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Discover our selection of restaurants in Vichy, with La Brasserie des Artistes, La Table d’Antoine, Le Patio, Le N3 and Les Caudalies

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As anyone knows, the city of Vichy is an emblematic town nestled in the heart of Bourbonnais region in France, renowned for its beneficial thermal waters.  
But beyond its curative virtues, Vichy is home to a thriving gastronomic scene that could undoubtedly appeal to the most demanding palates. From traditional restaurants to innovative establishments, the city is full of culinary treasures to discover. Whatever if you are looking for some tradition in the spotlight, or innovation, you would find your happiness. By AP this institution of Vichy, somehow recalling Paris.
Let’s have a lunch, beneath a wall of artistic portraits..

For lovers of traditional cuisine with a taste of the land, Vichy offers a multitude of options. The Brasserie des Artistes is one of those gems, built in 1897, at that time housed a vintage café. Since the opening of the Opera in 1901, this café, located opposite, already welcomed many customers and artists after the shows. Thereafter, from 1921 this café was transformed into an elegant Art Deco brasserie. We deeply recommend you to admire its authentic and bygone decoration of another time, that has already charmed artists and customers of all generations, takes us to the Vichy of the Roaring Twenties (photo credits: AP).  



..and of course would bring you back in those good old times!
This typical Art Deco atmosphere would naturally amaze you..

Regarding the gastronomic side, the chef Olivier Tajetti is glad to offer you a tasty and sincere traditional menu, through well-crafted French classics. For example, you may appreciate a kernel of scallops in a beggar’s purse with citrus fruits, a velvety mushrooms soup with Fumaison cheese or the unmissable sautéed sole meunière with mashed potatoes, unless you prefer skrei fish with bacon sauce and small pumpkin purée. For sweet part, the legendary chocolate profiteroles are proposed along a light ice meringue cake, according to your taste and the season.


Brasserie des Artistes, 4 Rue du Casino, 03200 Vichy (France) / Phone : 00 33 (0)4 70 98 23 06. More details on their official website.

..a dining room, full of surprises.
Sébastien Méhaux proudly posing in front of his hall..

Adding to this, La Table d’Antoine is a shining example of this fusion between tradition and innovation. Settled in a refined contemporary setting, customers are invited to savor exquisite gastronomic dishes where local and fresh ingredients are enhanced by a touch of modernity. On the menu, be ready to enjoy some surprising flavors, that either combine tasty and artistic presentations, imagined by the new chef Sébastien Méhaux. This talented conductor used to work in countless Michelin starred tables. Strong of this rich path, he’s proud to transmit it and make each diner together as a true sensory experience.   


..where colors and shapes melt each other, like this marbled cake.
A true intimate configuration to spend a convivial and gastronomic moment..

As far as we know, La Table d’Antoine is considered as an institution in Vichy, formerly run by the passionate and eponym Antoine Souillat. Here, the new era is illustrated by a refreshed and minimalist decoration, reinforced by a luminous skylight. Again, still not limited to French cuisine, the chef wished to embrace international influences, such as Japanese trends in his creations. For instance, don’t miss to select one of the tasting menus, where could arise various surprises, starting by appetizers, made of seaweed crumble, topped with beetroot mousse, along nori butter crackers topped with gravlax and umibudo (sea grape) clusters, without missing candied kombu flavored panna cotta. a peanut and citrus crumble, and as a final touch, don’t miss this grilled guimauves.
Nearby, a pearly monkfish in the middle, with a sweet potato emulsion.. 

Don’t miss the tsukudani preparation, which is a Japanese preparation, starring a cooking kombu based seaweed and black garlic sabayon, with raw and cooked cauliflower. Not far, from Roscoff crab broth, and vegetable brunoise, to be matched with Daikon radish ravioli, stuffed with tapioca chips, with homemade guacamole, along nasturtium leaf, drown into a coral crab emulsion. Be also ready for pan-fried foie gras, accompanied with dachi broth, and marbled with vegetal charcoal. Then, a piece of beef, cooked on a Japanese barbecue, with a reduced beef juice, along a semi-cooked beef tartare and beef broth. At last, enjoy some Brie cheese flavored ice cream, in a quenelle of fresh goat’s cheese, garnished with herbs and sheep’s cheese with blackcurrant confit, nearby an Auvergne bleu cheese emulsion.


La Table d’Antoine, 8 Rue Burnol, 03200 Vichy (France) / Phone : 00 33 (0)4 70 98 99 71. More details on their official website.

..with an elegant copper styled bar counter
Le Patio also belongs to a hotel, with a giant yard..

