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Those legendary Marseille soaps are acclaimed all over the World..

French soaps are renowned for their exceptional quality and artisanal heritage. Some are still made with care, according to centuries-old traditions, combining a certain know-how and top quality ingredients. Apart from this, don’t miss that there are still various numerous and diverse soap factories all around the French territory, offering a diverse range of soaps, from classics to innovative creations. Indeed, French soaps embody a true craftsmanship, quality and tradition, acting as real ambassadors of their distinct regional specificities.

Don’t miss that their rich history, combined with natural ingredients and sustainable practices, contributes to their status as iconic and internationally loved products. The history of soaps in France dates back centuries, with cities like Marseille, playing a central role in the development of this industry, but more recently Occitania, Brittany and of course Paris (cover photo: HomeLavaFr). By AL & ST

Furthermore, one of the distinctive features of French soaps is the frequent use of natural ingredients, such as olive oil, shea butter and Provençal lavender. These quality components give to those choices of soaps, a rich and moisturizing texture, while offering delicate and soothing aromas

The Piana Colonia reference is made up of bergamot, citron, myrtle and immortelle..

For example in Provence, you would mostly find lavender based soaps, which are emblematic of this Mediterranean zone, but not only as can testifies the Corsican brand, named Casanera. Thus, their “Made in Maquis” line, whose identity is deeply inspired by the luxurious nature of the so-called Isle of Beauty. Their soaps are only composed of natural essential oils, from the local flora, spread in and around the Corsican maquis. A huge variety of flowers and plants, which were picked by hand and distilled in Balagne region, according to a true ancestral know-how (photo credits: Casanera).

You would be able to find scents of myrtle, a typical shrub of the Corsican maquis, known for its cleansing, toning and increasing cellular vitality properties, but also the famous immortelle, an aromatic plant from the Balagne region maquis, with a radical protective action over the cell membranes and even some aging prevention. Without forgetting the prickly pear, strong of antioxidant and aging-delaying properties.
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This responsible approach reflects a certain consumer awareness and contributes to the positive reputation of French soaps..

In another hand, following a global trend, most of soaps tend to undergo a true commitment process, around sustainability, recycling and more precisely environmental protection. This is even a priority for some of those French soap brands, that focus on eco-responsible packaging and minimizing of their waste and impact on the Blue Planet, like the Less Is More project. With this revolutionary concept of refillable sachet, you’re invited to reuse your casual soap flask, unless you need a new soap bottle, delivered with one of their starter kits. This green shower experience is then embodied in a paper sachet, containing 25g of active ingredients in powder form. This powder soap has to be mixed with water, in  order to obtain around 250ml of premium liquid shower gel (for approximately 50 uses). Available in various fragrances, according to your wish, its gel texture melts all over your skin to develop a rich foam. This solution is easy to spread over your body, and would instantly offer you a feeling of cleanliness, soft hydration, and even a delicate scent. Don’t also miss their liquid hand soaps, along shampoos and their range of 12 references of shower gels (photo credits: Less Is More).


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Marius Fabre put an absolute criterion on the quality of the raw materials employed.. 

On top of that, we could miss the famous Marseille soap, traditionally made from olive oil, as a classic example of French soapmaking expertise. By the way, their ancestral manufacturing process is still preserved by local artisans. Then, keep your hands clean with huge choice of the traditional soaps, proposed by the Marius Fabre manufacture. Established in Marseille, for more than 120 years and four family generations, they have been striving to maintain a certain local know-how. Indeed, they pay much effort to make real Marseille soaps while respecting the ancestral techniques of saponification in a cauldron. Their little secret is due to a knack passed down from generation to generation, from father to son and then from father to daughter (photo credits : Marius Fabre). 


As you can see, a high concentration of olive oil stands for those solid soaps..

