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Discover different forms of French dietary supplements, such as D+ for Care

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Have you ever tried to adopt dietary supplements to enhance your health condition? Every day, new products are issued with innovative benefits. The French industry is composed of various initiatives, either basing their R&D on plants, vitamins and minerals, or other concentrates of substances for nutritional and physiological purposes (melatonin, glucosamine and so on).  

Whatever you prefer them in the form of doses such as capsules, lozenges, tablets, pills, sachets of powder or even in liquid preparations (ampoules, bottles with droppers), you could find your right form and reach your own well-being goal. As far as we know, those supplements are mainly presented as products able to improve your physical condition, while helping you to lose weight, face winter, digest better, have beautiful hair, be more efficient at sport or work, reduce the inconvenience of pregnancy or menopause… We are glad to introduce you here a couple of French initiatives in this sense. By Alexis Lery

A huge selection to discover..

In the present case, you could explore the innovative wellness line developed by the French company D+ for Care which admits to be created for all women and by women. Highlight its natural and French roots, D+ for Care wishes to address its innovation research for the daily concerns of modern women, by concentrating the best of Nature benefits to unveil the best assets in anyone of us. Indeed, through these are to be considered as real natural remedies in order to find a perfect balance and eventually achieve your well-being goals (photo credits: D+ for Care).

Furthermore, illustrated through its ecological and social commitments, D+ for Care proposes an ensemble of solutions, mostly focused on the demystification of taboos around usual women’s concerns. That’s why, for a more precise answer to random daily problems, the company tends to offer more than food supplements, thanks to unique formulas specially imagined to reenergize and boost your inner metabolism and extern appearance, both in physiological and psychological ways. This venture has been recently supported by a dynamic growth notably through collaborations with prestigious and French ethics brands, such as Prescription Lab, Oh My Cream, Luz, SeventyOne Percent or SVR… any time of a women’s life.

Nowadays, D+ for Care is constantly in search of innovations, within the development of specific new solutions, particularly regarding dosage and revolutionary formulations to obtain a certain effectiveness to their products line. This could be possible by employing premium active ingredients of natural origin. This highest quality may be possible by combining the scientific expertise of nutritionists, phytotherapists, naturopaths and dermatologists.

Therefore, those new formulas should imply as much as possible practical and pleasant gestures, in order to find a real harmony between the forces of nature and science, on a daily basis. In the same way, the homemade philosophy seems to limit their environmental impact, by developing clean formulas and eco-responsible packaging. A good way to protect the Planet Earth while preserving the health of their dear consumers, D+ for Care mostly sources local and regional short circuit, while employing plastics composed of sugar cane and corn. Of course, this corporate politics features an authentic quality system that meets several standards, approved by an ANSM, Ecocert and HACCP certification, validated by approved laboratories.

We start our D+ for Care tour with a revolutionary drinking stick, baptized DAY+. This full natural dietary supplement combines 5 essential anti-aging active ingredients, dedicated to nourish your skin, hair and nails, all gathered in just one stick
The promise of a fresher looking skin, which may become more elastic and firmer. Nonetheless, the time of a 30 days cure counts in the reduction of appearance of the first aging signs. This combination composed of marine collagen, organic spirulina, along hyaluronic acid, plus zinc and organic pomegranate, seems to  act right like an antioxidant shield, on your skin complexion.
Therefore, your general appearance would evolve from inside, by moisturizing, plumping and smoothing it. In another hand, this gel intends to offer an action against the birth of smooth wrinkles and flawless skin imperfections (such as acne and pimples) while reactivating hair and nail growth and tightening pores and global texture.

Then, why don’t you adopt the ALOHA REPAIR solution? Embodied within a cocktail of organic plants and seeds that contains various restorative virtues, thanks to the benefits of different vegetable oils, this product may be considered as an essential routine for any sensitive skin.
Still a 100% natural food supplement, this ALOHA REPAIR is able to deeply repair and sooth your skin, essentially due to a combination of highly dosed natural active ingredients. Thus, your skin may often face external aggressions (cold, drought, pollution and even sun…) and needs a constant protection. That’s why, here is an alloy of fatty acids and antioxidants melt, like chia and borage seeds oils (rich in omega-3 and omega-6). Completed by primrose oil, those capsules are enriched with beta-carotene, trace elements and vitamins, would efficiently nourish and maintain the elasticity of your epidermis in its ensemble. In another way, the skin lipid barrier would be easily renewed and sublimated, plus eventually prepared for a sunny exposition!
We advise you for better effects against skin issues (ie. eczema and psoriasis), to consume 2 capsules per day, with a bottle that can last 1 month and this at any time of the year.  

Women’s menstruations are neither forgotten! Indeed, the INHER concept conveys a dietary supplement that helps you live in better conditions your period, while as well fighting hormonal side effects, like acne.  
As far as we know, menstrual cycles are known to be painful for women, with the stimulation of a certain fatigue, irritability and oxidative stress, particularly due to an intense hormonal activity. Then, by taking 3 capsules a day, during 3 days in your pre-menstrual phase and pursuing during 7 days along your periodic cycle (and this for 3 months minimum), you may feel some benefits. 
Don’t hesitate to renew this cure, in order to let INHER improve your skin and hair condition, during your menstrual cycle. With the contribution of 10 active ingredients (featuring mugwort, raspberry and pepper mint among others), an antioxidant action would protects our cells and our immune system. This magic vegetal combo would help you regulating the activity of your hormones and purifying your skin, for a better comfort before and during the menstrual cycle by alleviating any cramps, digestive troubles and headaches.
At last, don’t miss the opportunity to take a subscription to facilitate your deliveries… In this way, you may save €3 each month and even benefit from a video consultation with a dietary expert.
More information on the official website.

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