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The Football FIFA World Cup in Russia, won by the French Team, reported in 3 dimensions

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Some signs of fate do not deceive. In 1998, Israel won the EuroVision song contest. Real Madrid won the Champions League. The French Team was in Group C of this World Cup, alongside Denmark and emerged victorious from this group within a hot pursuit versus Denmark, second. The French Team met then a playmaker of a great class, flanked by the number 10 of Kabyle origin in the person of Zinedine Zidane (translated from French by Alexandre Plateaux).

In 2018, Israel wins the Eurovision, Real Madrid of Zinedine Zidane brings a new Champions League trophy back home. The team of France is found in the group C of this World Cup accompanied by an old acquaintance, Denmark and leaves winner of his group alongside Denmark, the “eternal second”. Like the French team, it has a new virtuoso of great world class: flanked by number 10 of African but also Kabyle descent, by the way, Kylian Mbappe.

A FOCUS ON THE WINNER… Like in 98, the matches of preparation of blues bring nor guarantees or insurances before the big deadline… Same scenario like in 98, the coach in place, Didier Deschamps is strongly critical concerning the choices of his selection. His gambling philosophy, considered too frail and defensive, facing criticism to do without the best striker Karim Benzema blue. Like Aimé Jacquet in 98 who had passed David Ginola and Eric Cantona, and ditto, like Aimé Jacquet in 98, Didier Deschamps favors the group aspect and its good cohesion. In the image of 98, the group in which the team of France is found is a group considered the weakest on paper and in term of experience of world cup as one of the weakest of this world. For its debut in the competition, the blues begin a world-wide start shy, worrying breeze for some of this World Cup observers. The schedule offers the Australian team to the blues. In a match with a weak intensity, the France team opened the scoring on a logical penalty after a foul on striker Antoine Griezman. For the first time in the history of the World Cup, the referee of this match will call for video assistance to award the penalty to the blues.A penalty converted and an opening of the score 1-0 which will be curtailed. Indeed, just minutes later still on penalty the Australians equalize on a hand foul defender Barca SamuelUmtiti. But at the end of the match Paul Pogba, the blue midfielder who showdecisive throughout the world and will prevail in real leagues the middle of the blues who showdecisive throughout the world and will become a true leader of this team offers the victory to the blue 2-1, unlike 98 where the French Team started their World Cup on fire with a victory 3-0 in Marseille, “football city symbol”. By the time against South Africa in the same style as the Australia team, but much stronger and talented. The team of France imposes painfully 2-1 for his first match but the essential is assured. The victory, the three points, the confidence for the morale and the continuation of the competition.

Strong and symbolic image. After the opening of the difficult score against a valiant Australian team and difficult to move in his first match. The french team is remobilized all around the field as if the the road to the coronation would be long, painful but that together forming a real group a team of solidarity, they would succeed. For his second match, the team of France faces the team of Pérou absent from the world for more than thirty years. At the height of a remarkable course in the AMSUD zone, eliminating in particular the Chili double winner of the COPA AMERICA in 2013 and 2015 and who also during the playoffs held in check Brazil and Argentina. As a result, the level begins to increase in quality of football for this proposed casting blues. However, the blues hold and open the score by Kylian Mbappe, but paradoxically adopt a system of fairly low game with a game by leading possession to the Peruvians and starting a few times endanger but with a big Hugo Lloris, doorman of Tottenham and captain who plays his third world cup, the team of France wins 1-0 without really shining or being really in danger and by the same occasion assures already in his second match the qualification for the 8em final and cherry on the cake is the first place of the group that will leave more (photo credits: Mounir Marouf).

Hugo Lloris in the photo above in a big decisive day against the Peruvians for a victory over the smallest margins 1-0, but it is important because it qualifies the blues for the second round.

For his last meeting of the group, the blues find an old European knowledge of continental football and they succeed rather well, (1984,1998,2000). But for this poster, French and Danish, neutralize each other on a blank score 0-0 in a boring game to die or to fall asleep, which results in the whistles of the stadium of Luzhniki of Moscow that were little appreciated the spectacle offered by the two teams are more concerned with securing the first place for one and qualifying for the second round for the Danes, than offering a high quality of playing.
For the closing of this first round, without being flamboyant the team of France ends logically in the first place of his weak group followed of Denmark as in 98, with as only shadow on the board the shy attack of the blues: only three goals scored , which seems insufficient for a title contender or a team with the ambition to win this World Cup.

