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With the Provence perfume, explore the olfactory innovation from the Nissaba fragrances

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At Nissaba, respect for the environment is an absolute priority, within a commitment to minimize its ecological footprint at every stage of the manufacturing process..

We are glad to introduce you the beautiful olfactory creations from Nissaba. Recently founded by Sébastien Tissot, who is proud of his long and polyvalent path within various perfume groups, such as Firmenich. This is notably where he was able to discover the point of view of the entire supplying chain, from farmers of natural ingredients to producers (photo credits: Nissaba). 

After wondering a lot about the theory of sustainable perfumes, he wished to transform simple and natural fragrances into scented emblems of elegance and sophistication. Comfortable to wear, those Nissaba references has been embodying the captivating art of aromatherapy for decades. Founded on a deep passion for natural essences and olfactory perfection, Nissaba has captured the hearts of the most demanding and enthusiast perfume lovers around the world. By AL

The Nissaba‘s creative approach is to gather those various talents, from those perfumers to harmonize the best local ingredients from any specific region..

Based from this statement, Sébastien Tissot wished to launch a first collection of 6 perfumes, built around the best natural extracts. Sourced all over the World, he put a huge attention to focus on the best origins of those employed essences.This first collective line was developed with the contribution of 7 perfumers, mostly issued from his former Firmenich perfume house. Among them, we could count on Nicolas BonnevilleSébastien Cresp, Ilias Ermenidis, Alexandra Monet, Fabrice Pellegrin, Coralie Spicher and Frank Voelkl.

As far as we know, after the identification of the main olfactory essences of a region, a rigorous inventory of the best natural extracts, from these distinct terroirs, is operated. Then, a formula is getting imagined, revisiting as much as possible the olfactory incarnation of these areas, through regional ambassadors, while respecting their soils and ecosystems.

..highlighting a true purity and olfactory complexity.
Admire this elegant and wooden packaging..

In fact, this responsible sourcing totally matches with the inner philosophy of this Nissaba project. As a reminder, originally the goddess of grain, Nissaba became the patroness of writing and here a new perfumery page is getting written. From delicate floral notes to deep woody accords, each fragrance tells a unique story, capturing the spirit of its own creator into an unforgettable sensory journey.

Among these 6 brand’s iconic creations, we find attractive references like: Elysium, an intoxicating symphony of floral and fruity notes, along Ombre Noire, as a blend of woody and spicy accords, or even Aube Dorée, for a luminous and refreshing fragrance, evoking the first day lights on a flowered garden.


This Provence creation is a celebration of this rich diversity and natural aromas from this illustrious French region..  

Apart from this, we are glad to introduce you an ode to Provence. Then, this eponimously named Provence fragrance, honors the confidential region of Haute Provence. Northernly located on altitudes of Alpine mountains, this zone is surrounded by many scented fields, on either side of the Durance valley. 

Indeed, the cultivation of essential oils, issued from those olfactory plants, is essential for those Provence villages’ economy. Mostly perched in deep nature, admire this acclaimed heritage that guided Nissaba to compose this perfume, and combine it in a dedicated palette, full of local ingredients, adorned with an aromatic profile. Therefore, this Provence perfume is the fruit of a collaboration with SCA3P, the largest French essential oil cooperative. Supervised by the inspired perfumer Sébastien Cresp, also native from Provence, for the most advanced sourcing, who was pleased to illustrate the origins from his native lands. harvest the highest quality natural ingredients.
Each note is captured from those wide lavender fields.. 

With the goal to compose this balanced and multifaceted Provence perfume, five plants, in the form of extracts, were selected to form a warm aromatic wake, featuring Diva species, which is a premium lavender of course, with a very premium lavender, matching Lavandin absolute and Hyssop from Haute Provence, a mint oil for freshness, coriander seeds and pepper extracts still from Provence, and at last some clary saug, a crop that has become very popular today in this bewitching territory.

More details on their official website.

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