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Discover the last creation of Atelier Cologne and its Agrumes Ensoleillés collection, the Lemon Island!

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Following our trip to Cologne, in the birth place of this illustrious water… We couldn’t miss the success story of Atelier Cologne, launched in 2006 from an encounter in New York between two perfume passionates. As real smell-trotters, Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel wished to develop Eaux de Colognes with more facets and personality than what can one find and even more sustainable, like a perfume extract. This goal could be reached through a unique formula filled with an average oil concentration of 18% (photo credits: Laura Pont & Atelier Cologne).

After several years of intense research, their common dream may have come true and was completed with more inspiration thanks to many travels all around the World, in order to discover new ingredients and different cultures. From these numerous brainstormings and explorations, Atelier Cologne imagined their first family of original perfumes, baptized Cologne Absolue. Inside this community, we can count on the Agrumes Ensoleillés section promoting and magnifying a concentrate of summer citrus fruits specific to different regions of the World, while revealing their joyful energies, their freshness and their regenerating virtues. Thus, we proudly introduce you here this happy tribe and its last baby, the fresh Lemon Island. By Alexis Lery

In this case, the Agrumes Ensoleillés collection, imagined by Atelier Cologne, is a concentrate of the multiple summer citrus fruits as real emblems from different regions of the World. This series is regularly completed by new jewels, whose last issue is Lemon Island. Available from the January 28th, 2021 and able to awaken your senses with its new gourmet and nearly hypnotic personality (photo credits: Atelier Cologne).

Enriched with the bright salty notes of the yummy Rodrigues lemon, a local pride cultivated by the Rodriguans on their island close to Mauritius. For your information, this lime switches from green until yellow, while retaining the native aromatic qualities of lime, so to say a biting acidity, iodized and very lively facets. These fancy assets are here exacerbated by ingredients, sourced from the same Indian Ocean region, such as warm Indian jasmine and a smooth Madagascan vanilla infusion.

Indeed, for the first time, the Rodrigues lemon, an island hidden somewhere in the heart of the Indian Ocean, is revealed to the world in a precious fragrance, whose fresh wake would generously display, in just one spray, a genuine sun-infused fragrance, not far from Paradise.


For this new creation, Atelier Cologne has joined forces with the family-owned Mane perfume house, located in Grasse, to develop a strong local supply and extraction chain that supports the local economy of this Rodrigues Island. At some point, this model leads to a fair trade structure employing nearly 260 local citrus farmers, located on this volcanic territory, also known as the Cinderella of the Mascareignes. Once again, following the wish of its founders, Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel, this Atelier Cologne adventure is committed to employ as concentrated as possible premium and natural essential oils, that’s why here this hitherto untapped lemon juice contains 92% of ingredients from natural origin and even Solidarity Sourcing certificated. This solidarity purchasing program, initiated by L’Oréal in 2010, contributes to the employment support for economically vulnerable populations, throughout the World.

Available in 200ml, 100ml, 30ml versions with travel case and in 10ml format. More information on the official website.

If you wanna learn more about more colorful tropical escapades, don’t miss the Pacific Lime edition. This time, the founders decided to celebrate the tropical warmth, the dazzling colors and the exotic scent of the Pacific coast. Therefore, charmingly fulfilled with notes of Mexican lime and Philippine coconut, the Atelier Cologne wished to celebrate a new citrus fruit with fresh and sparkling ingredients (photo credits: Atelier Cologne & Robertet).
Among them, the Mexican lime is used here as a top note to illuminate the surge of a prestigious scent. Enhanced with some natural coconut oil extracted in partnership with Robertet, in order to reveal the inner green and tangy notes of lime.
Completed with some unmistakable Cologne key notes, Italian lemon reinforces the fresh and citric facets of lime while Sicilian orange reveals its sweet and gourmet touch. Last but not least, the American mint bursts and lets the Chinese eucalyptus develop its aromatic and powerful character, along the milky and solar contribution of coconut from the Philippines, supported by an amber woody wake. Following the house politics, the Pacific Lime reaches 91% of ingredients of natural origin.
As the result of several months of a cautious preparation to understand the Mexican manners and flavors, the Pacific Lime could tell then the story of a surprise party on a paradisiac beach.
Still available in 200ml, 100ml, 30ml versions with travel case and in 10ml format.

Now, that you know that an authentic Cologne is a citrus based perfume, where they bring their brightness and elegance. What do you think about trying another fruit in an exhilarating awakening, identified as a profusion of Pomelo Paradis? Garnished with Floridan Pomelo and Italian Mandarin. This fruity citrus-based perfume is definitely dedicated to anyone waiting for an olfactory shower (photo credits: Yoginigarmento).
Already enriched with combined spirits of Florida and Italy, the Haitian island also contributes with its precious Vetiver, this fresh fragrance would easily remind you from a delicious exotic breeze in your hair and eventually your body, luckily supported by its 93% of natural ingredients. 

We pursue with the Cédrat Enivrant, an Eau de Cologne luckily highlighted with flavorful notes of Mediterranean citron, along hints of bergamot, lavender, mint but also delicate notes of cypress from Provence which would both plunge you into pretty memories full of emotions.
Pursuing the house politics, this jewel is made in France and made of the most valuable natural raw materials. On top of that, you would enjoy its minimum of 90% of ingredients from natural origin and for a very high concentration of essential oils (15%). Nonetheless, inspired by the French75 cocktail recipe, we could say that this citrus nectar is a refreshing and refined fragrance to consume without moderation, able to leave a bewitching mark on your entourage.

Thereafter, let’s go to Italy with the local shiny blood orange reinterpreted here into the Orange Sanguine edition. In this case, a universal and authentic tribute to all of you nostalgic of some random Italian trip. Thanks to the magic of these red oranges just picked out from the tree, you would pleased to appreciate some sunrise arising from the bottle, instead from a genie.
Thus, we can naturally consider that this Orange Sanguine belongs to the iconic citrus scents, leading anyone to a sensual experience by combining the complementary olfactory notes of geranium from China and sandalwood from Australia. A zest of happiness conveyed with a concentrate of a ratio of 91% of ingredients from natural origin.

Last but not least in this seducing Agrumes Ensoleillés series, the Clémentine California item would carefully guide you through the Californian sun. Unless, you would be warmed with the wedding between Italian Clementine and Bergamot, along delicate citrus notes of lemon, mint but also a delicate touch of cypress from Provence.
Moreover, reinforced with the strong assets emanating from Turkish juniper berries and again Haitian vetiver, in order to finalize this composition. A real alchemy gathers this natural fragrance, able to stimulate your imagination back to some pleasant summer days, while rising the temperature in your wake. It’s not a surprise that this perfume quickly became a best-seller.
Adding to this, don’t miss the solar and sensual collaborated embodied by Atelier Cologne with the limited edition realized of this same jewel, in partnership with French artist Quentin Monge. Therefore, this new packaging designed for the Clémentine California easily evokes some sunny ray of lights anchored in a blue sky, while expressing the heatwave from some endless sandy beaches on the most beautiful summer days. As far as we know, this Quentin Monge’s artistic interpretation is a true invitation to travel until the sunny Californian coast. Thereafter, we can’t hide that this flashy illustration echoes the initial story that inspired the construction of this fragrance, where a Hollywood producer dreams and finds his perfect actress, an unnaturally beautiful woman…
More information on the official website.



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