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Get some Basque touch in Paris with Le Troquet restaurant, hosted by Marc Mouton

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Why not spending some good time at Le Troquet restaurant in Paris? Located in the 15th Arrondissement, not far from the Eiffel Tower, be ready to enjoy a genuine vintage style inside the so-called City of Lights, highlighting ancestral gastronomy, pursuing a series of Parisian restaurants, offering an unforgettable culinary experience. 
Among them, you could count on the tasty dishes proposed by Le Troquet restaurant, nestled a few steps away from the Cambronne metro station, in the 15th arrondissement of the French capital. By AP 

..not far from the wide wine cellar of the chef Marc Mouton.
Admire this true vintage bar counter..
Renowned for its refined cuisine and warm vintage atmosphere, Le Troquet Restaurant may be regarded as a true destination of choice for lovers of fine and inspired traditional French cuisine (photo credits: AP). 
Therefore, Le Troquet celebrates a certain French culinary heritage, essentially by offering traditional cuisine reinvented with a touch of modernity. Furthermore, enjoy some Basque touch, under the direction of the chef Marc Mouton, who took over this ancestral local address from the former chef Philippe Estchebest
..unless you prefer sitting over one of those wooden chairs.
From any weather, feel free to invest the urban terrace..

For your information, each dish has been meticulously imagined by Marc Mouton, strong of a rich path, through Pierre Gagnaire and Astrance tables. Thus, since 14 years, this chef has been proud to cook fresh, seasonal ingredients, ensuring authentic flavors and exceptional savors in every bite.

Nonetheless, when you enter Le Troquet, be ready to be welcomed with an elegant and friendly atmosphere. Thus, framed with some bygone wooden decor, that seamlessly blends classic Parisian charm with contemporary elements, follow this true flashback in time. marry with a fine wine list that notably honors small producers.
This cosy atmosphere is ideal to spend some convivial time and even..

For instance, this framework still keeps the trace and memories from the south-western terroir from France, starring paintings of bulls, but also peppers of Espelette. Apart from this, don’t miss the typical zinc counter bar, but also the various tiles, which are as well so typical from bistros of yesteryear, along copper pots, but also Burgundy benches, without forgetting genuine white and red towels. 

In this welcoming setting, either suitable for a romantic dinner, a business lunch or any other special celebration, Le Troquet offers the perfect Parisian ambiance for all kinds of occasions. rediscover here, so is the unmissable crème brûlée.
The magret de canard is an ancestral French dish..

Anchored in Left Bank, not far from touristic areas, around the Invalides and the Embassies quarters, there are many occasions to revisit French specialities, interpreted by a passionate chef

Among those seasonally sourced products, you could appreciate some vegetables from the Boyer family, located in the Gard department, along foie gras come from the Comptoir Corrézien, plus Basque cheese from a rare farm and even bread, baked by Jean-Luc Poujauran. Indeed, those simple but attractive recipes reflect this certain passion for tradition, with a hint of Basque gastronomy, all gathered in a bistro styled establishment.
..same situation for fruits, with this tempting red fruited panna cotta., with speculoos.
If you’re into fresh vegetables, you can be sure to find them here, through this turbot..

Whether you are a local or a visitor passing through, a visit to Le Troquet is a true tasting journey not to be missed. At first glance, you could eventually start with a pot of duck rillettes, or seasonal dishes like a lentil soup or a celery remoulade.

Then, randomly pursue with delights, according to the arrivals, that could feature squid and chorizo ​​risotto, or braised beef cheek with fried vegetables, unless you prefer trying typical Basque speciality, as veal oxoa. Prior finally ending with as much inspired desserts, such as light chocolate and mango millefeuille, vanilla soufflé or the legendary crème brûlée.
Le Troquet Restaurant, 21 Rue François Bonvin, 75015 Paris (France) / Phone : 00 33 (0)1 45 66 89 00. More details on their official website.

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