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Our selection of festivals in summer 2024 in Paris, with RTL2 Essonne en Scène, Les Bains Festival…

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The cultural sector is very acclaimed in France and especially in the Parisian region… That’s why, different localities around Paris pay many efforts to organize or support musical festivals, in order to entertain as much as possible the most of you, at any time of the year. Although, summer time may be regarded as the most appropriate period, due to its pleasant weather conditions, for the optimisation of such events (cover photo credit: Alexis Harnichard).

In this article, we are pleased to enunciate you some of them to attend, in magical places. Thus, whatever your musical preferences, we propose you some suggestions, in a combination of tradition and modernity. By AP, AL & ST

..unless you feel more comfortable in this palace.
What do you think about this entrance gate?

First of all, why don’t you enjoy some pop concerts in a beautiful natural landscape, offered by the Essonne en Scène festival? Established since June 2019, this musical gardener rendez-vous never stopped to stop and expand since its early days. Born from an original and rich eclectic project, this musical festival is composed of a smart wedding between various melodic influences. If you want to go further about the identity of Essonne en Scène, you would easily understand that this cultural event was conceived for everyone, confirming in a way the ability of this wide natural territory, located at the borders of Paris, to welcome all kinds of talents. Without forgetting that this festival has the incredible Chamarande castle as fairy framework (photo credits: Essonne En Scène).


..its imposing natural architecture embraces that built by man over the decades
The purple beech in the courtyard of the castle is aged between 150 and 200 years old.. 

Erected in the 17th century, this brilliant domain has succeeded to transmit its architectural grace, since the famous Grand Siècle, pursuing nowadays its artistic philosophy through various events, organized around it. Without forgetting that this Chamarande domain is spread around 98 hectares of nature, open to anyone willing to enjoy some calm and back to basics, without going too far from Paris. Along this park, we can admit that the castle and its orangery have notably become an ideal playground for the expression plastic arts, since 2001. That’s why, we invite to register on your diary, those two days of festival, occurring on 30 and 31st August 2024, where you could experiment an intense festive atmosphere, nested in a countryside setting and talented artists (a couple of them pictured below).


..the same in this romantic surrounding greenery.
A brilliant neo-classical facade to admire all day..

Thus, regarding the programming, the team from the Francofolies festival, native from La Rochelle, had been selected to bring its know-how and connections, in order to showcase local but also international scene, promoted by the official partner, so to say the RTL2 radio. Indeed, by providing its trademark signature, the Francofolies donates its intergenerational popularity, and eventually tripling the audience of this young festival, with more than 20,000 festival-goers in 2023. In this wedding between nature, contemporary art and music, we already counted in the two previous editions, some famous names of French musical variety were mobilized, such as Zazie, Julien Doré, Catherine Ringer and Jean-Louis Aubert, and emerging artists, including Suzane or even Hervé Musique


Engraving of Felix Thorigny, published in the Le Monde Illustré, number 292 , November 15, 1862 (credits: BNF).

Although for this year 2024, happening during two days, between 30 and 31st August 2024, be ready to attend the British singer Mika on stage, along many other talented headliners, including the Hyphen Hyphen front singer Santa and the TV reality contest winner Julien Doré, both supported by the promising Clara Ysé, without forgetting the geisha styled Hoshi, and even some veterans, embodied by the 80s pop performed by Étienne Daho, the Brittany rock from Matmatah and the EMO rock of Kyo

Icing on the cake, don’t also miss the opportunity to discover a selection of young talents coming from this Essonne department, that would be unveiled soon.

Domaine départemental de Chamarande, 38 Rue du Commandant Maurice Arnoux, 91730 Chamarande (France) / Phone : 00 33 (0)1 60 82 52 01. More information on the official website of the festival.

..whose philosophy stands in an underground location.
DJ sets and other evenings were scheduled throughout Les Bains..

The sixth edition of the Les Bains Festival, settled in the mythical Les Bains hotel, offered no less than three days of live music, within the performances of around twenty artists. An annual music festival that occurs from Thursday, March 7th to Saturday March 9th, 2024. Not far from the cultural Centre Pompidou, we can say that Les Bains is a Parisian institution, notably in terms of party and culture. Formerly called Les Bains Douche, this place was used to host many celebrities since the 80s. Converted in a hotel, since 2015, thanks to the inspiration of Jean-Pierre Marois, many events, cocktails and parties still mingle with each other.

..perfect to enjoy some cocktails, imagined by the bar’s mixologists.
An innovative menu is proposed at the ROXO during the festival.. 

At the occasion of this new edition from Les Bains Festival, open and free to anybody willing to immerse into this part from the Parisian cultural scene, a large honor was given to many emerging French artists. Indeed, since 2018, during three evenings of concerts, this event has been spread all around this hotel club, and notably at ROXO, which is the cocktail bar but also in the Club part, situated in the underground. In terms of programming, this 2024 edition of Les Bains festival is once again innovative by inviting several promising artists such as Alien, Anoraak, Alvin Chris, Anna Kova & Full Green, Blond or even Bob Sleigh & Naomi.

Les Bains Paris, 7 Rue du Bourg l’Abbé, 75003 Paris (France). More details on their official website.



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