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Adopt a piece of an artwork, thanks to Art For All concept, in the Galerie LOFT!

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On your way to Art For All..

Founded in 1985 by Jean-François Roudillon, the Galerie LOFT is located in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés and is a beautiful art gallery to discover at any time of the year.

Indeed, since its inauguration, this art space has always been committed to introduce talented contemporary artists from all over the World, and therefore highlighting their different specialities put in artworks but also featured in limited-edition miniatures. 

Therefore, the gallery has been paying many efforts to develop its own concept to make Art more accessible than ever. With the launching of the Art For All collection, you could appreciate and acquire your own plastic art lithography. By Alexis Lery



..a wide series of artists represented in the gallery.
Welcomed by a golden skull with an oval mirror..

If you have look back in time, you would undoubtedly admire the wide selection of generations of inventive artists being exhibited between the walls of this cosy Galerie LOFT. Therefore, the list is long but we could notably mention the Argentinian artist Fernando Canovas or the artists of Narrative Figuration: such as Erró (from 1985), Klasen or even Monory, Rancillac and Fromanger.

This structure also participates in the dissemination of uprising contemporary artistic movements, such as Street Art and graffiti. In this case, this young movement has been here represented for the first time in a gallery, through the colorful artworks of Baugeste, Blek Le Rat, Baugeste, Kriki or Jérôme Mesnager (by Alexis Lery).
..facing a set of original masterpieces in a display case.
The metallic furnitures of Guillaume Piéchaud in art book..

Adding to this, the Galerie LOFT has paid many efforts to showcase a magnificent variety of Chinese contemporary artists. Thus, the gallery has been organizing since 1999, a couple of monographic preview exhibitions, concentrated on a bunch of protagonists, such as: Liu Xiaodong (2001/2005), Liu Wei (2001/2002/2005), Wang Guangyi (2004), Sui Jianguo (2000), Yang Shaobin (2001), Wang Qingsong (2002) or Zhan Wang (2000).

Keeping in this Asian direction, Jean-François Roudillon naturally directed in 2002, the “Paris-Beijing” collaborative project, standing at the Espace Pierre Cardin. This event was considered as the first large-scale exhibition in France with the presence of contemporary Chinese artists.
..even for the largest versions, edited here by Bernard Quentin
Miniatures visible in every corner of the gallery, during the exhibition..

Based on this statement, we couldn’t miss to admit that this gallery is also particularly active internationally, through the organization of several exhibitions and as well some random artworks loans in and around. This could be illustrated by specific partnerships with institutions and foundations (such as Oriente Fundation Macau, FAAP Brazil) and the participation in major events, again essentially devoted to contemporary Chinese art, such as the Biennials of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, among many other ones.

On top of that, a new exhibition is being held in the two antennas of the gallery. Inaugurated last December 2021 and baptized “Art For All”, this manifestation is the occasion to present different personalities of artists in two sizes.
The whole Art For All wallboard..

Indeed, the Galerie LOFT has been developing since a couple of years, a personal concept of art democratization. This was made possible by the miniaturization of authentic masterpieces which are visible here at the gallery, during the exhibition. Logically named “Art for All”, this avant-garde approach for an art gallery, is a real hand in hand collaboration with the artist or his heirs, in terms of supervision and of course approval of any reproduction. It seems that this desire to democratize Modern Art has already been claimed by several artists, including Keith Haring. His Pop Art was particularly criticized at the time by players in the regular art market, who criticized any form of art outreach, especially in an advertising way. However, in response to these unfaithful attacks, the artist simply replies that “Art is made for everybody”.

Among the artworks selected, you may find the red and white medical capsules known as Effets Secondaires by Philippe Huart, the Fauteuil Molécul’Air by Bernard Quentin, the consumer society references reviewed by the Chinese sculptor Li LIHONG, or L’Epicurienne sculpture replica of Philippe Hiquily, the Angel Bear by Richard TEXIER, the NICE sculpture of Claude GILLI, the Lao Tseu Tribute by Francesco Marino Di Teana or even Le Dieu Noir by Philippe Druillet.
In summary, let’s find your perfect collector desire to contemplate an famous artists‘ masterpiece at your place, to be satisfied. Therefore, we invite you to make your choice between those collector pieces are issued in limited edition and accompanied by a certificate. For your information, some of them are represented by the gallery, for ages. 
Galerie LOFT, 3 bis & 4 rue des Beaux-Arts, 75006 Paris (France). More information on the official website.

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