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From the Beauport Abbey, passing by the GwinZegal art center, until La Roche Jagu castle, discover the Côtes d’Armor through Les Minutes Bleues festival

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© contemplate the Brittany’s landscapes and its Minutes Bleues..
From your upcoming early steps into the Beauport Abbey, be ready..

If you wish to discover Brittany differently, we propose you to experiment Les Minutes Bleues festival. This second edition of this annual event, organized by the Côtes d’Armor department, is a good occasion to have a large overview from the cultural panorama, occurring in this maritime region.

Therefore, from Dinan to Guingamp, you may discover a wide choice of exclusive sites to enter and adopt. Why not taking some time to visit them alone or with someone? In this case, follow the guide of recommendations, leading you to marvelous destinations and experiences. By AP

..and around twenty parishes, including nine of them that were in England.
This religious authority extended from Île-de-Bréhat to Saint-Brieuc..

For this 2023 edition, the choice of Les Minutes Bleues‘ sites collaborations is wide. We eventually started to visit the former Abbaye de Beauport, converted into a religious and cultural center, completed by a cider manufacture. This is where has just started our festival tour in this so-called Beauport or Bellus Portus abbey, clearly reflecting its exceptional coastal dimension. The abbey was founded by the Premonstratensian order in 1202, enriched by a wonderful view over the sea. The pastoral, justice and economic functions from those canons, also held a maritime lordship with rights over the sea, from Saint-Riom Island to the tip of Guilben (photo credits: AP).

..classified as a “Remarkable Tree Ensemble” since 2018, it honors 19th century trees.
The large garden offers a great views above the bay, with its plane trees and ginkgoes.. 

By the way, abbeys and monasteries have always housed gardens within their walls. Even today, the old but good shaped Beauport Abbey is surrounded by garden areas, offering a beautiful diversity of plant species, showing multiple traces of its religious and secular history. Adding to this, a multitude of fruit trees find their place on the walls and garden squares. The conservatory orchard continues a tradition, dating back at least to the 18th century, and the abbey still produces and sells its own cider and apple juice, nearby a small garden cultivating plants, rediscovered during the Renaissance. The romanticism of the 19th century is also found in the collection of rose bushes, planted in the four corners of the abbey, but also exotic species.

..but there is a fee to visit the abbey and its gardens
The natural area is freely accessible all year round..

The site bears witness to eight centuries of history, since there monastic or secular times have left their mark from the elegant Gothic architecture, from its luxurious gardens until fancy orchards.

Thereafter, the Beauport Abbey was acquired in 1992 by the Conservatoire du Littoral, which paid many efforts to renovate this monument during 20 years of work, in order to be able to welcome visitors again. Thus, be ready to attend the regular venue of music festivals, along artistic tours and other random animations to punctuate this rich cultural season, imagined by the artistic team.
..the abbey has offered a breakfast in the chapter house.
Icing on the cake and to conclude this memorable visit..

Therefore, the Beauport Abbey wish to reconnect with the spiritual and social tradition of the abbeys by sharing various occasions of exchanges and experiences, to feel the spirit of the past. That’s why, at the occasion of Les Minutes Bleues festival, while on early morning, an appointment was organized for a immersive visit of the abbey. A good opportunity to discover this historic monument at an early time, before the visitors arrive. Once there, the random participants may have been guided to enjoy moments of silence, through meditation, beneath breathing exercises and even short readings on the history of the site


Abbaye de Beauport, Rue de Beauport, 22500 Paimpol (France) / Phone : 00 33 (0)2 96 55 18 58. More information on their official website.

..this is the case of the library, where many events and encounters are organized.
This strong stoned staircase would lead you to more confidential rooms..

In fact, Les Minutes Bleues is a respectful festival that allows anyone willing to visit hidden sites to enjoy singular experiences at night or even at dawn. This is the case of Château de La Roche Jagu, where used to lived many Brittany counts, but not only.

