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Enjoy the power of rose in cosmetics with the Rose Nature range of Annemarie Börlind, but also their new Elastin Shake!

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Annemarie Börlind is a renowned German cosmetics brand, founded by Annemarie Lindner in 1959. Focused on natural and sustainable principles, the brand has stood out for its commitment to holistic beauty. Annemarie Börlind’s products are renowned for their use of organic ingredients and their environmentally friendly approach. The innovative formulas incorporate plant extracts, essential oils and natural components, promoting skin health without compromising on quality. That’s why one of their key elements’ philosophy remains on the refusal of animal testing, emphasizing its commitment to ethics and animal welfare. Annemarie Börlind strives to create beauty products that are not only effective but also consistent with an ethical approach to consumption. By AL

Born in 1959 in the heart of the Black Forest, the Annemarie Börlind project proposes a wide cosmetics range, of course including skincare, but also makeup products and anti-aging solutions. Indeed, this Annemarie Börlind adventure was launched as a gift from its founder, Ms. Lindner, specialist in plants and skin chemistry, gave to future generations (photo credits: Annemarie Börlind).

Thus, while being deeply and naturally inspired from the power of flora and tending to better understand the epidermis structure and process as a whole, the founding was aimed to become a true pioneer of this so-called clean care when she even stated, in the 1960s:

“I only apply on my skin what I could eat.”


Glow moments are guaranteed with the golden lip pads, acting like eye pads, are made of plant cellulose and biodegradable..

Therefore, her customers often praise their products’ lightweight texture, adorned with a rapid absorption, along an ability to provide long-lasting hydration. Over the decades, Annemarie Börlind has been evolving to become a leader in the natural cosmetics sector, exporting their products worldwide.

Without forgetting that this German brand embodies the successful alliance between the tradition of artisanal manufacturing and scientific innovation. This is a good reason why the concept of Annemarie Börlind stands out for its commitment to naturalness, its respect for ethics and its constant quest for excellence, in this competitive cosmetics field. Rich of a loyal customer base and an international reputation, this family beauty project continues to inspire confidence by offering products that celebrate beauty while respecting nature, apart from being still designed according to the initial revolutionary precepts of its creators.


A large skincare family for all the contemporary issues to take care and prevent..

For instance, discover the amazing Rose Nature line is always at the heart of the brand‘s developments. By the way, the secret behind this PR³ rose complex remains on the power of 3 roses, which are peony, desert rose and logically Black Forest rose. This ensemble is the latest born from their facial care system, able to protect from blue lights and deeply hydrate all skin types, that notably spend too much time in front of screens. Then, this Power Trio offers to this Rose Nature selection a sensually light scent of roses and its unique dosage forms combined with easy, pleasant and quick actions make it the favorite range of many flirtatious individuals all around the World. Here, 5 products would help you to fight those various harmful effects to your skin, which are Oil-to-Milk Cleanser, that thoroughly cleanse and remove make-up, before using a Blue Light Protection Spray, which is a blue light protection. Then, adopt a Glow Cream-Gel which is the perfect glow all day long, to complete with an Eye Cream Gel, for erasing your dark circles, before finally opting for Night Repair Drops, promising to regenerate your skin after busy days.


Those 5 treatments hold a recommended price between €29.95 and €69.95. They are available in pharmacies, organic stores and on their official website

Don’t waste time to ask for your sample and observe its benefits..

On top of that, we kindly invite you to discover their new innovative solution, known under Elastin Shake. A specific shaker, imagined for tired skins, this patented elastin booster deeply restructures your skin.

Adding to this, this cream includes Samphira oil which is a vegan alternative to retinol. This daily product is ideal to refine any skin texture, thanks to its rich ingredients, composed of the best premium oils. This combination of assets would undoubtedly offer to your skin, a more youthful appearance and a slight golden glow. Thereafter, your epidermis would gain a certain more visible tone and elasticity. Last but not least, some independent tests have also been confirming this effective fact, showing that the growth of more than 17% of elastin and a reduction of 85% in the volume of wrinkles.

Elastin Shake, 50ml, for a recommended price of €29.95. Available in pharmacies, organic stores and on their official website


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