Aerial duel for Olivier Giroud watched closely by two Danish up to the air. For the 8th finals, the team of France offers the luxury and the right to face one of the favorite grandissimes of this world cup, the unfortunate finalist of 2014 in Brazil. Argentina, the author of a ghostly premire, has been ready for elimination after the sinking of Croatia, another outsider of the world 0-3. The Argentineans led by Leo Messi, the best player of the football world, will be hard and hard to beat 2-1 against Nigeria for the last day of this group, only validating his ticket for the 8em only a few minutes from the end and thus giving himself the right to breathe and agree a reprieve in this world.Grand paradox of this first round, the blues have not convinced. Argentine as for it seems only to be the shadow of his glorious past and yet the double Albiceleste world champion in 78, 86have finals. The latest in 2014 seems to be resurrected after his match against Nigeria of good quality with a large force and his offensive armada composed of Dybala, Aguerro Di Maria, Higuain, Messi, Losenso probably the most beautiful of this world cup. attraction that seems to Caesar Sampaoli, Argentine coach impotent and unable to manage, winning him the thunderbolts and the sharpest criticism by the Argentine press. This shock of the 8th finals between France and Argentina will reveal an anthology match, of a high technical quality and high intensity that marks the history of the world cup. Between two numbers of worldclasses: Leo Messi for Argentina and Kylian Mbappe for the French team. However one star shines more than the other and to the big surprise everyone is the star ” Mbappe ” who will stand out by a crazy race of sixty meters at 37km / h on the first attack against the blue which is deadly for Argentina, leaving on the spot all the Argentine defense outside Ernesto Banega which to stop the attacker bruises can not do better than hang in the surface logically reconciling a penalty that Antoine Griezmann will not miss the opportunity to transform, 1-0 for the blues. Argentine outmatched, in high difficulty with each counterattack rapid team of France that seems to be ramping up.

And yet the Argentinean badly in point come back in the match with this great shot in the middle of the Parisian Angel Di Maria just before half-time, 1-1 everything remains to be redone. Especially since the recovery against the hour of play on a defensive mistake, the Argentines resume against the course of play the advantage 2-1. twelve minutes of doubts, until this strike half-volley came from elsewhere taken over by the young defender, Benjamin Pavard still unknown to the general public a few months ago, surprise arrival of this selection will be the best goal of this Mondial. The team of France returns to the mark and will resume a psychological ascendancy that will be final. The blues in their configuration of force against attack will score four goals to a team of Argentina in agony that will reduce the score in stoppage time. The Argentinians will make one last fright with the blues on the last action of the match. Final result 4-3 and a crazy emotion in this match. A real world cup match, certainly not all is perfect, the team of France concedes three goals but scored one more and as always said his coach Didier Deschamps what matters is the result The team of France offers itself for a new quarterfinal of world cup another tenor South American, serious candidate for the title: Uruguay.

The equalization of the blues against Argentina on this volley of Benjamin Pavard who will be one of the finest goals of this world not to say the most beautiful. For this quarterfinal, we had predicted a closed match between two teams defensive. At the height of this meeting l ‘Uruguay are missing their star striker from Paris SG, Edison Cavani, hurt by a previous slam around facing the Portuguese. And yet the France team will still surprise and get out of this ultra defensive team shot. In a match totally mastered both tactically and technically the blues will be endangered only rarely and will even open the score by the boss of his defense in the person of Raphael Varane who in 2011 was already evolving at the training center in Lens who wanted not keep it. And it is a tournament of April 2011 in Spain, which changed his destiny forever thanks to his recruitment by the leaders of Real Madrid. The blues lead 1-0, the Uruguayans lose their nerves multiply too many mistakes to hope to return to the game and will even concede a second goal on a gross error of their goalkeeper Fernando Muslera who on a hand foul on a hitanodin Antoine Griezmann Seals the fate of Uruguay, Antoine Griezmann will never celebrate this goal, too grateful to Uruguay and his first Uruguayan coach at Real Sociedad who gave him his confidence in his professional debut in Spain as well as his teammates Uruguayan Atletico Madrid. The team of France will find the 1 / 2finals of a World Cup that it had not disputed since 2006.