A well-preserved medieval edifice, displaying its whole bygone splendor with many sparkling facets, through different various stairs. A good occasion to visit it by night, thanks to Les Minutes Bleues festival, allowing all the volunteers to wear a headlamp to discover the smallest nooks and crannies of this mysterious castle.

..whose exceptional landscaping encourages a true introspection and contemplation.
Admire the surrounding gardens, either labeled “Eco Jardin” and “Jardin Remarquable”..

Thus, this La Roche Jagu castle is a very beautiful fortress, built in the 15th century which proudly overlooks the Trieux river’s estuary, giving it a strategic geographic asset, at the time thanks to its unobstructed panorama. Today, its fabulous walkway offers all visitors an exceptional experience back in the fortress‘ old times.

Despite a military structure, this castle counts a main residential building in which countless cultural events are hosted all year long, such as spectacles, visiting tours, workshops and other temporary exhibitions
Domaine départemental de la Roche-Jagu, 22260 Ploëzal (France) / Phone : 00 33 (0)2 96 95 62 35. More information on their official website and keep informed about the next Les Minutes Bleues edition.

..with its three architectural styles or its Renaissance style doors.
Not far from this, stands the Notre-Dame de Bon-Secours basilica

Apart from this, why not having a stop at the rest of the Guingamp city, introducing a whole experience into the northern Brittany. Thus, it’s not a lie that the walls of this charming locality, adorned with authentic sandstone, reserve many secrets to unveil.

The town of Guingamp is part of the Petites Cités de Caractère network and offers you a journey through time with its medieval half-timbered architecture, its 15th century fortified Pierre II castle, enhanced by its ramparts. Not to mention its Festival de la Saint-Loup, highlighting local folklore but also gathering artists and dancers from across the Celtic world. Plus, modern art with Sitis, a giant fawn, built in corten steel, realized by Alain Laboile.
..just under your steps, it is the same model as at Cathedral of Chartres.
Without forgetting that the basilica has its labyrinth under the porch.. 

For instance, in Guingamp, the Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours basilica is one of the must-see sites. Known as a place of spiritual meditation, as well hosting traditional Breton ceremonies, this Gothic edifice is renowned for its Virgin who has the particularity of being black, a unique case in Brittany. Indeed, this statue has turned black from the candles.

Don’t forget to admire the different stained glass windows, dating from the second part of the 19th century, having been created by various artists, such as Le Henaff or Fialex, representing different biblical scenes, but not only.
Basilique Notre-Dame de Bon Secours, 22200 Guingamp (France) / Phone : 00 33 (0)2 96 43 73 59. More information on their official website and keep informed about the next Les Minutes Bleues edition.

..a national and international art center reputation.
Anchored in a predominantly rural area, this former jail has.. 

Then, let yourself guided in a different way beneath this wide network of cultural and leisure sites. Situated in the charming city of Guingamp, we deeply recommend you to visit the Centre D’Art GwinZegal.

This art center is settled in the former local jaildevoted largely to photography, hosts within its walls the exhibition of the artist Daniel Blaufuks. Untitled Journal of Resistance, experiment an immersion into the artistic galaxy of the artist, whose subject is the duty to remember the Second World War in Brittany.
..nowadays the introduction of the GwinZegal artistic team.
Echoing the past voices of the prisoners, the walls resonate..

Don’t miss to discover this solemn but graphic selection, around photographs, collages and handwritten words, that this inspired artist has reunited like a diary, all around this memory wall. A good opportunity to discover the activities of the GwinZegal Art Center, which has been revolving around photography and its multiple facets, for more than 10 years. There, artistic creation is completed with encounters and pedagogy, between a selection of artist residencies, exhibitions, publishing and specific actions aimed at the public, such as the library and the educational center, leading workshops, notably carried out in schools all around the Brittany.


Centre d’Art GwinZegal, 4 Rue Auguste Pavie, 22200 Guingamp (France) / Phone : 00 33 (0)2 96 44 27 78. More information on their official website and keep informed about the next Les Minutes Bleues edition.

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