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Oh My Cream celebrates its 10th anniversary of natural beauty, with key products from Tata Harper, Sunday Riley, Odacité, Augustinus Bader and Dermalogica!

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© you can see Oh My Cream is full of surprises.
Let’s turn the wheel to celebrate this 10th birthday of success!

Let’s honor here the Oh My Cream platform, which is proud to achieve a decade of natural beauty. Thus, since now 10 years, this French beauty player has been doing its best to remain at the forefront of the natural beauty revolution, by offering its customers a unique experience and curated selection of skincare products. Founded in 2014 by Juliette Lévy, Oh My Cream quickly established itself as an essential reference in the world of natural beauty. A rich path that Oh My Cream followed over the last decade, marked by its commitment to transparency, efficiency and naturalness.

From humble beginnings in an online webstore and a small Parisian boutique, the brand has gradually grown, extending its influence across France and online, with thousands of loyal customers across the world. By AL

..where many surprises and beauty services wait for you.
Have you ever put a step inside an Oh My Cream boutique?

Proud to show its commitment to a certain vision of natural beauty, the Oh My Cream structure has always placed the integrity of ingredients at the heart of its identity. Thus, pursuing the goal of striving and completing an offer of products, which are free of controversial substances, the brand has set high standards in the formulations, from the beauty products, which are sold online and in their boutiques. In addition, its team of experts ensures that the selected brands, available on Oh My Cream, proposes values and effectiveness, in perfect communion with their sort of green vision (photo credits: Oh My Cream).

..and educated like this ever-growing community of clean beauty enthusiasts.
Meet new standards of this competitive beauty industry, while notably being inspired..

Apart from this, over the years, Oh My Cream hasn’t stopped to ground a committed community of followers, happy to share together their knowledge, experiences and recommendations

The exclusive events, skincare workshops and personalized consultations, offered by the brand, have strengthened this unique bond between customers and the Oh My Cream team. A good example is this 10th anniversary, encouraged to be celebrated with all of them, towards a series of special events, but also exclusive products launches and even unique collaborations, throughout the year.


..often available in specific boxes, at special occasions.
Oh My Cream also owns its proper cosmetic brand..

As far as we know, these celebrations are aimed to thank the Oh My Cream community for their unwavering support and hopefully to continue to inspire a new decade of natural and responsible beauty.

In fact, this Oh My Cream‘s 10th anniversary not only marks a significant milestone in this successful path, but also the start of a new era of conscious beauty. Without forgetting that this unwavering commitment to transparency and naturalness is embodied by the presence of dozen of cosmetic brands nowadays, such as the eponym Oh My Cream one.


More details on the official website of Oh My Cream.

On the occasion of this birthday, Oh My Cream gathered different premium cosmetics, to eventually pair according to your desire and needs. We could start here with the promising Rejuvenating Serum by Tata Harper, suitable for all skin types, known as a luxurious anti-aging treatment. This versatile treatment counts an ultra-innovative formula, of no less than 21 high-performance organic ingredients.

Perfect to sustainably stimulate the secretion of collagen of your epidermis, this Tata Harper‘s Rejuvenating Serum is a genuine global anti-aging treatment for skin lacking elasticity. This concentrated but also award-winning premium serum has proven its qualities to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while infusing your skin with hyaluronic acid.

Made In Vermont..

Therefore, certified free of GMOs, artificial fragrance, synthetic ingredients, gluten, nor comedogenic ingredients, this Rejuvenating Serum would display its flow of antioxidants and vitamins. Thus, rich in aloe vera, known for its soothing and regenerating properties, this ensemble is completed with a sweet scent of jasmine.

Completed with the healing rose water and the hydrating mango butter, this serum would undoubtedly invigorate the elasticity of your skin and diminish your fine lines and wrinkles, for a visibly healthier and firmer result.

More details on the official website and available on Oh My Cream.

Then, let’s discover the new Good Genes Serum by Sunday Riley, enriched with glycolic acid to enhance any dull skins or even skin marked by imperfections. It seems that this product can be efficient from already one use to boost the clarity of your complexion and instantly its radiance.

Perfect for sensitive skins, since fermented prickly pear extract is able to sooth your epidermis. As for lemongrass extract, it has a purifying action. Therefore, do not hesitate to apply this exfoliating serum to a cleansed facial skin, either you prefer in the morning or evening.


More details on the official website and available on Oh My Cream.

In other places, peptides and carnosine also have their role to play, with the aim of offering dual-action soothing and anti-aging benefits over the delicate skins around the eyes.

Then, let’s continue with Odacité‘s Intense Repair eye contour cream. This cream, composed of natural and gluten-free ingredients, has been designed to significantly reduce the appearance of crow’s feet wrinkles and calm signs of fatigue, while stimulating hydration and elasticity. We invite you to apply it delicately, tapping from the inner corner, to the outer corner of your eye, then smooth this area. As a result, your eye zone could visibly appear as younger and revitalized, suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. This ultra-concentrated eye cream is notably activated by the properties of the exclusive Edelweiss Extrême™ complex, based on unique Edelweiss. In fact, these species are cultivated using AI, making it possible to optimize its concentration of active ingredients. These are combined with CoQ 10 and blue algae, which are recognized as two powerful super antioxidants, which synergistically work together to combat free radical damages and for their super antioxidant capacities. 

More details on the official website and available on Oh My Cream.

Thereafter, if you need to recover in some way from your very active daily life, why not opting for the Multivitamin Power Recovery Mask by Dermalogica? Indeed, this highly concentrated mask, counts a great amount of vitamins which would stimulate your skin and naturally activate its instant repair.

For your information, the elements of this mask may be effective in only 4 minutes, in order to pursue a panoramic action against dull complexion and skin aging, it can even be used around your eyes as a boost.

For instance, rich of beta carotene, its formula is completed by retinyl palmitate, derived from encapsulated vitamin A. Ideal to stimulate cell renewal and activate collagen production, doubled with the benefits from vitamin C, in order to reduce hyperpigmentation to even out some pleasant complexion.

Dermalogica would propose you different types of textures, according to your need..

For more efficiency, we highly recommend you to generously apply this mask to cleansed face and neck, while avoiding your eye area. If you use it once or twice a week, between 10 and 15 minutes, before rinsing it, you would surely admire the results, throughout a hydrated and pumped skin, beyond smoother wrinkles and fine lines. Then, some encapsulated vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, strengthens the skin’s protective barrier. Finally, licorice reduces sensitivities, while oats soothe.

More details on the official website and available on Oh My Cream.

We recommend to apply it into dry skin, before adding a splash of water to transform the balm texture into a milk and continue to massage, prior rinsing this ensemble with lukewarm water..

Last but not least, you could as well adopt the Cleansing Balm, developed by Augustinus Bader. This makeup remover balm includes a TFC8® anti-aging complex, full of 40 active ingredients to optimize the cellular regeneration process, which is able to be switched into a silky oil, in order to eliminate the most stubborn impurities and makeup.

In fact, this solid balm promises to act against sebum, impurities and makeup, while actively nourishing and regenerating your epidermis, for a hydrated, soft and purified complexion. As far as we know, this Cleansing Balm, thanks to its base of olive and avocado vegetable oils, would naturally remove your makeup, while preserving the skin from any dryness, and even soothing sensitivity and redness.

More details on the official website and available on Oh My Cream.



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