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Feel the spirit of Corsica and Balagne, with the new fragrance of Casanera.. Known as Acqua di Calvi, among many others

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..for a true garden of Corsica where olive groves, but also lemon trees and chestnut trees abound.
Anchored in Balagne, the family, behind the Casanera project, is settled in a territory between sea and mountains.. 

If you want to learn more about Corsican natural assets, the Casanera brand is the proper topic to follow. Indeed, we already focused on their shower gel range (read more here), but this time, we pursue with their perfumery creations. Since its creation in 2010, this family affair, has been going under much development.

Indeed, there are 4 generations of women, from mother to daughter, who transmitted to each other their mutual passion for herbalism and ancestral remedies. This knowledge notably went through a herbarium, a true family botanical memory, transmitted nowadays by Marie Ceccaldi. By AL


..the Mediterranean Sea, that lead to a specific relationship with this preserved framework.
This ensemble of beautiful landscapes is mostly bordered by steep reliefs and of course.. 

In this northern region of Corsica, which literally carries the generosity concept in its name, since Balagne means “which produces food”, discover here some treasures of this holy land. Thus, this zone is punctuated with many religious edifices, such as countless spiritual sources of inspiration for anyone (photo credits: Casanera). 

Based on this statement, Casanera reflects the luxurious Corsican nature, surrounded by scents and flowers. For your information, the so-called Isle of Beauty contains a wide maquis, along refreshing mountain pastures and vineyards of its terroirs
..with the diversity and beauty of its unique landscapes and products.
Corsica, also called the Isle of Beauty, would surely seduce you.. 


In this true ocean of biodiversity, various local species, like Laricio pine forests to the mountain lakes, passing by the scents of immortelle flower or citrus fruits, coming from the century-old orchards of southern Corsica, and the smell of royal jelly harvested in Balagne, collide together in this beauty project. 

Deeply influenced by her experience in her family workshop, where she helped to make natural preparationsMarie Ceccaldi went early sensitized of the preservation of her surrounding nature and more precisely, about her native Balagne, sincea very young age. 
..reminding us that we are never too far from paradisiac beaches.
One of the most emblematic species in Corsica, as myrtle symbol..

After associating in 2023 with the jeweler Maria Battaglia, they decided together to complete her cosmetics and perfume line with some related and inspired jewelry. Therefore, Marie‘s olfactory and cosmetic universe then mixes with Maria‘s jewelry universe to become one.

Precious jewelry completes the skincare and perfumery offering, revealing their full distinct potential, while fine gold chains are reflected in bottles, as if to enhance the precious formulas. Then, they may reveal family recipes of which only Marie Ceccaldi, the founder, holds the secret.
..the fragrances of the treatments and scents from its ranges.
From these very pure essences and colors, that Casanera creates..

On top of that, Casanera has entrusted the manufacturing of its products to craftsmen, who are already recognized for their excellent know-how, notably in terms of treatments and scents. The essential oils come from flowers and medicinal plants, harvested by hand in the maquis and whose olfactory signatures and manufacturing processes are aligned with the standards of the largest perfume houses.

This is the case of the perfumery line, guaranteeing all products are made with the greatest respect for this fragile environment, through processes that minimize the ecological impact and the biodegradability of cosmetic preparations.
..warmed by the peppery notes of musk, immortelle flower and basil, to fly like an eagle..
A true immersion into freshness of citrus gardens meet a sip of sunshine..

Concerned about preserving the biodiversity of the Isle of Beauty, the Casanera project has chosen to manufacture its products in a conscious and reasoned manner, in order to impact the surrounding soils as little as possible. Those fragrances are made from the extracts of plants and herbs, in accordance with the seasons and biological rhythms, so as not to impact the fauna and flora of the island.

That’s why, Casanera actively participates in the revegetation of the Corsican territory, by replanting in the hills of Balagne, thus reviving these once fertile landscapes, which are now exhausted by human activity and global warming.
Therefore, their new fragrance, baptized Acqua di Calvi, opens with fresh and sparkling citrus notes of grapefruit, bergamot and citron. This true ode to Balagne, continues in a floral heart with rose, immortelle flower and nutmeg. A spicy and fresh base, always ready to diffuse a real mixture of musk, patchouli and basil, for a journey in Calvi, its citadel and its heavenly beaches, all swept by the breath of the Libecciu.
More details on their official website.

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