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Nishane celebrates a new X perfume collection, with a first boutique in Paris Saint-Honoré!

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The city of lights opens its arms to Nishane‘s wake..

If you are into niche perfumes, you may surely have heard about Nishane, an Istanbul-based perfume house. This olfactory oriental house has gained fame for its wide choice of distinctive creations. Founded in 2012 by Mert Güzel and Murat Katran, this oriental house wishes to spread a certain traditional spirit from Turkey, notably through ancestral essences. This can be possible through a wedding between elegance and quality, in this universe of competitive niche perfumes. At the occasion of its arrival in the French market, we invite you to discover those perfumes through the inauguration of their first flagship store in France! Located on the luxury alley of 266 Rue Saint-Honoré, be ready to honor no less than 135 m² of sensory journey. By ST & AL


..where each distinct reference stands out from transparency.
Welcomed from the entrance by an ocean of lights and reflects..

Therefore, recently inaugurated in Paris, this bright and welcoming showroom is glad to introduce you most of the Nishane‘s perfumes. Classified according to their family, you may then easier distinguish them through their own sensory story. A good occasion to try, and eventually adopt, the unique fusion of traditional and contemporary elements from each of those scented jewels.

Apart from capturing those timeless moments and cultural inspirations, we invite you to get deeper into the Turkish roots emanating from those oriental designed flasks. Following the initial desire and personality of the founders, you would naturally feel the diversity of Nishane all over this Parisian address. 
..that can provide an artistic touch to this luminous experience, highlighting gems.
As you can figure out, Nishane stands out with distinctive aesthetic flasks.. 

Indeed, in this varied olfactory experience, you could step on some comfortable Marmoleum Cocoa flooring, which represents a certain eco-friendly innovation by Forbo. Thus, this material combines traditional Marmoleum ingredients mixed with cocoa shells. In fact, this real sustainable choice not only adds a contemporary touch to this space but also contributes to limit environmental damages and waste. Moreover, feel also free to admire a full green wall, composed of handmade Zellige tiles, able this time to embody a rich decorative heritage, along a true eco-friendly personality. Crafted from natural clay and dyes, these tiles offer a visible sustainable design choice, blending tradition with environmental responsibility.

..reflect the Nishane‘s commitment to a genuine visual and scented approach. 
Elegant designs and meticulous details, tainted with gold and calligraphy.. 

As far as we know, this elegant boutique of Nishane, tends to affirm itself as an emerging major force with its creations, that skillfully associate tradition and modernity. That’s why, niche perfumes enthusiasts are invited to experience this encounter between tradition and innovation, where luxury meets sustainability in a unique olfactory and visual journey (photo credits: AL).

Don’t miss then to take the opportunity to immerse yourself into this olfactory heritage that transcends cultural boundaries, where each flask offers an invitation to explore a unique sensory universe. This is notably the case of the new X Collection, launched in 2023.
..where rare raw materials are carefully selected, proving a certain commitment.
From rich woody notes to delicate floral accords, explore a wide range of sensations..

Therefore, after being an essential reference for lovers of exceptional perfumes, the Nishane venture proposes this year no less than five new iconic creations, that embody the passion and innovation defining this fragrance house (photo credits: Nishane).

From the citrus mood of Ani X, highlighting notes of lemon, bergamot and even green apple, followed by the woody Fan your Flames, displaying aromas of cedar, tobacco and carrot, you could as well be tempted by the sweet lines of Hacivat, proud of vetiver, pineapple and exotic orange blossom from Tunisia
..showing that Nishane can seduce niche perfumes lovers.
Each flask is turned as an object of admiration as the fragrance itself.. 

Don’t miss to pursue this discovery of premium ingredients, used by Nishane to contribute to the exclusivity of its fragrances, with two other fancy references from this plural X Collection. In persona of Hundred Silent Ways which make the carefully selected ingredients of heliotrope, tuberose, vanilla and leather great again.

Last but not least, the citrus and floral alloy conveyed by the surprising Wulong Cha would continue to bewitch you. Its composition of the singular ingredients of yuzu, litsea cubeba, figs and magnolia show again the result of a true meticulous craftsmanship and unparalleled attention to all kind of details.
Nishane, 266 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris (France) / Phone : 00 33 (0)9 86 13 35 25. More information on their official website.

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