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Nina Ricci & Puig invite you to bite their new Nina Illusion eau de parfum, launched in the Café Illusion in Paris

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© introduce this brand new Nina Illusion item.
Only pink shades from the head to the toes..

Recently, Nina Ricci, the famous French fashion house, delighted perfume lovers with the launch of its latest olfactory masterpiece, an eau de parfum, called Nina Illusion (photo credits: Nina Ricci).


..but also the lovely pastries from the Elan bakery.
Visitors may have their suitable table to enjoy the view..
Therefore, this pop-up store, located in the heart of Paris, topping the Westfield Les Halles mall, was designed by the Wild Buzz Agency. A good occasion to discover this captivating fragrance, that promises to transport its users into a world of olfactory fantasy and delicacy

Thus, this Café Illusion, as an ephemeral space, imagined by Nina Ricci and its Puig manufacture, is a true sensory paradise, where every detail evokes a certain illusion and wonder. From the walls, adorned with flashy pink colors, and figurative paintings, until the central apple sculpture, which recalls the shape of this Nina Ricci perfume range, visitors may enjoy a true magic experience, drown in an urban framework. 



..not far from especially dedicated frescoes, in honor to this café.
In one of those boxes, a surprise would have appeared to you..

Then, the atmosphere of this ephemeral place evoked a sort of daydream, perfectly matched with the captivating essence of the Nina Illusion perfume. On top of that, a catering offer was proposed with the sweet delights prepared by the British Elan bakery. As for the perfume itself, this Café Illusion embodied the generous and creative spirit of Nina Ricci, since a possibility of winning gifts and goodies was possible. Without forgetting that this exquisite fragrance, imagined by Olivier Cresp and Nicolas Bonneville, skillfully blends fruity and floral notes, creating a unique olfactory experience. Apart from this, a souvenir jewel is also offered to you, within a metallic rose flower to be worn as a ring or bracelet, designed by jewelry artist Hugo Kreit. embrace this power of illusion and explore a pinky universe, where reality and dreams harmoniously blend.
This Illusion eau de parfum conveys a true spirit of imagination and intensity, inviting those who adopt it.. 

Furthermore, we deeply invite you to smell those delicate accents of juicy yuzu and fresh orange blossom, that elegantly intertwine, while notes of patchouli and Bourbon vanilla bring additional depth and sophistication to this fresh and bewitching composition. Thus, thanks to its elegant flask and intoxicating fragrance, this Nina Illusion perfume by Nina Ricci promises to become the ideal companion for those seeking escape and wonder in each spray. In fact, the new Illusion perfume by Nina Ricci, presented brilliantly at the Café Illusion in Paris, embodies the perfect alloy between a mixed artistic approach and timeless sophistication. With its enchanting notes and immersive ambiance, this Nina Illusion eau de parfum promises to inspire and captivate perfume lovers, from everywhere.

More details in their official website and to purchase it here.

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