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Let’s adopt some home fragrance by Condensé Paris, imagined by Sophie Marceau, also set in Christmas Box

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Condensé Paris, the renowned skincare brand, has created an exclusive range of Christmas sets that combine luxury and effectiveness. These gift sets are designed to provide a unique sensory experience while caring for your skin in an exceptional way.

Indeed, Condensé is an authentic Parisian cosmetics and perfumes brand that also offers a complete and exclusive range of interior scents. For instance, most of their range is known for their compositions based on plants and flowers, while some of their perfumes are co-created with the illustrious actress Sophie Marceau, for a real glamorous touch. By AL

Sophie Marceau kindly watches after those various fragrances, made from natural plant extracts for a holistic approach to beauty..

At the occasion of Christmas time, we invite you to broaden your scented horizon by discovering some olfactory and beauty combinations for wintertime, but not only. What could be better than offering you a Parisian styled journey into decorative accessories to perfume your body and your place. Thus, while somehow conveying the mood and sensitivity from Sophie Marceau‘s favorite essences, why don’t you reinvent your art of hosting and sharing good moments at home, notably around the flame of an elegant candle? (photo credits: Condensé Paris)

Indeed, it’s quite important to warm the atmosphere of your home with warm and comforting scents, apart from eventually distilling fresh and delicate scents into your wardrobes and linens. In particular, Condensé Paris gives you multiple shapes of its emblematic fragrances to adopt as candles, diffusers, wax pucks and even scented ceramics. Thereafter, if you’re fond of a specific perfume, the Condensé Paris house also proposes it in a variety of themed boxes to meet the specific needs for a successful Christmas giveaway. 

Those Condensé ParisChristmas boxes offer much more than quality scented products, but a complete experience.. 

For example, you may be tempted by the citrus notes of the Instant Acidulé à l’Orangerie” fragrance. This fruity ode to the Royal Garden of Versailles, which has been hosting for more than 200 years, a wide collection of orange trees from France, Spain or Italy, along random lemon and pomegranate trees.

Therefore, this exotic framework displays an alloy of grapefruit, bergamot and mandarin, with explicit fresh and tangy accents. This ensemble of savors is nested in a lively and assertive heart of white flowers and lemon wood, before a final sustainable feeling of vetiver and moss. This elegant perfume is available in a limited edition box, that can either be associated with a scented 100g weighed bar soap, containing shea butter to moisturize your skin, unless you prefer the other box version, featuring this time a 19h lasting of 75g weighed scented candle, spreading again the elegant citrus homolog citrus essences. 

Find the candle + perfume edition here, or the soap + perfume edition there.

Those thematic boxes also combine luxury, efficiency and environmental awareness, as ideal gifts for any festive time.

In another hand, you could as well have a look at the alternative Un Baiser sur le Pont Neuf choice, where stands out a fresh bouquet of white flowers. Once sprayed on your beloved body zone, you couldn’t miss the powerful accents of roses, laying on a background of warm cedar wood.

Indeed, with this bewitching fragrance, you may have undoubtedly the sensation to walk hand in hand, on some of the oldest bridges in Paris. The Pont Neuf, as being some of the most pictured bridges, is the perfect place to head for a romantic time, letting the Seine river flowing beneath your steps… Once again, take the opportunity to marry this perfume, with the  natural and innovative ingredients embodied in the similar scented candle or in the bar soap. Those two elements are one more time available in two distinct limited edition boxes with the 30ml size of the Un Baiser sur le Pont Neuf jewel.

Find the candle + perfume edition here, or the soap + perfume edition there.

Those scented ceramics would surely invest all over your house..

If you wish to pursue your home fragrance experience with Condensé Paris, we deeply invite you to give a try to their scented ceramics, which are able to subtly diffuse again each of the main house’s scents. Their tiny format allows them to be easily hung wherever you prefer at your place, in a cupboard, inside a drawer, on a door handle or even in your car?

Those discreet scented ceramic medallions, beyond being elegant, can easily be integrated into many parts of your interior. Be ready for a soft and durable sensory experience, whose olfactory formulation would share with you and your relative, some delicate scents for a moment of relaxation and well-being. Adding to this, the employed materials for those products are  designed in an eco-responsible way, reflecting a certain commitment to preserve our environment, in the meantime of indulgent experiences.

More scented ceramics in this page, unless you prefer the same concept in a scented wax puck version there or even as diffuser bottles.



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