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Admire the responsible Opus collection of L’Atelier Parfum, in their new flagship store in Paris Marais!

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Discover those juices of great authenticity, created in full freedom with the finest raw ingredients, for an explosion of senses..

More than a perfume brand, L’Atelier Parfum may be considered as a true creator of emotions. Created in 2020 by the passionate minds of Masha Russac and Mikolaj Pietrzak, who used to collaborate with L’Occitane group, we can say that L’Atelier Parfum is the fruit of a certain artistic complicity and a common olfactory sensitivity.

Moreover, this duet wished to propose haute perfumery accessible, while putting emotion back at the heart of this wide emerging galaxy of niche perfumes. Apart from this, the team put a real focus on respecting nature and our fragile environment to the highest degree, especially in the composition of their fragrances. That’s we invite you to discover through the inauguration of their first showroom in Paris. By AL

..where a new Opus even went recently to expand this fine collection, made of natural and sustainable ingredients.
Enter this immaculate space, designed by Bertrand Feirerol, adorned with colorful pieces by Barcelona Ceramica..

Strong of a dazzling success all over the World, so to say from Asia, the Middle-East, passing by Oceania, Eastern and Southern-Europe, the brand counts no less than 400 external points of sale in 26 different countries.

Thus, this solid network, constituted by those two experts in beauty industry and passionate about French know-how, spreads the spirit of those promoters of French lifestyle and had been built in less than three years of existence. Based on this statement, L’Atelier Parfum, which was founded in France in 2020, decided to officialize their connection to France, by opening their very first boutique, in Paris (photo credits: L’Atelier Parfum).

..and by the graphic style of French painter Edgard Maxence.
Directly influenced by L’Atelier Parfum‘s style, where each perfume is embodied by a lady.. 

L’Atelier Parfum proposes a certain Haute Parfumerie vision in tune with the modern times, telling specific olfactory stories to better touch people and their emotions. Those personal feelings that sometimes can’t be expressed with words. As far as we know, this flagship store is considered as an authentic “Galerie d’Émotions Olfactives”, to be unveiled in the heart of the historical quarter of Marais.

This news is a first step to develop L’Atelier Parfum on this competitive French market, with soon the opening of other proper boutiques. For your information, each of them would be designed as authentic olfactory art galleries, with moving and regularly updated artworks. This is currently the case for the so-called “Les Fleurs du Lac” exhibition of the artist Nadège D’Auvergne, who shares her impressionist revisitation of women and maybe Joconda

..a certain olfactory style, among a confidential artistic lifestyle.
The creative freedom that the brand offers, as well allows to imprint.. 

Apart from this, this is eventually the occasion to launch their ambition to sell one flask per minute, like many other niche perfumes counterpart houses. This could be possible within the originality of the creations imagined by L’Atelier Parfum in this very dynamic perfume market. Indeed, by recognizing perfumers as true artists, the founders wished to shape a unique philosophy of their house, by standing out from that of larger groups. For instance, this all starts with a source of inspiration, then enhanced by a couple of talented master perfumers who take the challenge to realize incomparable masterpieces.

..following the five items from the Opus 2, regarded as a Sensorial Illusion, starring santal wood and vetiver in White Mirage, along the touch of patchouli, melt into pink pepper and cocoa, for the Leather Black (K)night composition.
The new references, issued from the Opus 3, bring us into Shots of Nature elements of conifers with Cypress Shadow, but also aromatic herbs in Green Crush, a hint of sea salt and sequoia in Salty Wood or Mediterranean scents in Hot Splash..

By following their endless inspiration, the future juices of L’Atelier Parfum are thereafter blindly selected, without knowing the name of its genitor behind it nor any superfluous consumer tests.

Starting from the motto that “the fragrance speaks from itself”, the result is a wide selection of three families of scented treasures, baptized Opuses. For your information, each Opus holds its own universe, from floral touch with the first one, reflecting a sort of Secret Garden, colliding with hypnotic and powerful weddings in the second one, before going back to our natural roots within the third Opus. In fact, we can admit that an impeccable staying power and an intoxicating wake are the same common point of those amazing references



..unless you’re more into the smoky and peated emanations from this Burning For Oud jewel, doubled with papyrus and even rum elements!
Between litchis mixed with roses in Coeur de Pétales, or the alloy of tonka and ginger in Belle Joueuse, you have the choice..

Initiated in Parisian workshops, the creations from L’Atelier Parfum would bring you into a sensory experience. Stuck between dream and romanticism, but also audacity and excellence, you may also smell the mood of Grasse, the cradle of perfumery, where the manufacture of essences is carried out thanks to the excellence of French craftsmanship.

In order to respect all original natures, the highest quality natural ingredients are carefully selected in France and around the World. This is why L’Atelier Parfum has opted to collaborate with the Robertet family house, who has been internationally acclaimed as a premium Provence manufacture, for their history and exceptional know-how, for more than 170 years.

L’Atelier Parfum‘s creations are entirely vegan, thus not using any components of animal origin, since these references are cruelty-free, without ever being tested on animals.

..until the smoky tobacco leaves, balanced with an alloy between Bourbon vanilla, mate and even wheat notes, available in this unpredictable Tobacco Volute essence.
Be ready to adopt those entirely natural fragrances, from those gracious roses, married to leather and saffron, for more spicy sensations to appreciate in the Dose Of Rose..

From this same perspective, the essences used here and now, come from ethical and responsible sourcing, and their formulas are even made up of up to 96% ingredients of natural origin. Indeed, this foray into high perfumery implies a certain commitment to transparency and respect for nature, essentially in terms of manufacturing process, packaging and logistics. From these fundamental values, the brand has built all of its actions in this direction, since its early days.

That’s why, you can be sure to find no parabens in these olfactory formulas, nor any other chemical components or allergens (such as PEG, phthalates, or silicones). In addition, L’Atelier Parfum undertakes to avoid using any other synthetic ingredients, which could act as potential endocrine disruptors, plus could irritate your skin or pollute our environment.

L’Atelier Parfum, 12 Rue de Sévigné, 75004 Paris (France) / Phone: 00 33 (0)6 11 79 52 28. More details on their official website.




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