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PromoItalia unlocks the innovative potential of exosomes, with V-Tech, ExoTech and ExoSignal lines

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PromoItalia has opted to invest a new way of leading skincare..

Here, we are glad to introduce you here the revolutionary beauty innovation by PromoItalia. Indeed, beyond being famous for many cosmetics and esthetic products, this Italian structure is proud to unveil its brand new intensive advanced cosmetic system, full of PDRN, synthetic exosomes and even plant stem cells. Indeed, the V-Tech System is the perfect cosmetic kit for skin rejuvenation with visible results from the first application. Here, you would learn more about exosome treatments, as a groundbreaking approach in regenerative therapy, leveraging the body’s communication system for healing and tissue regeneration. This treatment involves utilizing microstructures, secreted by cells, carrying bioactive molecules like proteins, lipids, and genetic material, to enhance intercellular communication and promote healing. An innovation that can be administered through injections or topically as serums, with applications ranging from wound healing to skincare. Additionally, synthetic exosomes and vegetable stem cells that offer innovative avenues for skincare formulations, would naturally provide benefits such as collagen stimulation, cell regeneration, inflammation reduction, and overall skin rejuvenation. By AL

Exosome treatments mostly manifest through two primary modalities, which are injection and topical application, thanks to a diverse array of bioactive molecules..

In the realm of regenerative medicine, a seemingly diminutive yet significant player has emerged, in terms of exosomes. These extracellular vesicles, often hailed as a sort of cellular messengers, serve as microstructures, secreted by cells, in order to facilitate intercellular communication. This implies a wide payload of bioactive molecules, including proteins, lipids, and genetic material, holding an immense promise as a therapeutic powerhouse (photo credits: PromoItalia).

These minuscule vesicles orchestrate a true cellular dialogue, driving crucial processes for eventually reaching tissue regeneration and repair. The promise of leveraging any body‘s innate communication network to bolster healing processes. Based on this comprehensive exploration, the PromoItalia team wishes to delve into the multifaceted functions of exosomes and their far-reaching applications in regenerative therapy, by unlocking the potential of exosome treatment for skin regeneration. By the way, the application of some exosome treatment may span a broad spectrum of medical domains, from cosmetic enhancements to addressing formidable skin conditions. 

Injection entails the direct delivery of exosomes into the deeper layers of your epidermis, administered by healthcare professionals, who are adept in this science.. 

In another hand, many researchers are as well actively exploring their potential in wound healing, tissue repair, neurological disorders, cardiovascular ailments, and even cancer therapies. For instance, one of the paramount advantages of exosome treatment lies in its innate compatibility with cellular physiology, owing to its composition of proteins and lipids, facilitating targeted delivery of functional molecules essential for therapeutic efficacy. Alternatively, topical serums, containing concentrated exosomes, offer a non-invasive approach, promoting skin rejuvenation and addressing various concerns such as hydration, nourishment, along random pigmentation irregularities.

In order to make this possible, PromoItalia‘s has imagined a cutting-edge exosome treatment, addressing a myriad of skin concerns, from fine lines and wrinkles to hyperpigmentation and uneven texture, with the hope to offer a comprehensive solution for skin rejuvenation. Their formulation, still meticulously researched for efficacy and safety, promises immediate lifting effects and radiant skin, without any invasive procedures.

Facial treatments harness the rich molecular content of exosomes to bolster skin barrier function, by regulating melanin production, and promote even skin tone, culminating in remarkable transformations with repeated sessions..

Therefore, the Promoitalia introduces the V-Tech Serum, a synthetic exosome treatment system aimed at slowing skin aging. In fact, this solution features synthetic exosomal structures, plus a high molecular weight, along biomimetic peptides. Strong of this composition, this serum activates cell receptors, boosting collagen production and hydration, while enhancing free radical defenses.

Then, why not adopting this perfect cosmetic kit dedicated for skin rejuvenation, with normally visible results right from the first application ? This serum can be applied through microneedling treatment, recommended for your visage, neck, but even hands, and feet, yields maximum results within two weeks, with additional sessions tailored to individual needs.
As you can see, those specific methods of administration require the assistance of an esthetic expert, the time of a dedicated session, eventually to renew, according to your wishes.
This ExoTech Gel would surely bring you a new golden breeze to your skin..

Apart from this, don’t miss the Exotech Gel, which is a post-treatment mask, aimed to enhance a moisturizing and bio-restructuring action with hyaluronic acid, starring plant stem cells, and polysaccharide fractions, essentially extracted from snail slime, aiming to reduce random inflammation.

Indeed, don’t miss this exosomal ultra intensive gel if you wish to get a lifting and bio restructuring effect. This Exotech Gel utilizes a concentration of active ingredients, enclosed within synthetic exosomal structures, such as hyaluronic acid, but also polynucleotides and biomimetic peptides.
Therefore, the synergy of hyaluronic acid with fractioned snail slime contributes to restore and maintain your skin’s natural hydrolipidic balance, relieving the sensation of dryness and itching. The synthetic exosomal complex promotes the penetration of those active ingredients, contributing to the vital and productive functionality of your skin cells.
Topical application to the scalp targets conditions like dandruff, dryness, inflammation, and hair loss, offering therapeutic benefits through direct interaction with scalp cells..

Icing on the cake, let’s preserve your hair loss and make your hair great again, with this unique and immediately effective cocktail, embodied in the ExoSignal Hair product. Its ingredients contain the perfect synergy to help prevent and even slow down hair loss, thanks to meticulously selected ingredients, including a synthetic exosomal structure, to stimulate bulbar cells, while reducing inflammation, and finally enhancing hair growth.

Baptized ExoSignal, this groundbreaking formula harnesses an innovative solution, lying on a synthetic exosomal structure, carefully crafted to maximize the effect of active ingredients. A blend of eight biomimetic peptides, tailored for scalp stimulation, working in harmony with copper tripeptide-1 and oligopeptide-20, in order to invigorate your cellular metabolism and optimize energy processes. While being again full of synergistic ingredients (including panthenol, glutathione, biotin, PDRN, and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid), in order to augment a further efficacy, this potent concoction nourishes any scalp.
Basso Di Pasquale, representative of PromoItalia, tends to “highlight the purity and hypoallergenic nature of this synthetic exosomal structure, devoid of protein residue or transmembrane receptors, produced under controlled conditions for enhanced efficacy.”
Be ready to unlock your timeless and relentless battle against hair loss, in a revolutionary breakthrough, with this hair restoration solution, that offers hope and confidence to those grappling with hair loss..

This action can be notably effective by leveraging the regenerative potential of nature to enhance hair growth cycles, for rapid and vibrant results. This unique blend of ingredients addresses a spectrum of hair loss conditions, from androgenetic alopecia to alopecia areata, telogen effluvium, without forgetting post-autotransplant

On top of that, don’t miss that if you wish to unleash the full potential of this hair restoration solution, a carefully tailored treatment protocol is recommended, through various sessions by a specialist. Those can be spaced every 10 days, for a minimum of four sessions, to deliver optimal results, with maintenance sessions every two months thereafter. This protocol is adaptable, ensuring an individualized treatment, based on the degree of hair loss. Delivered in convenient vials, each containing 5 ml of product, this treatment can be considered as easy to administer. Furthermore, application sessions only require 1.5 to 2 ml of product, depending on the size of the treatment area, making it a hassle-free addition to any hair restoration regimen.
More details on their official website.

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