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The Maison Mira Belle launches their new summer 2024 collection, with a canotier hat for Paris Olympic Games

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..all those original hats are handmade, from various creative designers.
Mira Belle tells more about French hat tradition, like those Marguerite items..

The very inspired hat house Maison Mira Belle was founded in 2007 in Montmartre. Since its creation under the leadership of Marie Desnos, its artistic director; the House has been present at several Fashion Weeks. Their plural creations were notably adopted for plenty of shows, such as Crazy Horse, The Lion King, the Théâtre de l’Atelier (Paris XVII) and even for cinema, without forgetting Euro Disney resort, along major horse races (featuring the illustrious Prix de Diane and Ascot). Therefore this niche brand offers a wide choice of hats to its varied clientele, looking for quality and authenticity. Pursuing a certain French tradition of handcraft, don’t hesitate to discover their new collection online or in their showroom in Neuilly-sur-Seine. By AL

..without missing this wedding crown, baptized Alienor to wear at any special occasions or ceremonies.
Wherever you are, Mira Belle or Mira Beau, there is a hat that suits you, like this canotier‘s styled Appoline..

After blossoming in summer 2007 in Montmartre, the Mira Belle project has made a long way, inspired by this poetic district but not only. Its founder Marie Desnos is deeply devoted to share her passion for a sort of French lifestyle, inherited from her mother who brought back extraordinary hats from her various travels (photo credits: Mira Belle).

Day after, day, she tends to lead her philosophy to sublimate anyone with a touch of elegance, through wearing a hat. After working in vocational training, she discovered fashion and its various trends, notably after falling love with a tiny charming hat shop run by a milliner, in Montmartre



“Our concept is to make you even more chic, noticed, with a hat that matches the outfit of the moment” admits Marie Desnos, founder of Mira Belle.

..or this Mimi Pinson as a typical 50s typed Bibi hat?
Would you adopt this nice Pretty, featuring woven straw..

A true friendship was born from this unusual encounter and since then, Marie Desnos has not stopped diversifying her personal styles of creations, with varied genres. That’s why you could regularly find in her collections, capelines, cocktail hats but also head jewelry. That means Mira Belle has a hat for you for all circumstances (whatever the occasion or the location). Thus, the last 2024 summer creations of Mira Belle were lately unveiled in their showroom on April 24, 2024, the time of a groovy Garden Party in Neuilly. At this occasion, the new seasonal spirit from the distinct imaginaries of the Mirabelle‘s talented designers, was displayed to celebrate the incoming beautiful days.

..and this Douce France, a boater, imagined for the Paris Olympic Games.
Admire this Pivoine, as a grand coiffe styled saucer made of sisal, with a red flower..

In fact, those unique and handmade hats may accompany you all summer long, particularly while Paris opening its arms for the 2024 Olympic Games. The centrepiece of this summer collection is undoubtedly the Douce France model. This boater hat, can reflect in a way the competitive and sometimes chic appeal of casual olympic athletes, often associated with luxury brands. Timeless and still fashionable, those boaters represent a real “French chic”, which reminds us of Renoir, Maurice Chevalier, Charles Trenet, among so many other celebrities. For instance, Mira Belle combines various models, as well as rare and varied materials. Each piece is designed by hand by renowned milliners, also able of making custom orders

More details on their official website.



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