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After turning birch sap into cosmetics, Saeve launches its Immortalis Chaga serum

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It was by returning to the lands of her childhood, in the heart of Auvergne, that Pauline Bony rediscovered a treasure of nature: birch sap, this elixir from which the women of this French region have always made artisanal lotions, but which had until now been used very little in cosmetics.

Thus, observing its benefits on the skin in the laboratory, she decided to optimize fresh organic birch sap as the main active ingredient in a high-performance skincare line. This is where its S[æ]ve beauty project was created, as the first cosmetic brand transmitting to the skin the unique powers of fresh organic Birch Sap as well as the miraculous organic Chaga. This species is called the mushroom of immortality and contains many other natural ingredients that are just as surprising for your skin. By AL

After being taught many beauty secrets issued from nature transmitted by her Auvergne grandmother, such as drinking detox cures, based on birch sap, offering exceptional benefits for her body, Pauline Bony had the idea to create her own project. Inspired by this huge natural potential, full of therapeutic benefits, since it is particularly employed in the study of diabetes (photo credits: Qorz).

After a 15-year career in the beauty industry, and still passionate about botany, her brand Saeve was born and quickly the Immunox® patent was initiated, as a super anti-oxidant, immune defense booster and cellular DNA repairer. This patent is composed, of course, of some wonderful fresh organic birch sap and even organic chaga, both harvested by hand in the Auvergne Volcanoes Park, a UNESCO heritage site.



Chaga is an exceptional wealth of active molecules, acclaimed all over the World..

Following this successful concept, Sæve had recently launched an innovative cosmetics range, that promises to gain 6 years less in only 8 weeks, through its Immortalis Chaga global anti-aging serum (according to an instrumental clinical test, after 56 days of use, with 16 women, morning and evening).

For your information, chaga is a medicinal and symbiotic mushroom that only grows on the bark of birches, nicknamed “Forest Diamond” in Japan, but also “Gift of God” in Korea or “Mushroom of Immortality” in Russia. Unless this adaptogenic mushroom had not yet revealed all its secrets to us, many scientific studies have shown that chaga may even protect against cancer. Indeed, its extraordinary virtues, due to its unique composition, rich in polysaccharides, polyphenols, betaglucans and flavonoids, has prodigious anti-oxidant properties. Precisely, it is by inhibiting oxidative stress and boosting the activity of SOD, an anti-oxidant enzyme, which is naturally present in your skin that it wards off free radical attacks (photo credits: Saeve).

Don’t wait to react against those AGEs (also known as Advanced Glycation Ends-products)..

Its polysaccharides, as well as certain peptides, also give it exceptional anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting benefits. Associated with betulinic acid, as well extracted from the bark of birches, turns the immaculate structure of this molecule into the white color of this so-called “tree of light”. A good reason why Uzbek peasants, who consume chaga in hot water as tea, are averagely less affected by cancer.

Nonetheless, less known than oxidative stress in terms of aging, this mushroom would also fight against glycation phenomenon. This activity of sugar binding to proteins is even the other major cause of accelerated skin aging, notably when sugar circulating in your blood is neither used nor stored, can attach to proteins in your body and create harmful compounds, through chemical reactions. The presence of AGEs also makes your skin more sensitive to free radical attacks, showing that glycation and oxidative stress are self-sustaining, one favoring the other. Acting simultaneously on both those facts is therefore absolutely essential to preserve a sustainable and visible youth


This serum concentrates most of the Sæve‘s botanical know-how in a single powerful formula..

In order to offer a reaction to those problematics, Saeve has imagined a polyvalent anti-aging serum, named under Immortalis Chaga. Based on a patented B-GlyverseR Complex, with unique properties, which prevents and limits glycation. While limiting the appearance of AGEs, this formula exerts a deglycating action on collagen and elastin fibers, and returns the random proteins to a non-glycated state.

Therefore, this Immortalis Chaga serum contains an active base of 83% of active ingredients, starring no less than 67% of fresh organic birch sap, rich in minerals and trace elements. A composition, reinforced by its two new patents, targeting oxidative stress, preventing any glycation nor harmful effects of time. Then, this serum would precisely act on all signs of skin aging, such as wrinkles, spots, loss of firmness or dehydration. This was made possible by its tripeptides, to stimulate the production of collagen, along polyglutamic and hyaluronic acids, to hydrate and plump your epidermis, without forgetting those complementary probiotics, resulting from the fermentation of saccharomyces, for an ultimate protection of the skin microbiome. Thus, Immortalis Chaga may be considered as a true powerful elixir of youth

Saeve – Immortalis Chaga30ml – Recommended price 69€. More details on their official website.









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