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WUnite, the private application for WAGs, accelerates its development with new Oscars at the Salons Hoche

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..such a perfection location for a new year of WUnite!
The founder Sarah Dossevi opted this year for the Salons Hoche..

In a market galaxy where luxury products represent around 300 billion euros in 2021 and could even reach up to 380 billion euros by 2025 (source Bain & Company), new options need to be considered. For instance, football players and their spouses, also known as WAGs, seem to be huge consumers of those kinds of goods. Whatever for public relations or personal purposes, those illustrious couples tend to show their success, by standing out from each other, while opting for top-of-the-range fashion clothes and accessories. That’s why the French entrepreneur Sarah Dossevi, which is also a footballer’s wife, decided to launch her own digital concierge application, exclusively dedicated to those so-called sports elites and their families.

Baptized under the name of WUnite, this device was lately announced during the Oscars for Influential Women ceremony, which took place on November 11st, 2023, in the luxurious Salons Hoche, in Paris. A sparkling event which honored different projects from women. By AL

..with the option to share her own venue at the stadium.
Some screenshots from this private application with its menus…

Already rich of a community of more than 810 wives of international football players and former players, this innovative application aims to provide them solutions and networking interfaces, in order to solve some specific issues they all could face in their daily lives, around their related football clubs (photo credits: WUnite).

As far as we know, many of these footballers are quite often lead to relocate from one club to another. In fact, this WUnite platform helps its members to find tailor-made support and services, from any part of the World

..facing a good example of one of the tips and addresses proposed.
An option to check who’s on the list of the future match‘s guests..

Whatever they look for the most common or until the most sophisticated service, in order to adapt to their new often environment, such as finding a hairdresser, a restaurant, a school for children, a shopping offer or any alternative connection to facilitate their new life and needs. 

Indeed, this trustful high-end local service is only accessible under personal recommendation, providing non-transferable secure conversations, where exchanges of photos, videos and posts can only be sent between its honorable members


..where dresses and coiffures gave the best of them.
To celebrate this rendez-vous, what else than a sparkling night?

This private network, which used to be a pilot project applied in the high-level football sports field, is currently intended for all spouses of professional players, by offering a digital and tailored concierge service, inherent to the specific issues they could encounter in their daily lives

For your information, this private network includes a secure (and non-transmissible messaging) chatting device, allowing photos, videos and text messages to be sent only between its members. For your information, we count more than 810 registered members who interacted together more than 2,600 tips in more than two years. 

..highlighted by very elegant guests, such as here Priscilla Haller.
What an incredible floral scenery for this unforgettable event..

Adding to this, WUnite would be open soon to influential personalities, such as wives of artists or diplomats, representing a larger quota of women, all potential consumers of luxury products and services. 

With plans to raise 2 million euros in funds soon and already successful partnerships, with such prestigious entities as Mercedes and Sisley, the ambitious WUnite is continuing its ambitious project of bringing together certified influential wives of famous athletes around an interactive platform, in order to exchange their best services and personalized good deals.




..not far from some other vanishing WeUs ladies.
Chiara-Stella Donsimoni holds her Oscar in good hands..

That means there would be no robots, nor fake accounts or anonymity, since each new member would have to go through a drastic verification upon registration, without forgetting there’s a regular update of user statuses, within a secure technology. The result is a large choice of elite and targeted services, reuniting and involving a set of prestigious partners at the heart of a service strategy, in this booming niche market.

As a reminder, any membership in WUnite is only possible by co-optation, ensuring its members to be fully supported in complete safety.

..Sarah Dossevi honors the laureates of those Oscars.
Let’s have a look at the three statues of those Oscars..

This is why nearly 250 wags (for footballers’ wives) were invited at the 2023‘s ceremony of the WUnite‘s “Oscars for Influential Women” event, that happened in the Salons Hoche, in Paris. The winners were Chiara-Stella Donsimoni for the Business category, Jihane Cambon for the Charity category and Priscilla Haller for the WeUs‘ category of the year. A good way to show that WUnite supports the charitable actions of its users and brings them more visibility. Indeed, committed to good values, WUnite is particularly keen to integrate sustainable development and female empowerment at the heart of its strategy.

For more details about this WUnite application, let’s visit their official website.



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