Thus, their green soaps are exclusively made from vegetal oils, including the precious olive oil. Otherwise, they don’t neither contain dye nor synthetic adjuvant. The result is an exemplary purity providing hydrating virtues for the body skin, at the same time respecting the environment. Since 1900, Marius Fabre maintains the same methods but keep developing its processes, thus to offer natural products, constantly answering to the modern trends. In this way, you would find those various sized and colored items, made without any animal fat nor palm oil, without any artificial coloration nor parabens, even not tested on animals, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and in recyclable packaging. Therefore, take also the occasion to discover their black soaps, based on a patented formula, made of potash and still olive oil. For your information, those are notably known as being an ally of home maintenance and as well in organic farming. The brand’s Marseille soaps are available in cubes (200, 400 and 600 gr) but also in 2.5 kg bars.

More information on the official website, explore their wide range in the online store and find the nearest sale points.

In another hand, why not opting for other types of soaps, made with pure thermal water. This is the case of L’Eau d’Évaux, a superfatted shower gel, developed by Olisma. Thus, rich in Évaux-les-Bains thermal water, renowned for its extreme softness and soothing properties, this blue shower gel would transmit you as much as possible this thermal heritage, thanks to a combination of surfactants, which were rigorously selected to respect your skin (photo credits: Olisma).
For instance, this original soap has been imagined to clean and respect your skin every day. It seems that its pleasant, melting texture leaves a light protective veil. Mostly composed (96%) of natural ingredients, this product is certified organic. Dedicated to all skin types, even the most sensitive ones, this gel holds no synthetic perfume, but a natural and very light perfume, in order to make your shower a true moment of pleasure

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From a honey farm founded in 1960, Alvadiem has become, through expert encounters, the reference in honey based beauty..

Adding to this, Alvadiem is born into a family of beekeepers in the heart of Provence, through happy and expert encounters, before being a reference in beekeeping based dermocosmetics. The brand proposes a wide cosmetics range, carefully developed around hives‘ treasures, such as monofloral honeys, royal jelly, propolis and beeswax (photo credits: Alvadiem). 

Those natural miracles aim to provide a lasting care to all the needs of the most fragile skins, starting by their shower gel. Full of multiple functions, this product promises to effectively clean your skin, but without drying it out, while providing us with a unique sensory experience. Based on natural and skin-friendly ingredients, be ready to adopt a bee routine! 

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This floral-aldehyde signature provides to this elegant shower gel a unique presence, along a soft touch of vanilla, for a sensual scent.. 

In addition to their daily use, some French soaps can be often presented as genuine elegant and refined gifts, sometimes preserved in luxury or artistic cases. This asset allows us to enjoy them as real gems, displaying their subtle fragrances into sought after products, all around the World. This is notably the case of the mythical Chanel N°5‘s version of shower gel (photo credits: Chanel). 

Nested in a transparent pink-tinted bottle, this liquid soap is comfortable to apply thanks to its creamy and foaming texture, able to lightly perfume your skin, with those illustrious Chanel N°5 notes. Thereafter, be ready for a soft and velvety result, tainted with this eau de parfum, displaying a floral bouquet, composed around May rose and jasmine, before being brightened up by citrus notes. Icing on the soap, don’t miss its innovative Twist and Slide capsule, which is an exclusive mechanism to Chanel. The process to open your bottle is simple, gently turn the cap counterclockwise
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Why not adopting this shower gel that would transform into a delicate creamy foam, for a pleasant relaxing moment?

On top of that, don’t miss the biocosmetics from the Laboratoires de Biarritz, as an osmosis between a new approach around cosmetic biology, and the understanding of Atlantic Ocean‘s benefits. Based on this statement, a wide range of body care and skincare has been developed, deeply inspired by the marine richness, while  preserving what is globally vital, so to say your skin and the fragile ocean (Laboratoires de Biarritz). 

Formulated for all skin types, the Océane edition is a certified organic shower gel, that would leave your skin perfectly clean, soft and scented. With the revitalizing virtues of its marine active ingredients (starring brown algae and sea samphire), this sulfate-free cleansing base rids your epidermis from all impurities, while respecting its sensitivity. Furthermore, this shower gel can be either used on your face and body, reinforced by the iconic fragrance of their dry oil, of course a scent of natural origin. Thus, its soft and sunny heart would captivate with its notes of lemon zest, completed with notes of exotic fruit pulp, tiare flower and ylang-ylang, before gently ending with some island vanilla.
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