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Where to find (and drink) the famous Absinthe in Paris?

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This coincided with the reopening of the market in this area, which has been in the spotlight since its creation after Napoleon I. A wink to the pre-war period, where absinthe was associated with a period of freedom and banned in 1915 by a Protestant association and a wine syndicate also to counter the emergence of wormwood on wine was experiencing a blight crisis, leading to the introduction of a liquor tax that effectively increases the price of spirits.
A ban that prompted Pernod to replace wormwood with pastiche and then be baptized by the famous pastis, containing the same plants except wormwood.
Originally, it was a medicine to kill worms, that’s why we also called Vermuth or Martini (15 mg) which contained a lot more tyoline than a simple wormwood (between 0, 10 and 10 mg per liter).
Since there are so many varieties of absinthes that methods to produce them by supplementing with other spices or plants. Knowing that there are four different absinthe plants: great absinthe, average wormwood, Mediterranean wormwood (artemis), génépi.

The Cantada II place was opened 15 years ago and from the start on an emphasis on absinthe. And that’s a good reason that on the menu, the Cantada II bar offers nearly 65 different absinthes, mainly French and Swiss since the cradle is in the Doubs. But there are also others from Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic. The founder likes to remind that the legend about absinthe giving hallucinations is rather fortuitous since the abstraction force of the drink. Those rumours, not scientifically proved, according to the founder of the bar, earned a ban to the beverage in Switzerland (like on the propaganda poster). The same country tried recently to establish an AOC label, but the initiative countered by the adjacent producing area of Doubs in France (photo credits: AP).

Every Tuesday, Divine Tuesday is organized with a wine tasting evening, including 4 glasses and 1 cup of meat or cheese at the tasting price of 12 euros, as well as a karaoke on the 1st Friday and the 3rd Saturday of the month. And also regular theater plays. All of this in a rock’n’roll atmosphear!

13 Rue Moret, 75011 Paris – Telephone : 01 48 05 96 89 –

Les Timbrés in Left Bank

Another proof that the attraction of the green fairy also affects young shoots of new bars, this is the case of the new born of 4 months created by a mixology professional, Quentin, having already revisited the map of the famous brasserie Marroniers , at the level of the Town Hall.

With his new mixological adventure, he gets up to stir up the epicurean spirits of the Vaugirard district with his personal creations of cocktails card, which brings back the flavors of absinthe served in natural form and in the rules of the day. Art using the traditional multi-arm fountain or combined with other taste solutions for adventurers.


All mixed up in a ship-worthy setting to make you navigate through an ocean of organic flavors through its homemade cooking menu and omit the carefully selected wine list, all lulled to a playlist of rock tracks FM very 70s!
In addition, custom bottles made of sandblasting technique, a real art by Raphaëlle of the Legrand SGM company, mark out the place.

14 Rue d’Alleray, 75015 Paris – Telephone : 01 56 56 54 13 –

Le Bon Bock in Pigalle

The oldest restaurant in Montmartre is a place worth seeing. Built in 1879, the decor of the restaurant has not changed since that time which gives it an incredible cachet.

It’s a real experience back in time, as soon as you open the door of this Estaminet, the paintings that surround you, the huge chandeliers and its gas jets that dominate you from its ceiling of 4m50, and its small room with old paneling , the murals that rub shoulders with you, send you back to that time when Picasso, Apollinaire, Toulouse Lautrec and so many others were standing at the tables of these bistrot of Bon Bock, a glass of Absinth in hand.

This restaurant offers simple dishes, well seasoned and authentic. And to really enjoy a great evasion, do not miss the piano evenings.

2 Rue Dancourt – 75018 – Telephone: 01 46 06 43 45 –

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