For bistronomic sensations, we invite you to have a stop at Le Patio restaurant. Settled in a charming Napoleon 3rd styled hotel, it’s a good occasion to discover traditional specialities, prepared with fresh and seasonal products.

Surrounded by a fancy garden, this unmissable Vichy address, would tell you more about the generous dishes from the chef. Once seated inside the vaulted cellar, you can be sure to stand in good hands to enjoy homemade unmissable delights, such as Thai salad, foie gras terrine or even a delicious œuf poché, for appetizers sip this Sulfurik beer, brewed with Volcano water..
Why not dining close to those old stones..

Eventually followed, depending on the season, by Parmeggiano garnished risotto, along angus sirloin steak, alternated by pork pluma, unless you prefer plancha-grilled fish of the day or even veal tab with forest sauce…

As you can see, the choice is wide to match with regional wines, before investing the dessert part with a generous local cheese platter, without forgetting Breton styled vanilla and peanut flavored shortbread or the ancestral chocolate fondant
Le Patio restaurant, 8 Rue de Paris, 03200 Vichy (France) / Phone : 00 33 (0)4 70 98 63 45. More details on their official website.

Admire this real white spirit of this refreshing place..

For a dietary experience, why not stepping into Le N3 restaurant, nested inside the Vichy Celestins Hotel? Once through the doors of this serene place, you can undoubtedly feel the purity of the location, reflecting the nearby wellness center

Indeed, this Vichy must-see embodies a true fresh atmosphere, fulfilled of immaculate walls and a bright panoramic view over a pleasant garden. Apart from this, you may enjoy a sufficient space between tables, enough to enjoy your convivial moment in good conditions. On the menu, don’t miss a selection of homemade, fresh and local products, introduced in a beautiful dressing by the chef Jérôme Raynaud to offer a healthy but tasty cuisine.
As you can see, Vichy chefs convey perpetuate traditions, while adding some innovation and creativity..

As far as we know, this coded named Le N3 restaurant stands out for its short but varied menu, offering classic French dishes with inspirations from here and elsewhere.  

Therefore, you can be sure to attend a culinary show, whenever you come in this elegant and minimalist address, nearby to the Célestins SPA. Therefore, traditional Auvergne recipes, such as truffade and pounti, can be proposed in light versions, featured in the shrimp salad. Otherwise, there can be thematic recipes, like this orange flavored fishes, with light butter cream, before ending with an orange and honey pie. Thus, those surprising flavored combinations and artistic presentations make each meal a true sensory experience.
Le N3 restaurant, at Célestins SPA Hotel, 111 Boulevard des États Unis, 03200 Vichy (France) / Phone : 00 33 (0)4 70 30 82 00. More details on their official website.

..deeply renovated into a modern decoration.
Outside view from this Belle Époque styled mansion..

Still in the center of Vichy, discover the surprising specialities from Les Caudalies restaurant. Always ready to host you in a large dining room, somehow emanating a Napoleon III salon, Lucie and Emmanuel Basset wait for your venue.  

Despite a neutral service, don’t miss to admire this bygone decoration, mixing gildings, reflected by mirrors, while stepping on parquet floors, also unfortunately reflecting noises when the hall is full… Not far from an elegant fireplace with chandeliers, stands a perpetual exhibition of contemporary paintings, straight under sculpted ceilings. with a sample from the large oenothèque.
Have you seen yourself through the mirror?

As far as we know, the menu is constantly renewed and deeply inspired by the countless experiences and travels from the chef Emmanuel Basset. That’s why you may get proposed a fusion offer between traditional French dishes, along eventually random European and even oriental specialities. 

Adding to this, it seems that most of the served ingredients are sourced from local craftsmen, leading to innovative and tasty dishes, fulfilled with creativity. Ideal to marry those delights with the wide selection of more than 800 wine bottles, available in their cellar
..or if you prefer this farmer pan-fried foie gras.
Would you opt for this plancha-style sea bass fillet.

On the menu, guests will be either delighted to find vegan and cereal based dishes, but also ancestral specialities which are revisited in a creative way. Indeed, local flavors are highlighted in generous and authentic plates, like the asparagus Vichyssoise with smoked trout, the famous poire pochée (drown pear) or even crayfish roll as appetizers

Then, why not tasting the original Parra boudin (blood sausage), accompanied with its mash and Maghreb inspired choutchouka, unless you are tempted by grilled scallop with saffron risotto. Icing on the cake, a wide cheese platter to discover the regional species, possibly to marry with a delicious crafts beer!

Les Caudalies, 9 Rue Besse, 03200 Vichy (France) / Phone : 00 33 (0)4 70 32 13 22. More details on their official website.



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