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When Art meets Fashion

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Since ages Fashion stylists need to find inspiration in all kinds of sources. As we know Fashion is strongly connected to many Art currents, in the symbolics getting from the way of wearing the clothes to the message a simple outfit can drive. HipHop or Pop Culture are very dependant of Fashion trends to keep their community strengthened with precious codes. Thus, a global symbiosis expands between stylists and Art, each one relies on each other to help the connection getting stronger. That’s we can observe in a couple of examples in Paris, below.

Your best Coach to find your suit… Launched in New York City in 1941 by a group of craftmen, the fashion US brand Coach is based on leather support originally. One of the founders was even a baseball fan, that’s why many of the models were inspired by this universe and still today. The shop seems a loft and even the carpet looks like the floor of the NewYork subway!

The Paris flagshipstore, in the glorious Rue Saint Honoré, was inaugurated in October 2015, it includes a customization workshop, mostly for bags. The Americana Style is omnipresent in energy and contrasts in the collections. It included in the past, agreements with NASA and a capsule collection in collaboration with the US singer Selena Gomez.

The new ready-to-wear collection directed by the stylist Stuart Vevers, the House Artistic Director, is very inspired by the 80s with many creations using sequin and even Keith Haring artworks, the customisable handbags and the mailbox bag! The customisers have been learning this Art in the NYC headquarters!

Last but not least, at the back of the store stands a “small museum” with the past bags back in history. Everything is done to fulfill your glitter dreams! (photo credits: Alexandre Plateaux).

When a supermodel engages for animal protection… since the Planet has lost half of its wildlife populations in less than 40 years. The “I’M NOT A TROPHY” Operation is a photography project recently highlighted by the YellowKorner photoArt store, about the work of the French musician, Arno Elias with the british model Cara Delevingne. An initiative supported by the vegan perfumes brand Sabé Masson.

Following the death of the lion “Cecil” shot during an illegal hunting in 2015, the artist Arno Elias signs the series of photographs “I’M NOT A TROPHY” painted by hand and is thus committed to animal protection .

The artist has forged an international name among others thanks to his compositions for the restaurant and lounge Parisian Buddha-Bar, he also have composed and produced their first original album “Buddha-Bar Nature” which sold millions of copies between 2001 and 2009, thanks to the successes “Amor Amor” and “El Corazon”. At the same time, he carries out the music of UNICEF’s “For Every Child” advertising campaign by partnering with the Latin rock star Shakira, as well as the “Brigitte Bardot Foundation” dedicated to the protection of animals. The talents of Arno Elias do not stop at his prodigious musical career and lead him in a photographic way that will allow him to work alongside Jean-Paul Gaulthier and Mario Testino in the fashion industry and to expose his works on both sides of the world. His work has been commented by the New York Times, NBC, Miami Magazine and Chigaco Tribune to name a few.

The artist Arno Elias has created a series of new painted photographs to warn about the disappearance of the animal population such as rhinos, elephants or lions. And it is Cara Delevingne, one of the most popular personalities today who is the ambassador of this campaign. With more than 40 million followers on Instagram, recently seen in cinema in the film Luc Besson Valerian and the City of the Miles Planets and supermodel internationally renowned, she is also used to make the magazine and scroll for the most big names in fashion – Burberry, Yves Saint Laurent or Chanel. Cara Delevingne is the ideal spokesperson to attract attention and defend this cause.

The strong and effective idea of ​​this artistic project is to raise awareness about the critical situation of endangered animal species and combat all forms of exploitation with a visual and artistic campaign. Through the muse Cara Delevingne, a double message is transmitted: the testimony of the hunted species and the hope to join this cause a wide public. Indeed, anxious to make an impression, Arno Elias has managed to form an extraordinary partnership, a partnership that can draw attention to a cause whose awakening of the general public is destined to change the fate of certain animal species.

To support this project, YellowKorner offers you the opportunity to acquire one of the works “Cara Elephant” or “Cara Lion” whose photographic rights are entirely donated to the project “I’M NOT A TROPHY”

“This project aims to speak in an artistic and original way about wildlife and the urgent need to preserve it. Public opinion is in my opinion one of the most important things to save endangered animals ” Arno Elias

Exhibition until May 4th 2018 in all YellowKorner stores and also online.

The Margiela retrospective in the Galliera museum

This event is part of the of the “Season Margiela 2018 in Paris” with the exhibition “Margiela the Hermes years” (March 22-September 2, 2018) at the Museum Decorative Arts, designed and presented at the MOMU Antwerp in 2017. This is the first retrospective dedicated to Martin Margiela in Paris, the exhibition traces, from Spring-Summer 1989 to Spring-Summer 2009, the career of the Belgian designer who questioned clothing structures as well as fashion systems.

Graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, fashion department, in 1980, assistant to Jean Paul Gaultier between 1984 and 1987, Martin Margiela (Leuven, 1957), leader of the Antwerp School, is the only Belgian creator of his generation to found his house in Paris. Margiela’s conceptual approach challenges aesthetics of the fashion of his time. The creator studies the construction of the garment by its deconstruction reveals its reverse, its lining, the unfinished, and makes it apparent the stages of its manufacture: pliers, epaulettes, patterns, construction threads … He pushes the scales of the garment to their extremes, be it clothes oversize, enlarged to 200%, or doll clothes adapted to human size.

He prints trompe-l’oeil photos of dresses, sweaters, coats and imposes a new shoe shape inspired by Japanese traditional tabi – at the toe separate. Margiela questions the obsolescence of the garment with its “artisanal” line, made of vintage clothes or recovered objects that the creator transforms into pieces unique, hand-stitched; or with his “Replica” series of vintage clothes that it reproduces identically. Margiela remains the creator without a face, without an interview, with a virgin white claw of any mark. The man who advocates anonymity is known not only for his white universe, a color that he declines in a multitude of nuances, but also for his parades in extraordinary places: parking, warehouse, metro station, wasteland… Through 130 silhouettes, videos of parades, archives and special installations, the exhibition Margiela in Galliera offers an unprecedented look at one of the most influential contemporary fashion designers.


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