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After Paris Design Week, explore some last decoration trends for 2024, with AM.PM, CFOC, BoConcept, Marin Montagut, Tollens and Flamant

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CFOC is counts as the main decorative French players, reflecting many assets from Orient..

Every year, the Paris Design Week, along the giant Maison & Objet fair, gathers countless designers, architects and influencers from all over the World, willing to share their diversified inspirations and thoughts about interior design, lifestyle and decoration, but not only.. (photo credits: AL)

That’s why, we are glad here to introduce here some of the last references, highlighted in and around Paris. By AL




..with various premium materials, such as glass and steel, to match with canvases.
The lighting range is available in wall lights, floor lamps and pendant lights..  

In the world of interior design, the AM PM brand has long been synonymous with timeless elegance and contemporary design. For the coming year, new AM.PM trends would still promise to delight decoration lovers with innovative pieces, luxurious materials and subtle accents. Whether you’re looking to refresh your living space or add a touch of sophistication to your home, here’s an overview at the upcoming trends from AM.PM.

As far as we know, a certain focus has been brought to minimalist aesthetic, with some vintage touch, completed with the luxury DNA of this brand. a touch of luxury this time. Here, a mix of ribbed and smooth acrylic is prominent, imbued with 70s style. continue with a Mediterranean style with this terrazzo styled table.
Admire these orange models called Trapani, with a travertine base, and its blown glass..

Again for this new AM.PM collection, be ready for soft designs, highlighting clean lines, but also high-end materials, such as the refined finishes of the Oreko sideboard, starring acrylic and lacquer, prior the new version of Alcana, with marble layer.

For lovers of exoticism, the Dilma armchair in walnut and its zebra printed velvet, to possibly be completed with a Sarini rug, hand-knotted in India in sari silk, unless you prefer the Satchi scalable lighting range with fabric. Plus, a beautiful series of sofas, whether you like them in velvet, like the Lazare or the Prose, imagined by the homemade designer Emmanuel Gallina, in mottled canvas like the Matera, or in twill linen like the Jacopo.


..ideal to pursue this decorative visit.
Admire this library of Bout de Canapés..

Travertine is also present with the Mindo coffee and end tables, supported by solid white oak. Added to this, another Opala acrylic lamp that would will warm up your atmosphere with its diffused, green-tinted light. Possibly to place on the table, covered with linoleum.

Additionally, to complete your interior, why not add a touch via the Bout de Canapé collection. Available in different materials, such as oak, walnut, white or green marble, but also acrylic, terrazzo and lacquer patterns, feel free to adopt the shape you want. Don’t also miss some tableware set, Made In Portugal, all made of enameled stoneware, and its many extroverted patterns.

More details on their official website.

..highlighting a set of comfortable furniture from Flamant
Discover each year a new taint, in collaboration with Tollens..

Since 2015, the Tollens painting company and the Flamant decoration house have united their know-how to offer a palette of refined and timeless colors, better known under Flamant by Tollens. This meticulous collaboration gathers a certain technical prowess according to aesthetic demands, giving life to a collection of paintings, with the constant wish to reach a real balance between tradition and innovation. This year again, Tollens and Flamant are focusing on a new selection of four new elegant shades, full of vibrant notes, embodied by the orange-red of Samba, evoking coral found at the ground of the oceans, the yellow lemon of Pop, the shocking pink of the Bollywood taint unless you prefer the blue oil of Électro (photo credits: Tollens).


..from fancy curtains to soft cushions, each piece adds a touch of elegance.
Flamant‘s new fabrics and textiles bring a touch of refinement to any interior.. 

Don’t also miss to admire the latest furniture creations by Flamant, renowned for their sophisticated and timeless style. Indeed, this Belgian brand tends to distillate a subtle fusion of innovation and tradition, through a certain European elegance and artisanal know-how. From living room furniture to bedroomFlamant offers a complete range of remarkable pieces. Inspired by varied influences, these creations combine clean lines, noble materials and impeccable finishes to create warm spaces, to be completed with delicate accessories, whose details make all the difference. From ceramic vases to framed mirrors passing by scented candles, each accessory is carefully selected for an overall aesthetic harmony. 

More details on their official website.

..ideal to complete with some of those decorative assets, fulfilled with this ecru color.
The Cancun selection is either dedicated for an indoor or outdoor use.. 

