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Discover the polyvalent Weleda’s Skin Food line, along the pomegranate’s benefits with their new balm

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A wide range, ideal to fulfill every part of the body.. 

You surely have tasted pomegranates once in your lifetime, now we propose you to experiment the active ingredients of this fruit, also renowned for their powerful antioxidant and regenerating properties. Then, Weleda has been using those natural benefits in their facial and body treatments, for many years. Therefore, their organic pomegranate based cosmetics range is now enriched with a sensory body balm. Thanks to its combination of 100% natural plant active ingredients, your skin may be gradually pampered. For your information, due to their rich formula, composed of natural ingredients, those so-called superfruits are able to firm and regenerate any mature skin, but also activate the necessary cell renewal and actively fight against premature aging of the skin.

..this balm regenerates mature skins thanks to the antioxidant properties of  centella.
The Baume Corps Régénérant à la Grenade has been lately added to this selection.. 

For your information, this organic pomegranate pericarp extract, full of antioxidant properties, can contribute to reduce the early visible signs of skin aging. In fact, the antioxidant properties of pomegranate oil extract have also been clinically proven to firm and regenerate the tired skins but not only.

In fact, this pomegranate seed oil, which is employed here, is rich in antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids. This asset aims to promote cellular regeneration of the epidermis and exerts an antioxidant action, notably by neutralizing the effects of free radicals. Available here.


More information on the official website.

..varying on different light and comfortable textures.
An acclaimed organic line, for your daily needs.. 

Apart from this, why not rediscovering the Skin Food range, initiated in 1926, five years after the creation of Weleda Laboratories? This was the birth of the illustrious Medicinal Plant Cream, among the first products developed by Weleda. Thereafter, this range is still one of the best-sellers actually from this legendary cosmetics house. 

Now called Skin Food Restorative Treatment, this generously nourishing treatment had been developed in order to sooth and protect very dry or even damaged skin.
..depending on the dedicated action on your epidermis.
Some of those cosmetics have a creamy consistency..

This formula has been regularly acclaimed for its benefits, by becoming a beauty reference for celebrities, but also beauty professionals but also and above all, for consumers from all around the World (photo credits: Weleda).

Indeed, time after time, this Skin Food family has grown and nowadays counts several types of treatments, dedicated for all kinds of needs. Whatever you wish to nourish your skin, this is possible with different and complementary textures, for a suitable response to all the issues of any dry skin.
..and provide an immediate comfort to your skin, while providing hydration and intense nutrition
Thereafter, discover a nourishing day cream, featuring a light texture, able to soothe..

For instance, this Skin Food skincare has been recently completed with three intensely nourishing treatments, specially designed to intensely nourish and even hydrate all the dry epidermis. That’s why we invite you to discover this innovative routine, ideal for any season.

This selection is composed of 3 treatments, a cleansing Gel-En-Huile Nettoyant (so to say gel-in-oil) with a surprising and pleasant texture, to gently cleanse your skin and also be used as a mask, for a deep and efficient nourishing treatment
..this is notably visible in the Skin Food Huile sèche sublimatrice, a unique two-phase formula.
The various textures quickly penetrate for a nourished, hydrated and sublimated skin..

Without missing the nourishing night cream if you look for some intensive care, that protects the skin from drying out, regenerates and strengthens your skin barrier. Plus, the Baume Corps Skin Food intensely nourishes and soothes dry to very dry skin, for a soft and cocooning break all over your body.

Thus, this Skin Food Visage line is made up of a real polyvalent bouquet, full of floral elements, such as wild pansy, organic chamomile, organic calendula and still organic rosemary. Therefore, be ready to adopt this revolutionary treatment, that combines powerful active ingredients, for soft and radiant skins. 
More information on the official website.

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