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Christofle associates with the Roland Garros tennis tournament, to match its MOOD with terracotta!

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..of this new French collaboration, full of surprises.
Laszlo Badet and Alice Moireau are the two muses..

With the goal of sharing an unexpected marriage between French lifestyle and the spirit of sport, we invite you to discover the collaboration between Christofle and Roland Garros.

At the occasion of the upcoming edition of this legendary French open tournament (from May 20th until June 9th, 2024), this is the ideal moment to transcend the tight boundaries between luxury and tennis. Indeed, we face here in front of two seemingly distant worlds that get together here the time of a unique synergy, either celebrating the art of the table and in another hand some sporting excellence. By AL

..where luxury meets sport and where elegance marries passion.  
Christofle and Roland Garros wished to offer a unique experience..  

As far as we know the Maison Christofle has been recognized for more than 180 years for its exceptional know-how in goldsmithing and its own vision of fine tableware, embodying a certain French refinement (photo credits: Christofle). 

Adding to this, why not rediscovering its timeless prestigious creations, combining tradition and innovation, revisited for this capsule collection? In fact, the Roland Garros tennis tournament wished to share its glamour universe with another French structure. That’s why this enriched collaboration gave birth to a colorful collection of unique pieces, where the aesthetic sophistication of Christofle merges with the dynamic energy of Roland Garros
..the best of know-how and tradition, with a touch of modernity and dynamism.
An invitation to celebrate the union between two French icons, embodying..

In its new campaign, any esthete is invited to an astonishing match combining humor, tableware and sport. Thus, this cheerful and stylish competition is glad to unveil three new Terracotta pattern references, that would illustrate the unmissable MOOD egg. 

This sort of cutlery egg is a bestseller by Christofle, proposed in the classic MOOD by Christofle, but also the Party and Coffee versions. In this limited edition series, be ready to find again your favorite cutlery set, preserved behind the illustrious clay from famous tennis courts, on their facade. Therefore, in order to pursue this humor vibe, a “match of good manners” has been represented to convey this campaign, and the common values ​​dear to Christofle and Roland Garros.
..with finely crafted details and a true impeccable quality.
Let’s select the right cutlery to match with the instant.. 

This match features two models Laszlo Badet and Alice Moireau, that are pleased to spend an original moment on the court, where each piece testifies the excellence from Christofle and the authentic Roland Garros identity.

Adorned with the iconic emblems of the tournament, this combination of sterling silver and contemporary design creates a perfect harmony between tradition and modernity, capturing the spirit of Roland Garros in every angle. Beyond aesthetics, this collaboration also proposes to anyone of us, the option of an elegant dinner after a day on tennis courts, unless you wish to enrich your personal Christofle collection, with another silverware collector piece.
More details on the Christofle official website and book your tickets for Roland Garros here.

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