Why not continuing with BoConcept? One of the leading brands in the field of contemporary interior design, unveils its latest new products which are revolutionizing the world of furnishing. With a continued commitment to innovation and aesthetics, the Danish brand presents a range of captivating products that combine functionality, comfort and style. Here is below an overview of BoConcept‘s latest creations, from modular sofas, allowing users to create their own configuration. Lately, a collaboration has been achieved with Jakob Lange, within a selection of 6 various colors, even for poufs and coffee table, named Nawabari.


This Nawabari collection can be seen in upholstery pieces that include two sizes of sofas, two ottomans (or poufs) and an armchair, shown in different color options..

As far as we know, BoConcept wishes to combine elegance and functionality, from the extendable coffee tables that transform into a dining table in the blink of an eye, to the side tables with integrated storage, these versatile pieces adapt perfectly to all lifestyles. In another hand, be ready to opt for a variety of modules, coverings and colors alternatives.

For instance, the Santiago tables, made in marble effect ceramic, are proposed this time in light oak and the Hamilton chairs, which are as well clarified in the same material. Moreover, discover the newly issued New Nordic grained leather, and then a Kingston table in sandstone and grès color. Then, adopt one of the Cancun tables, available for outdoor use, even with removable and non-water-repellent cushions.

More details on their official website.

..and inspire refinement enthusiasts, so do those jars.
As you can see this outdoor table would surely captivate.. 

Founded in 1965, the Compagnie Française de l’Orient et de la Chine, also known as CFOC, pursues a longtime tradition of encounter between Europe and Asia. Nowadays, this home decoration studio, based in Paris, continues to be considered as an essential reference in the world of luxury and craftsmanship furniture and design.

In this year 2024, the CFOC has imagined a series of exciting new products for your house, combining tradition, exoticism and a true commitment to excellence. Don’t miss the new collection, featuring decorative and functional pieces, revisited with modern touches, fusing timeless elegance with innovative elements.

..or pick up in one of those peaceful bedlinen?
Would you adopt those double faced cushions?

From exquisite tableware to sumptuous decorative items, each piece in this collection embodies the very essence of exceptional Asian craftsmanship. Thus, concerned with preserving local artisanal traditions and supporting the communities where it operates, the CFOC structure has built strong collaborations with local artisans. This initiative highlights traditional know-how, while providing to those artisans a platform to present their creations. As you can see, those partnerships are illustrated with potters, weavers and furniture, resulting in limited edition pieces, imbued with culture, authenticity but also environment, with the use as much as possible of sustainable materials

More details on their official website.

..not far from his tableware selection, inspired by Paris.
Marin Montagut himself, posing with his new tarot game..

As a great lover of Paris and its legendary streets, the pastel artist Marin Montagut wished to immortalize the so-called City of Lights within many decorative objects for your place. Whatever you prefer porcelain, glassware, office supplies or any other customized realization, don’t miss to have a look at the flagship store close to the magnificent Saint Sulpice church, in the Left Bank of Paris.

Thus, you can be sure to admire the colorful talent of Marin Montagut, spread through various objects his favorite quarters, so to say Le Marais, Montmartre and Saint Germain des Prés.


..thanks to this genuine 19th century atmosphere that reminds us so many traditions.
The Musée des Arts Forains in Paris Bercy was the ideal place to present those novelties..

Among this flow of original objects, illustrated with poetry, the creative Marin Montagut is pleased to announce you the launching of his selection of cushions and tableware ranges. Those artisanal pieces, entirely made in France, were recently unveiled in the amazing Musée des Arts Forains. In fact, many from those elements were inspired by Paris, but also his last illustrated tarot game. Depending on your mood and inspiration, let this divinatory card game predicts your future in an artistic way, since its 22 characters were revisited by Marin Montagut, deeply inspired by 19th century sceneries. Preserved in a coffret, so reminiscent of his secret books, those tarot games were conceived in Normandy


Discovering your fate, comfortably seated on one of these cushions, in linen or cotton version..

Icing on the cake, don’t also miss the related cushions, made in goose feather, entirely made in France but also the hand-rolled silk scarves, this time made in Lyon (2 sizes: 45cm and 90cm), either representing several of the emblematic cards from this tarot game.

In addition, if you wish to have your cards drawn by a real fortune teller, this is possible at the Parisian boutique by appointment, do not hesitate to call the lovely number mentioned below.  


Marin Montagut, 48 Rue Madame, 75006 Paris (France) / Phone : 00 33 (0)9 81 22 53 44. More details on their official website.

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