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Get ready to Exfoliate and refresh your skin with the Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting line

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Would you find your way to AHA or stay on BHA?

Did you know about the cosmetics American brand, named Paula’s Choice? This skincare project tends to meet many needs of anyone willing to take care of themselves, by taking a certain straightforward approach to the composition of its products. Thus, the founder Paula Begoun, who struggled for years with acne and eczema, made it her mission to find a solution to these problems and create an effective beauty care line. That’s why, she decided to launch in 1995, she launched her own cosmetics line.

Based on this statement, we invite you to discover the new Paula’s Choice exfoliating lotion, which is a new cosmetics revolution for your skin, following the first exfoliating lotion which was issued 20 years ago, made of BHA ingredients. Without forgetting that, between the choice of AHAs and BHAs, lotions and gels, it can be easy to get lost. That’s why Paula’s Choice designed this new Exfoliate lotion, still belonging to the Skin Perfecting line, highlighting this time on AHA contents. By AL 

Did you already know this revolutionary lotion to get a glowing skin, which represented a major advancement in the field of exfoliation?

Are you ready to get into an innovative formulation for all skin types, conveyed by the Skin Perfecting range by Paula’s Choice? You would have maybe adopted the first Exfoliate lotion, baptized Skin Perfection, launched some years ago and that quickly became a best-seller. Indeed, this product which is sold every 6 seconds, contains a proportion of 2% of BHA, inviting you to exfoliate your skin every day, if you wish to maintain a healthy skin with this salicylic acid complex (photo credits: Paula’s Choice).  

Furthermore, this daily no-rinse exfoliating lotion eliminates dead cells on the surface of your skin and inside the surrounding pores, by purifying the random pores and improving the unmissable cell renewal. This lotion is easy to apply, directly after your cleanser or make-up remover and eventually a lotion, while using a cotton pad or directly with your fingers to cover the entire face and neck, for sure avoiding the eye area and without rinsing it.



The innovative formulation and multiple benefits for all skin types make it a must-have for any modern beauty routine..

We are glad to introduce you their brand new combination, promising a complete exfoliating and restorative action, ideal for regaining a radiant and uniform skin. This was made possible thanks to 6% from mandelic acid and 2% of lactic acid, and formulated with a skin-friendly alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) complex.

By the way, this new Exfoliate lotion is a combination of acids provides a resurfacing action, essentially by removing dead skin cells. Therefore, its unique formula promotes skin renewal and reduces spots, without any risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This solution contributes to reveal smoother and even brighter skin, while minimizing imperfections and improving skin texture. A perfect synergy that is recommended, for optimal effectiveness, to apply once every two days, then gradually increase the frequency up to two daily applications.

Apart from being matched with other hydrating creams, this Exfoliate lotion is advised to be completed with SPF 30 cream (or even higher), in order to protect your skin from potential sun damages..

As far as we know, regularly used in your skincare routine, this exfoliating lotion can contribute to visibly more radiant skin, while reducing the signs of aging and promoting a more even, radiant complexion. For your information, the benefits of AHAs and lactic acid, including mandelic acid, specifically target wrinkles, but also fine lines and dark spots, while promoting a real cell renewal. For its part, lactic acid smoothes the surface of your skin, notably by eliminating dead cells, plus strengthening the skin barrier and for sure deeply hydrating your skin.

Thanks to a combination of carefully selected ingredients, this exfoliating lotion is suitable for all skin types, including black and mixed skin. The progressive diffusion technique guarantees optimal tolerance, while the fermented active ingredients are able to strengthen your skin barrier and rebalance your microbiome, thus by contributing to reach a visible healthier and radiant skin.


More details in their official website.

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