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Indulge yourself a gastronomic moment at La Parenthèse restaurant, in the Créteil’s old village

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..adorned with a mosaics column, sitting in the center.
Admire the elegant perspective from the entrance..

It is in Créteil, a dynamic and multifaceted city, just 20mn away from Paris Gare de Lyon, that La Parenthèse restaurant waits for your venue. At the heart of the charming authentic Créteil Village, full of bygone mansions and more than 100 stores that this newly open gourmet restaurant proudly stands as a jewel in this mixed urban city.

Much more than a simple restaurant, and after months of huge renovation, La Parenthèse now embodies a complete gastronomic experience, designed to captivate all of senses, from the passing fusion gastronomy’s enthusiasts. By AP


..those endless play of lights, while sitting on those coaches.
Colored with luminous reflects, you can be sure to enjoy there..

Thus, strategically located in the heart of the old village of Créteil, not far from the bucolic Marne river, where you could walk in a luxurious and natural framework, La Parenthèse invites you to taste its green and contemporary atmosphere. A good occasion to spend some good time while discoveries the specialities of attentive service combine to create unforgettable moments (photo credits: AP). 

A good opportunity to immerse yourself in an accessible gastronomic experience, where exquisite flavors, enchanting decors and warm exchanges may harmoniously blend to weave memorable memories.


..before starting your diner, with this set of appetizers.
This cellar is simply amazing, with this retro furniture..

At La Parenthèse, we believe that food goes beyond simple satiety. It is a universal language that brings people together, evokes emotions and creates lasting memories. This is why each dish that leaves our kitchen is more than a simple assembly of ingredients, it is a work of art, meticulously designed to amaze all types of taste buds and senses.

The chef Ovidiu, a gastronomic virtuoso, draws his inspiration from French but also Italian culinary traditions while bringing a touch of modernity and originality, to offer to the random clients an unforgettable taste experience, outside Paris.


..or even you prefer this truffle risotto, with real slices!
Fried scallops on tomato sauce and burrata milk..

Beyond the gastronomic aspect, La Parenthèse also stands out for its incomparable atmosphere. Every detail, from the subtle lighting to the elegant decoration, is carefully orchestrated to create an atmosphere where time seems suspended, where worries evaporate and where we let ourselves be carried away by the pleasure of the present moment. The dedicated team ensures that every guest feels welcomed and pampered, for a dining experience that exceeds all expectations. We invite you to join this gastronomic adventure, where each dinner is an enchanted parenthesis, full of seasonal ingredients.


..a gently breaded sea bream on a bed of polenta and curry.
Some monkfish, on a layer of bacon and celery puree..

At La Parenthèse, each element has been meticulously designed to create an atmosphere of refinement and enchantment. As soon as you walk through its doors, you are immediately transported into a world of elegance and sensory pleasure. The ceiling diffuses sparkling light, enveloping the main room in a warm and inviting ambiance. Each table is set with exquisite attention to any detail. The large tainted bay windows, that would adorn your table, would offer you a panoramic view over the nearby avenue, creating a bright and intimate atmosphere. Perfect to respect your privacy, unless you prefer spending some time in the hidden stoned cellar, for privatizations.


..or this 3 chocolate mousse, known as Parenthèse au Chocolat.
Your dessert temptation could be dressed in this lemon pie, completed with mango..

You would be welcomed by Salvatore, strong of an international hospitality experience, who would guide you to find the suitable specialities. Be ready for an unforgettable moment of joy, to share with your relatives, in this underground cellar. Surrounded by bottles of wines, some jazz concerts are even planned soon.

A good occasion to rediscover the wide palette of the chef, starring tomatoes from Etna volcano, lemons and pistachios from Italy… A wide ensemble, accompanied by a huge potential of wines, issued from the selection of 200 references from all over the World.



La Parenthèse, 29 Avenue Pierre Brossolette, 94000 Créteil (France) / Phone : 00 33 (0)1 89 40 28 78. More information on their official website.

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