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The chef and doctor Danielson Rakotoarivony proposes you a multicultural experience in Les Magnolias restaurant, in Nîmes

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..but also various natural and colorful decorations.
As you already know, the city of Nîmes is rich of surprises..

Nestled in the heart of the sunny city of Nîmes, Les Magnolias restaurant offers an unforgettable culinary experience, combining a true refined cuisine with an elegant and warm atmosphere.

Recently rejuvenated by the surprising chef, but also dietary doctor, Danielson Rakotoarivony, this establishment is becoming a must in Nîmes for gastronomy lovers in search of exquisite but balanced flavors, while experimenting memorable and convivial moments. By AP




..a true culinary experience to tantalize your taste buds and delight your senses.
Deep in Nîmes, don’t miss this address, nearby a quarter or art and architecture.. 

Settled in the old center of Nîmes, be ready to immerse yourself into the lovely atmosphere from Les Magnolias restaurant, not far from the illustrious Roman arenas. Conveying a sophisticated and even bygone framework, you can be sure to spend some good time in Occitania (photo credits: AP).

The refined decor, inspired by Mediterranean gardens, creates an ideal setting for any convivial dinner, whatever it could be for any special celebration or a business lunch. Recently renovated, you can be sure to experiment a truly attentive and professional service, with a kind culinary care.


..ensuring that every visit is memorable.
Meet the chef in person, who revisited this restaurant..

Thus, the fate of Les Magnolias has been entrusted to Danielson Rakotoarivony, an inspired but above all passionate chef, in parallel of his medical career. Therefore, specialized in nutrition issues, he provides his special care to patients, willing to lose weight.

Same idea here, since Danielson Rakotoarivony wished to propose in his restaurant, as much as possible a local touch in his healthy dishes, tainted from Provence, Camargue but also his Madagascar origins. As you can see, a hint of exoticism invests there this original urban elegance, thanks to ocher variations all around the furniture and walls‘ colors.

..this restaurant invites you to relax and savor every moment of the day.
From the wine glass in the corner of your table, until the outdoor terrace..

With the project to open a thermal clinic, including a gastronomic offer, the chef counts here on every detail, to be able to enjoy your experience there. Whether you would stay in the main dining room, bathed in natural lights or in the shaded terrace, surrounded by blooming magnolias, you would naturally feel the freshness from the fountain of the Place des Esclafidous.

Les Magnolias allows then to discover the essence of French gastronomy in an exceptional setting, sometimes featuring products from Madagascar, such as voanjobory or ravitoto. We recommend you to stay tuned since the menu may weekly change, according to the inspiration of the chef

As you can see, you may be surely amazed by the daily proposals, from the shrimps pie on an avocado bed, passing by the typical and revisited poireau vinaigrette, passing by the Mediterranean grilled royal sea bream, unless you prefer the delicious roasted purple artichoke and its delicate fresh herb sauce. As sweet part, you could opt for local Gard cheese, the unmissable profiteroles (at the own version of the chef) or the no less astonishing iced soufflé, naturally flavored with Grand Mariner liquor. This ensemble can be either served with regional Occitanian wines, or with the technological DVine capsules (served in the ideal conditions at the machine).

Les Magnolias restaurant, Place des Esclafidous, 30000 Nîmes / Phone : 00 33 (0)4 66 21 64 01. More details on their official website.

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