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Truffles are back to Paris!

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The truffle is not only a kind of chocolate but mainly a rare mushroom, inevitable in the french and italian cuisines, which perfumes so well some dishes. For that, a few grams are enough in general to cook it with various recipes, so it is not really necessary to invest considerable sums for this product, to enjoy it at home or in a dedicated restaurant. If there are more than a hundred varieties, two are the most widespread: the tuber magnatum, white truffle of Alba, Italian; and the tuber melanosporum, a black truffle from Perigord or the Rhone Valley (“Black as the soul of a damned” according to an old medieval expression). Since Egyptian antiquity it is a product appreciated for its flavor, its smell, and the subtle taste it leaves in the palate. Still in Paris where the mushroom is more than ever, trendy in many restaurants and adjustable to any Chef’s fantaisies! (Map credits: Truffe et Trufficulture by Jean-Marc Olivier & Jean-Charles Savignac, Fanlac editions).

Not far from the Champs Élysees, an italian mood floats in the Truffes Folies ristorante, through a taste of fine italian cuisine, concocted with truffles or truffato, as called in italiano.
The sober and elegant decoration of the restaurant is already a tribute to this exceptional product. The beige tones adorning the furniture, recall the white truffle of Alba, the chocolate color, the black truffle from Perigord (photo credits:photo credits: Alex Plato).
The melano sporum tuber from Périgord, white truffle from Piedmont, the summer estivum tuber, the truffle reigns in this adorable restaurant-shop of the 8th district of Paris.
From aperitif to dessert, the subtle aromas of this precious mushroom will accompany your meal, through burrata, oeuf cocotte, carpaccio, raviolini, different kinds of pasta subtly savoured and not missing the truffle ice dream, the pain perdu or the tiramisu! Simply served with a suitable Vacqueyras Wines or a Taittinger champagne. A real savoir faire, all home made prepared in the open space kitchen, diffusing a sweet smell of truffle!

The restaurant chain Truffes Folies enhances a culture of that ancestral mushroom, cultivated in many regions of the World with this immuable rituel of hunting helped with a truffle-pig or dog, depending on the preference of each one.

The founders of this temple of this precious product, decided thus to put a certain taste to the climax through a string of gustatory associations as successful as a crown burrata with slices of summer truffle, the mythical truffled foie gras or the traditional “oeuf cocotte” inner revisited, as starters.

And we can swear you that the spirit of truffle is present in any case of the culinary adaptations.
Otherwise, if you feel that the sensation is not enough, the truffle flavored olive oil and the truffle salt remain at your disposal, to get deeper underground.


Since the origins of the founders are italian, the purpose of the menu is clearly reflecting the specialities of this homeland with the famous carpaccio wearing a new personality, and also the cult of pasta. Those are fresh and home made, including the precious as a garniture for the raviole or in a sauce for the taglioni. Depending on your personality, the choice is offered between the intensity of the black truffle marrying the raviole or the moderation of the white truffle inside the raviole.
The trip to Tuscany lands has never been so close!

In an amazing way, desserts are also truffle and italian tainted, thanks to a perfect mix for the ice cream, not too sweet to let the taste of the truffle expressing itself. This ice cream bowl is also used to cover the italian styled “pain perdu”. Not to forget, the tiramisu, whose mascarpone wears as well this same light sensation of “salé-sucré”.

After this experience full of surprises, the visitor has a chance to bring home a souvenir with one of the truffle products, for sure, like pop corns or olive oils, among many others, available in the grocery store side.

On the left bank, if you have a walk around the Eiffel Tower, the other, first historical, restaurant of the Truffes Folies group still serves you the best of the truffle, in rue Malar.

Truffes Folies, 2 adresses in Paris:
– 48 rue de Berri, 75008 Paris.
– 37 rue Malar, 75007 Paris.

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