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Take your chance to taste the delicious soufflés from Philippe & Sasha Excoffier restaurant in Paris

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..not far from this typical building from the area.
A charming terrace is proposed for the sunny days..

If you are into family sagas, we are glad to invite you to have a stop at the newly baptized Excoffier Père & Fils restaurant. Indeed, this gourmet restaurant, nestled in the ministry district in Paris, changed its name following the arrival of Sasha Excoffier alongside her father, Chef Philippe Excoffier. By AP

After several years spent as Chef of the United States Embassy in Paris and more than ten years after creating his eponymous restaurant, in Paris‘ heart, the gifted Philippe Excoffier is joined by his son Sasha who completes his premium menu, with his own versions of soufflés, still cooked as savory and sweet.

“During confinement, we set up take-away soufflés which met with a great success, we decided to continue. For information, the consistency of a soufflé being more compact, this allows this dish to be taken away without problem and reheated at home” explains young Sasha Excoffier. does the Excoffier Père & Fils address.
The Gros-Caillou fountain would invite you to evasion..

This typical dish of French gastronomy was invented in the 18th century by Marie-Antoine Carême, a renowned pastry chef and cook, after having experimented with various recipes and perfected the use of egg whites which were beaten until stiff (photo credits: AP).

Available in multiple flavors, the texture of soufflés have always fascinated palates. Thus, the Excoffier family wishes to share this ancestral know-how, enhanced with their personal touch, this time directly inspired by the culinary guide published by Auguste Escoffier.


..where the family affair feels inspired in the kitchen.
Nested in a wooden framework, for a more vintage touch..

To achieve this result, the basic preparation is cooked at low temperature in a bain-marie, and not in the oven then, before being unmolded at the drop of a hat, in order to obtain a tighter consistency.

After a course at the Ferrandi School and experience at the Grand Vefour but also in London, the promising Sasha Excoffier follows in the footsteps of his father, while partnering with him to offer a true family cuisine. Together, this filial, almost fusional duo revisits parts of French gastronomy, comfortably served in this quiet street in the Parisian 7th district.


..perfect to appreciate in good conditions this Chapoutier‘s Crozes Hermitage wine.
A certain distance is visible between tables for more intimacy..

This is why you will surely have the pleasure of discovering a selection of a la carte soufflés with truffles, lobster, or even county cheese or mushrooms, whether as a starter or as a main course.

In addition to this wide choice depending on the seasons, don’t miss out on the sweet soufflés, which are available throughout the year, depending on market availability and of course the seasons. Once again, the flavor opportunities will live up to your expectations of delicacies, since you will be able to count on great classics such as caramel, the unmissable flambeed Grand-Marnier version with eau-de-vie, pistachio or even vanilla.


..the upcoming Grand-Marnier‘s flame burning in front of you.
This pumpkin and chestnut flavored soufflé would prepare.. 

In addition, you could also let yourself be tempted by the exoticism of a touch of Ispahan rose or even the lychee delight. The choice is wide, according to the seasons!

Alongside these essential soufflés, the Chef Philippe Excoffier does not leave aside his fundamentals, whether it is his very fresh crab filled mille-feuille, seasoned with an orange colored lemon sauce and very mild but nevertheless aromatic jalapeño pepper. Without forgetting the hearty artichoke and mushroom cooked in a tatin, drizzled with a truffle-infused juice. Unless your mind wanders towards the traditional Herdshire beef chuck, cooked for a long time in a typical Burgundy Rossini sauce, or eventually a Pâté en Croûte and Sweetbreads.

Excoffier Père & Fils, 18 Rue de l’Exposition, 75007 Paris (France) / Phone : 00 33 (0)1 45 51 78 08. More information on their official website.


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