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LVMH, partner of Paris 2024 Olympic Games, has just unveiled the medals designed by Chaumet and the Team France’s outfits by Berluti!

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..LVMH‘s ambassador Antoine Arnault poses next to Tony Estanguet, the Paris 2024‘s CEO.
The Maison Chaumet is the first jeweler ever to design medals for Summer Olympic Games..

The venue of the Olympic Games are much more than just a sporting event, since they represent the union of nearly all the nations, from around the World, sharing a common goal of competition, exchange but also culture. Thus, the 2024 edition would be hosted by the city of Paris, on summertime, and the French capital is proud to highlight its local specialities, notably in terms of craftmanship. At this occasion, we are glad to inform you that one of the emblematic elements of those Olympic Games is undoubtedly the medals, which are awarded to athletes who would stand out for their victories. 

That’s why the organisation of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games has opted for the legendary Chaumet jewelry house to manufacture these precious awards. A real opportunity to enhance an ancestral know-how thus, while combining traditional French craftsmanship with the contemporary Olympic spirit. By AL

..while the Korean singer Eunwooc plays a couple of notes on the former Chopin‘s piano.
Admire the woodwork from the historical mansion of Chaumet, settled on Place Vendôme..

Founded in 1780, the Maison Chaumet may be regarded as a true institution, among the most illustrious French jewelry houses, particularly recognized for its exquisite craftsmanship and commitment to innovation (photo credits: Chaumet).

Therefore, for more than two centuries, one can admit that Chaumet has created unique pieces for demanding clients around the world, while preserving the artisanal traditions that have made its longtime fame.

..a media launch for these coveted Olympic medals.
A panoramic view above some recent jewelry novelties..

Based on the historical and luxury Place Vendôme, and now the property of the LVMH group, Chaumet pursues as much as possible its timeless approach of originality and excellence in high-jewelry.

On the behalf of LVMH‘s ambassador Antoine Arnault, the Maison Chaumet has been entrusted to design and create the so-awaited the Paris 2024 Olympic Games‘ medals, by respecting in the mean time the essence of this centenary universal competition and the timeless elegance of the house. 

..455g for the bronze medal, 525g for the silver medal and 529g for the gold medal.
These rays‘ curves recall the numerous play of lights, appearing on countless Chaumet‘s tiaras..

For your information, each medal is meticulously designed and handcrafted by highly skilled artisans, using time-honored jewelry-making techniques. As far as we know, those Paris 2024 Olympic Games medals are aimed to capture the spirit of this so-called City of Lights, while naturally symbolizing unity and victory.

That’s why, they feature patterns, which are inspired by the iconic architecture of Paris, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, combined with elements representing the different Olympic sports.

..the athlete Pauline Déroulède shares her first impressions.
The gold medal contains no less than 6g of gold as layer.. 

Apart from including authentic remains from the original Eiffel Tower, the Maison Chaumet has been employing the highest quality materials, to create those prestigious medals of 85mm x 9,2mm. By the way, each medal conveys a certain symbol of success and French lifestyle, while respecting all the specifications of the Olympic Committee.

Additionally, two versions of those 5084 issued medals were designed, one for the Olympic Games and one other for the Paralympic Games (featuring Braille signs).

More details on the Chaumet‘s official website and on LVMH‘s official website.

..those outfits would be revealed later as the opening ceremony of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games approaches.
A good opportunity to convey the expertise of this luxury house, through those images which would be globally shared..

In addition, still belonging to the LVMH group, the Maison Berluti will have the privilege of dressing the official delegation of the French olympic team, during the opening ceremonies of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, which will take place respectively on July 26th and August 28th, 2024. Under the leadership and creative expertise of Berluti, a certain contemporary silhouette figuration of French elegance, would be displayed here with this capsule collection, in compliance with its codes of manufacturing requirements, while being attentive to the needs of any athlete who would wear this outfit, for these two memorable days.


More details on the Berluti‘s official website and on LVMH‘s official website.


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