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Celebrate a Brazilian Christmas in Paris with Le Noël De La Cigale Brésilienne musical, in the Théâtre des Blancs-Manteaux

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In Brazil, local artists sometimes integrate the song of cicadas into musical performances, creating an immersive experience..

If you wish to celebrate holiday time in an exotic mood, we invite you to attend Le Noël De La Cigale Brésilienne show ! Happening every Saturday and every day during the school holidays until 31st December 2023, this colorful moment is held in the intimate Théâtre Des Blancs-Manteaux. 

A good occasion to connect with Brazil and more precisely Amazonian forest, since this children’s show is performed by Anna Torres. Thus, this Brazilian showgirl is a singer and composer, native from Maranhao (northeast of Brazil). At the occasion of the new version of her musical, that she directed and plays with a sparkling disguise, be ready for 45mn of a rainbow of Christmas music and lights. By AL this unique symphony, as a seasonal tradition.
In Brazil, many locals gather in specific areas to listen..

Don’t miss to attend this musical show that talks about inclusion and the preservation of the so fragile Amazon Forest. Indeed, this creation talks about difference and the preservation of our environment, in a Christmas mood. Therefore, dedicated to the young and old ones, follow the steps of Sibelle, an autistic cicada, both embodied in an artist and environmentalist

Then, during her crossing of the Amazon rainforest, she has the opportunity to meet wonderful characters on her way to fulfilling her dreams and promotion of good vibes. In order to make this possible, Sibelle performs on stage some of the most illustrious Christmas carols. 


..until the participation of Kevin Vaquero as fox
From the landing of a beetle with a broken leg..

By the way, those melodies are either sung in Portuguese, French, Spanish and English languages, so we can say that this musical is suitable for the whole family. A good way to enjoy this enchanting show, celebrating the holiday season in a unique and characteristic Brazilian way.

Whatever your origin, you would undoubtedly have no difficulties to understand and spend a nice moment during this picturesque spectacle. A thematic play, spotlighting the phenomenon of Brazilian cicadas, that as well adds a festive touch to this sensible issue. For information, each year, as Christmas approaches, Brazilian cicadas gather in tropical regions to create a harmonious and distinct symphony that resonates throughout lush forests

.. add a magical touch to this natural performance.
The twinkling lights of the Christmas decorations..

That’s why this natural situation became the focal point of this Brazilian Cicada Christmas show, unveiling notorious similarities. In particular, Brazilian cicadas are fascinating creatures, both for their visual beauty and vital role in the ecological balance of the forest tropical. Their distinctive song resonates like a natural melody, reminding observers of the richness and diversity of Brazilian ecosystems

Their bewitching symphony resonates through the forest, where their presence, in large numbers, can also serve as an indicator of the environmental health of the region. In Paris, a Brazilian cicada has also emerged from her habitat to spray her own choreography, doubled with her favorite songs, to attract enthusiastic spectators of all ages.

Le Noël de la Cigale Brésilienne, at Théâtre des Blancs Manteaux, 15 Rue des Blancs Manteaux, 75004 Paris (France) / Phone: 00 33 (0)1 48 87 15 84. From November 18th to December 30th, 2023, on Saturdays at 3pm. then from December 26th as of December 30th also at 3pm. More details on their official website.

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