The fatal error in image of Fernando Muslera which impotent on this hand fault, the balloon has already crossed the line and condemns Uruguay and sends France disputed a ½ World Cup final.

On the road to the last step before the final. Each observer is unanimous, the winner of this semi-final France / Belgium will be the big favorite of the final and probably the future winner of this world cup. For this meeting, stands on the path of the blues, the “Red Evils” of Belgium author of a flawless course, the only team to have won all his matches. After a first round, the Belgians wandered 3- 0 Panamanian modest factions, crushed the weak team of Tunisia 5-2 and made the work against England 1-0 very promising with a new generation talented. Belgium is the best attack of this world class despite a fright against Japan in 8em Belgium has reversed the trend. With a formidable generation led by EdenHazard Belgium created the sensation in the quarter-finals by eliminating the other favorite of this world-wide Neymar Brazil.In this semi-final, tense, difficult, the team of France will overcome after the hour of play by finding the solution on kick feet stopped and on a corner with a header of the Barcelona defender Umtiti a goal that through his expression recalls that of the head of Basile Boli in 93 face to the famous AC Milan that offered the first European Cup of champions clubs in France. Belgian incursions and assaults multiply unsuccessfully. It was written tonight that Hugo Lloris the French goalkeeper would achieve one of his most successful performances of his career with blue colors, It will not return Belgian side. However, the French team plays low, defends his goal, but the fact if with a great collective art and a great solidarity. Didier Deschamps seems to have won his tactical bet, the team of France suited well to the Belgian configuration and goes to the third final of his history with a hard victory 1-0 but the essential is here.After 1998 and 2006 the blues will compete for a third finals of the world cup.

Symbolic image of Samuel Umtiti ahead of the great Belgian defenders by jumping higher than everyone at the first post he sends in the net the only goal of the match that offers a third World Cup final to France. For this World Cup final, the deal changes. This time it is the team of France who is the favorite and the opposite outsider is the Croatian superb training author of a very beautiful world cup, a first tour, without a hitch. A strong 3-0 win over Argentina. Midfielder Lukas Modric and Ivan Rakitic.

Like in 98 against Ronaldo’s Brazil, the French team begins this final timidly with some frights and difficulties in the game. Croatians do not really seem physically reached by the three extensions they were forced to play before reaching the final of this final and yet against the course of play on a free kick. The faithful blue, to themselves even on stopped and formidable phases, open the score. The Croats wounded in their pride nevertheless come back in the match and equalize. The turn of the match will come again on this corner and this fault of hand which seems involuntary at first sight of the Croatian defender. After several minutes of discussion in his headset with the assistants, the referee of the final, Nestor Pitana goes to video assistance. What has the gift of putting in a black rage the Croatian players who already seem to have become aware of the hand fault of their partner and have understood that the referee will return after consulting the video to whistle the penalty spot. On the return of the surprise, the referee pays the penalty for the French team which will definitely change the game. Antoine Griezman, the blue forward, takes his responsibilities and turns the penalty into a definite advantage just before the half-time. Croatian players will never recover. The blues will score two more goals including a superb cross shot of his number 10, Kylian Mbappe. The Croatians will save the honor by coming back 4-2 upon a big error of Hugo Lloris which will be anecdotal and without consequence.

Tournament of the match in picture on the departure of this shot of Paul Pogba who assures a definite advantage in this final Croatia’s team, both physically and morally tired, will never get any worse and it will be a fourth goal that will conclude the world’s crowning of the euRussian blues. * As in 1998, the French team wins its second world cup, its second star with more than two goals difference in the final.As in 1998, the French team beats Croatia, as in 98 the number 10marque a decisive goal and as in 98 this number 10 is of Kabyle origin and the symbol of a team multicolored with multiple origins and as in 98 the team of France is world champion. As in 1998 Didier Deschamps is the instigator of this new success by entering the closed circle with Franz Beckenbauer the German and Mario Zagallo the Brazilian to be the only player and coach to win the world cup.

12 July 1998, France on the roof of the mode. The culmination, the tenacity and the frantic work of a new generation.

July 15, 2018, twenty after 1998 and his first coronation in the world cup, the team of France is again on top of the world. The work and talent of a whole golden generation. A whole symbol, a whole destiny, a whole team that writes a new page of its history after that of 98. The French team is again on top of the world for four long years and the painful memory of 2006 and this lost final against Italy seems far away today.

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