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Let’s discover the Konvives restaurant, a hidden gem of fusion Corsican cuisine in Paris, close to Paris Court

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Nicolas Colonna would propose you his passion for Corsica where he worked at the Domaine de Murtoli in Sartène, during 3 years..

Discreetly located on a discret alley in Paris’, inside the vibrant Porte de Clichy district, the welcoming Konvives restaurant waits for your venue, to enjoy some captivating bistronomic experience. 

In this cosy address, full of design pieces, from the ground to the ceiling, you can be sure to discover the various traditional flavors and modern influences, imagined by the Chef Maxime Lellouche and his business partner Nicolas Colonna. By AP
  this lovely framework to admire, wherever you stand.
Nicolas Colonna and Maxime Lellouche, reunited for good..

From the moment you walk through the door of Konvives, you could be easily transported into a world of sophistication and warmth (photo credits: AP).

The restaurant‘s intimate and welcoming ambiance is enhanced by elegant framework, skillfully blending contemporary elements with touches of tradition. Therefore, its decoration, entrusted to Annabelle Fesquet, is designed like a Parisian apartment, with its wooden tables, its blue contemporary benches, its comfortable chairs and its pretty lighting fixtures.


..accompanied with this delicious Corsican wine or sparkling water.
What else than this perfect dining room to spend some time together?

Without forgetting the exposed bricked bar counter, passing by elegant table settings, every detail has been carefully considered to create an atmosphere, that could either be convivial and refined.

Thus, nestled in a typical Parisian stone building, this Konvives entity was grounded by two friends, who met in L’Escargot 1903 restaurant and willing to gather their proper rich experiences. In one side, you could count on the Corsican touch of Nicolas Colonna, always inclined to share you the best delights from his native famous Isle of Beauty ideal framework to highlight quality ingredients, carefully selected from local producers. 
As far as we know, their constantly renewed menu, evolves with the seasons..

In another hand, his associate Maxime Lellouche, brother the French actress Camille Lellouche, is busy the most of the time in the kitchen. He particularly aims to be loyal to his own culinary inspiration to develop memorable menus, to share or not with your relatives or business partners.

Therefore, be ready to follow an unforgettable tasty journey, where each dish would tell a story, rich in flavor and creativity. This gourmet moment can either be tainted with traditional French specialities but also with a touch of Corsica.

..where he works on the products by reinventing and sublimating it, like this fish of the day
Maxime Lellouche likes original and creative associations, like this Pâté en Croûte..  

Don’t miss to spend some time on the street terrace in summertime, where charcuterie plates would be proposed. A good occasion to discover the Corsican black sausage, known as figatellu. Unless you prefer tasting the random delicious dishes, filled with brocciu, which is an ancestral brousse cheese, or even the selection of Corsican wines. Furthermore, the other assets of Konvives lie in its innovative cuisine, where the talented chef skillfully combines classic techniques with fresh ingredients, in order to imagine dishes that would undoubtedly surprise the finest taste buds.  

..that could match together like those generous and delicious ravioli
Be ready for classic dishes, like those gnocchi, revisited with flavors.. 

For your information, the Konvives‘ evolutive menu offers a variety of dishes, that celebrate the diversity of various cuisines, while highlighting iconic French ingredients.

From delicately prepared starters, such as tartlet, with parmesan and roasted buttermut, sweet onions, or the unmissable Oeuf Parfait (aka perfect egg), completed with celery remoulade and brown butter mayonnaise, or even the typical Pâté en Croute, unless you prefer salmon Gravelax, adorned with a tasty gribiche sauce, you can be sure to have a wide choice.  


..or this sculptural Mont-Blanc pastry, stuck in the middle of this immaculate plate.
Some French cuisine that doesn’t take itself seriously, with this French brioche..

This selection of dishes can eventually be pursued with homemade gnocchi, drown into a cream of mushrooms and mustard seeds, but also a fish of the day, often garnished with parsnip puree and roasted chestnuts. If you are into meat, don’t miss the revisited Milanese-style veal, associated with sweet potato ravioli, along the 1 kilo prime ribs, and their gratin of potatoes. Concerning sweet dishes, you would surely be tempted by French brioche, hydrated with salted butter caramel, beyond some Chocolate and peanut based millefeuille or the legendary Mont-Blanc pastry, of course starring vanilla ice cream and chestnuts.

Konvives, 86 Rue de La Jonquière, 75017 Paris (France) / Phone : 00 33 (0)6 61 35 92 77. More details on their official website.

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