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Founded by Babba Rivera, Ceremonia offers various natural hair care solutions, available in Oh My Cream!

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Ceremonia tends to stand out for its commitment to hair care, inspired by the natural wealth of Latin America, essentially by incorporating powerful, natural ingredients into its formulations.

Created by Babba Rivera, Ceremonia is a hair brand with sensory care and stunning effectiveness for thick and unruly hair. The brand draws its inspiration from the heritage of Latin America and imagines treatments rich in natural and powerful ingredients, notably found in this part of the World to take care of hair. Growing up in a Latin American family in Sweden, Babba Rivera never found herself in the films and series that she could see on television, and also struggled to find someone who would like her. looks like and represented this Latin woman representation in the beauty industry. When she moved to the United States for work, she realized that the lack of representation of Latin culture was still very present. Inspired by her origins and the styling rituals that her father, a hairdresser in Sweden, transmitted to her, she imagined Ceremonia, a brand which is formulated with the best active ingredients from Latin America, aiming to take care of scalps, hair but also any other lengths, whatever their nature, by nourishing and strengthening the inner hair fiber. By AL in vitamins and fatty acids, for an intense hydration.
Made from natural and ancestral South American..

Among those various haircare products, developed by Ceremonia, we deeply invite you to nourish your hair and locks with the Ceremonia hair masks, better known as Mascarilla. Available in two versions, this hair mask is packed with natural nutrients to help hydrate, condition and strengthen any hair type. This powerful hair treatment contains a nourishing blend of Thai guava for the first edition, or babassu oil and even cupuacu butter for the second edition, both sourced from Peru. This combination is supposed to deliver an optimal hydration, before improving the natural shape of your even damaged or frizzy hair style. maintain the appearance between two haircuts.
Why not helping condition and strengthen hair..

Used once a week in place of your usual shampoo, this rejuvenating formula contains various South American ingredients, including aloe vera, murumuru butter and chia seed oil, which would be able to deliver a powerful blend of vitamins and of fatty acids to improve your hair health. Acting as a true well-being supplement for hair, this strengthening mask contributes to maintain any hair condition between cuts.

This efficient mask can be matched with the Ceremonia Pequi Curl Activator, a hair serum that also helps reduce frizz and nourish hair




..that locks in moisture for soft and of course beautiful curls, for a softer hair to the touch. 
Still vegan and cruelty-free, this Ceremonia Pequi Curl Activator features a lightweight formula.. 

Indeed, this Ceremonia Pequi Curl Activator also contributes to condition and hydrate curls to make your hair look healthier. Formulated with the Brazilian super fruit, named pequi, you can be sure to boost any random curl definition.

To make this possible, this hair serum (without silicones, parabens, sulfates, phthalates nor artificial colors) also contains castor oil and again murumuru butter to further hydrate and condition. Apart from this, you could also benefits from aloe vera assets, along acai oil and chia seed oil to make your hair stronger, while adding some shine (photo credits: Ceremonia).



More details on their official website or on the Oh My Cream platform.


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