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Kielle celebrates one year of fashion and jewelry creativity with a fashion show in Paris, with the artist David Bartholomeo

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Feel free to pass by the flagship store in Rue de Rivoli, to discover the wide choice of Kielle Paris‘ collections..

The promising fashion house Kielle Paris celebrates one year of existence, establishing step by step on the Parisian fashion scene. Fulfilled with a passion for elegance and innovation, this Kielle creative project aims to create collections that either combine tradition and modernity. A good way to seduce the most demanding fashion lovers, while celebrating this first year milestone with the plastic artist David Bartholomeo last May 23rd, 2024 inside their Parisian showroom, settled on the classy Rue de Rivoli. The time of the realization of a unique art piece and a temporary exhibition, this event was designed to mark the beginning from a series of exciting collaborations, such as a range of exclusive products, imagined hand in hand. By AL

..ideal to discover some creativity, audacity, refinement and even some avant-garde
The showroom of Kielle is central in Paris, nearby the illustrious Concorde Place..

Beyond this partnership with David Bartholomeo, mostly filled with painted leather and silk pieces, you can be sure to wear unique garments, conveying a certain baroque style. An artistic direction that immediately seduced Kielle‘s founder Ezequiel Doria Medina, as well hiring David Bartholomeo to customize the window of his Parisian boutique. Therefore, this plural new collection has been lately unveiled during the Kielle‘s very first fashion show that occurred on 13rd June 2024, nearby the Republique Place in Paris (photo credits: Kielle & Anum Photography).

..mixing a nightclub and cocktail bar, baptized NOCTE, promising to be a unique moment
The stylist Ezequiel Medina wished his first fashion show in a unique art center..

For instance, we give you a couple of adding information about Kielle, founded by Ezequiel Doria Medina in Madrid. This 26-year-old self-taught designer, native from Bolivia, first wanted to call his brand as Dorias, but this name was already seen and heard in several Latin American countries. That’s why Ezequiel Medina opted for a play on words around his first name, based on his own experience, when his father used to change his name’s composition in his childhood. After many tryings, Ezequiel Medina opted for a company name that could be pronounced in many languages. Adding to this, his father also used the Ezequiel pseudonym for a newspaper, of which he was editor back in time in Bolivia

..unless you prefer more discrete items such those Mermaid rings.
Some giant jewels can be worn this year in the new collection..

Based on this statement, we learn that Kielle enjoys to mix luxury textiles, such as alpaca from Peru, along cayman leather from Bolivia, followed by Chinese and Italian silk (although printed in England) but also camel hair fabric. Thus, we can admit that this latter mentioned texture really stands out, notably with its kind of baroque effect, recalling some 80s90s vibes. As you can see, most of their fabrics come from all over the World. This is also the case of their jewelry line, made in TĂŒrkiye and in France, along another small part in Italy. For your information, their gemstones mainly come from Africa and naturally from Asia, with a deep interest on shaping tanzanites, as seen on the Tulipe reference, below.

..that could be echoed by this colorful leather jacket.
Feel a bit of South American spirit with this ethnic pendant..

Regarding the creative inspiration process, their jewelry is imprinted with various facets from our surrounding nature, as can testifies the bark pattern on the Mermaid ring. Whereas for clothing side, be ready to admire atypical and exceptional textures. From non-seasonal pieces, far from the concept of fast fashion, you may compete your wardrobe with a selection of unisex pieces. Those are made up of dresses, jackets, shirts, but also tailored clothes, made on demand. Apart from this, Kielle wants to remain active in other topics, particularly during the Paris Olympic Games, with for example the launching of capsule products. Prior eventually the opening of other shops and the organization of numerous fashion shows

Feel free to visit the Kielle showroom on the 250 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris (France) or visit their official website.

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