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Let’s brush up your hair and beard at the surprising salon of Le Barbier des Voyeurs!

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Who never wished to be taken care into a quality place? Le Barbier des Voyeurs is a brand new trendy Parisian beauty salon, that recalls a family story that started more than 10 years ago with the birth of the first Voyeurs Optic store, located just in front of it. At that time, this avant-garde boutique was already considered as a pioneering optical salon, with the wish to surprise and offer an exceptional service for the beauty of faces with a range of craftsman eyewear. 

Thereafter, recently inaugurated in 2020 in the classy 7th district of Paris, just a few steps away from the famous Bon Marché store, Le Barbier Des Voyeurs may be easily regarded as a hybrid place. Both a beauty salon and a concept store, this authentic lifestyle temple gathers in one place, a mysterious but charming atmosphere, through the combination of a beauty salon and a concept store.
Thus, if you wish to design your hair and beard in a new way, why don’t you ask for the expertise of this upcoming illustrious Parisian full of surprises? By Alex Plato

The wedding between blue and red tones…

Indeed, in this real temple of masculine beauty, discover a certain lifestyle vision developed by Tom Uzan, the founder of this revolutionary Parisian concept (photo credits: Le Barbier Des Voyeurs). 

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from 2020, it’s that it’s good to take time for yourself. When you are lucky enough to be in Paris, a whole range of premium hotspots is available to you. Today we invite you to discover a fabulous beauty spot at the disposal of any gentleman, and simply baptized Le Barbier des Voyeurs.
Nestled behind an elegant blue facade, this boutique welcomes you with a wooden bar where you would be served with a friendly drink from the selected spirits or softs proposed by the patron. It’s maybe one of the only bars available in Paris during lockdown time! By the way, if you’re seduced by the shot you just tried, feel free to ask for the acquisition of the whole bottle to bring back home. 
Then, once the home cosmetics range (mainly composed of argan oil and essential fragrances) introduced to you, check the countless offer of facial care for a softer beard and hair, otherwise learn more about the different options of body care
..which shot do you desire?
Ready for a yesteryear trip?

From this facility point of view, you would better identify the inner concept of being a Voyeur or not. Therefore, whether you decide or not to be pampered by one of the several skilled team members, you may ask to open or close your surrounding red curtains. While seating in an authentic vintage barber chair, you could ask for more or less intimacy the time of your private rendez-vous for a refreshed look

Thus, in this theatrical framework, let you get amazed by a variety of services able to reveal the elegance of anyone, thanks to specific care products according to your hair and beard. Nonetheless, if you eventually feel convinced to get further, why don’t you accompany it with some aesthetic treatments? At the back of the salon, in a stoned room, a series of services either dedicated to simply relax you, regenerate your skin or even permanently remove by LED your useless body hair.
..and some jewels to try.
A team to adopt..

In fact, each visit leads to a precious moment, and icing on the cake, a special exit door is possible for those of you who wish to escape the salon from spying eyes. 

Don’t also miss, in order to pursue the homemade philosophy, to have a look at the trademark silver jewelry collection, still inspired by Antiquity. Adding to this, if you’re a regular customer, you would be naturally granted by a member card for more beauty advantages and also feel free to share your experience with your friends, since a full gift card was made to be offered.
Usual rates (including the welcome drink): 35 euros for the traditional beard cut, 25 euros for the 3-day beard cut, 45 euros for a regular haircut, 30 euros for additional hair care or even 30 euros for a 30mn manicure
Le Barbier des Voyeurs, 38 Rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris (France) / Phone : 00 33 (0)1 45 38 51 22 / Open from Monday until Saturday, from 9am until 6pm. More information on the official website.
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