to devote himself to his own project by launching OHTOP, a perfumery brand which reflects as much as possible his personal experience and his artistic vision (photo credits: OHTOP & AL).  
In 2021, he began with a range of unisex cosmetics before stepping into perfumery in 2023, creating a collection of fragrances, designed as an olfactory wardrobe. His philosophy explores the connections between fashion and beauty, focusing on personal expression and the celebration of style.
..its perfumes are made in the traditions of French perfumery. with a contemporary touch.
The philosophy of OHTOP, a brand that fuses fashion and beauty, advocating some panoramic lifestyle.. 

For your information, those OHTOP perfumes, crafted according to the traditions of French perfumery, incorporate elements of Korean culture, reflecting Romeo Oh‘s heritage and personal experiences.

For instance, each fragrance results from collaborations with various renowned perfumers, such as Alexis Dadier, Amélie Bourgeois, Anne-Sophie Behaghel, and of course Romeo himself, under the direction of the Carbonnel teams. Therefore, OHTOP continues to explore the links between fashion and beauty, while committing to a positive impact on our climate and fragile nature.



..but also minimalist, they aim to merge with any skin, emphasizing some originality.
The five initial fragrances of OHTOP, created with renowned perfumers, are sophisticated.. 

In another hand, OHTOP is also distinguished by its commitment to sustainability and the preservation of biodiversity. Thus, the brand uses traceable, non-toxic and for sure natural ingredients, and adopts ethical and transparent production practices. Their 15ml bottles are refillable and all are fully recyclable, reducing the random carbon footprint. Their packaging materials are chosen for their low environmental impact, including fully recyclable paper and biodegradable cellophane. This collection of unisex perfumes is designed as an olfactory wardrobe, inviting everyone to assert themselves with style and freedom a great introduction to discover this Air Oud oriental evasion.
Romeo Oh simply posing in front of his bestselling Green Flannel item..

This year, OHTOP is enriching its collection with three new fragrances, each carrying a distinct story and inspiration. Among this trio launching, you could count on Air Oud, which is a perfume, imagined by the perfumer Karine Vinchon, inspired by the image of a Buddhist temple, covered in moss. Here, it combines the delicate freshness of oud wood, adorned with notes of orange blossom and sandalwood, creating a duality between a soft start and a more animal base. Once wearing it, be ready to feel various emotions of comfort, tranquility and fresh air, as well thanks to its ingredients of rice and incense. Price: 230 euros for a 100ml bottle.

..a lucky shadow, nested in a transparent flask.
Julien Rasquinet joins Romeo Oh to present their Októ baby.. 

Then, be ready for some chance inspiration. Therefore, deeply inspired by the famous number 8, symbol of luck and metamorphosis in Asia, the Októ fragrance is a celebration of the positive energy, somehow emanating from this number 8, symbolizing chance and abundance. Its simple and luminous formula, conceived by perfumer Julien Rasquinet, contains eight seeds, evoking rebirth and hope. This perfume captures the scented raw and noble wakes of humus, through notes of ambrette seed, along pear, and iris. Price: 200 euros for a 100ml bottle. passing at the ROMEO SHOWROOM, where every fragrance tells a story.
From fashion to perfumery, the link is large, discover tradition meeting innovation..

The last of the three new fragrances is named Half Moon, inspired by the melody of a Korean nursery rhyme, better known as Bandal (meaning “half moon”). This perfume evokes the sweetness of youth, with a composition dominated by cedar, floral notes of rose, jasmine, heliotrope and a breath of mountainous oxygen.

Created by Luca Maffei, this powerful fragrance expresses several emotions of fragility and melancholy, supplied by heliotrope but also an ambroxan accord. Price: 200 euros for a 100ml bottle.
OHTOP, at the ROMEO SHOWROOM, 18 Rue Ferdinand Duval, 75004 Paris (France) / Phone : 00 33 (0)1 42 77 29 83. More details on their official website.

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