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The Hôtel La Perelle breaks the ice in Saint-François-Longchamp and adapts its offer to the COVID time…

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The extensive team of the Hôtel La Perelle seating nearby their ephemeral ice bar, in front of the Lauzière massif.

Nestled between the La Lauzière alpine chain and the Cheval Noir massif, the Saint-François-Longchamp station would undoubtedly surprise you by its magnificent mountainous environment. Indeed, you may get offered the authentic Maurienne spirit and one of the most beautiful panoramas in the entire Savoy. Accessible by shuttle from the Saint-Avre-Lonchamp train station, discover a lot of marvelous landscapes between the ideal situation of this ski resort, between 1250m until 1750m. Strong of a network of more than 165km of ski slopes but also unlimited km of inspiration for you and your family to stimulate in and around, notably thanks to the multiple animations organized by the Tourist Office.

Furthermore, Saint-François-Longchamp finds its touristic roots in the 30s with the construction of the first ski lift and reinforced by the arrival of the Tour de France beyond the Col de la France. Connected to its sister station of Valmorel, you would easily find in this area a set of typical cultural, gastronomic and architectural heritage, while proposing an alternative overview on the endless French Alps.
Without forgetting the local accommodation offer, represented here by the overhanging Hôtel La Perelle, dominating the station with an incredible view. Rejuvenated by a welcoming couple, rich of hundreds of experiences, you would be seduced by the variety of services available in this establishment, along its capacity to adapt to any context and not the least, the health measure restrictions related to the COVID pandemics. Once again, learn more about it in this article and the video below. By Alex Plato

..and some candles to enlighten it.
A wood fire to warm up your night..

Offering a beautiful view over the mythical Mont Blanc until the Ecrins massif, the Hôtel La Perelle is located in the heart of the Maurienne valley, at the foot of the two mythical Deux Lacs. At the closest proximity of the center of Saint François Longchamp and its various stores and ski lifts, this charming hotel, run by the friendly couple Antoine and Valeria, offers a family and comfortable accommodation, with a direct mountainous access. 

Thereafter, you can enjoy its strategic and dominant panorama over the station, from the panoramic terrace, the large screened window of your room or from the balcony of the temporary lunch room. Indeed, this hotel paid many efforts to welcome you with the respect of the sanitary rules during the 2021 pandemics (photo credits: Alex Plato).
..or a breakfast under the sun.
Your private room for lunches..

That’s why, in order to respect the visitors health, each family is invited to enjoy his half or full board formula in an extra private room, dedicated for any meal. 

Facing the translucent summits, this cosy space proposes a balcony, especially in case of pleasant temperatures. Bringing your dishes from the bar counter on a tray, get the best of an inspired homemade and sometimes typical cuisine of Savoie, prepared by the Chef. For example, you may be surprised by different local specialities in your plate, such as cheese dishes, cooked vegetables with a special attention completed with delicious homemade desserts, including original pastries. Moreover, originally designed as a couple of weekly rendez-vous to bring together the hotel guests, discover the traditional fondue, the XXL prime ribs or the snow barbecue organized by the team on a cowhide.

..from the ground to the top.
Fine sawmill wood is omnipresent..

Before joining the lobby or the giant terrace for a last drink, prepare yourself in one of the latest renovated rooms, full of larch wood. Completed by a modular floor heating, a flat-screen TV and all the toilet amenities, you would be seduced by this altitude comfort. 

Depending on the size of your family, a bunk bed may be available to you, still on the respect of the alpine decoration codes. Furthermore, have a look on some fancy details, such as the portrait of woodland caribou upon your bed headboard, along sweet lightings to associate with the natural clarity of the white mounts in front you. As an alternative kind of flat-screen, this breathtaking panorama belongs to the assets of the overhanging and privileged position of this room.
..before meeting back the reindeer.
A weekly shamallow barbecue..

Depending on the season and the context, don’t also miss the heated indoor pool whose colors constantly vary, along a sauna, and a surrounding cosy wooden bar where you may experiment some cocktails. Cherry on the cake, if you wanna have some rest, a kids club is also available during the Belgian and French school holidays, in order to take care of your children between 6 and 13 years old. From Monday to Friday, from 13h30 until 17h and 19h30 until 21h30, many surprises are getting ready along the day, upon booking.

However, as we already saw it earlier, you could still bring them to the weekly and convivial barbecue, located in an ephemeral and natural camp, at the top of hotel. Nestled in an ice bar, you could enjoy a family moment in the snow. From that point of view, admire the huge potential of this ski resort, where you could spend your energy through the several slopes with your favorite pair of skis or snowshoes

Neither the mountain timber!
The essences from Savoy are never far!

As seen before, the surrounding domain abounds in numerous possibilities of activities, just ask the recommendations of the Hotel! Thus, the team even more organizes from time to time some private hikings towards their favorite and secret spots

Otherwise, you may stock whatever you wish in the ski room and start your visit of this huge domain, from this comfortable location, full of upcoming projects. Indeed, the entire interior design of the Hotel La Perelle is still being refreshed with the same support of the decorative talents of the two hotelkeepers. Moreover, a couple of brand new premium lodges are expected to be built, just in front of the establishment and we invite you to stay tuned about their imminent and much anticipated construction
Hôtel La Perelle, La Perelle, 73130 Saint-François-Longchamp (France) / Phone : 00 33 (0)4 79 59 12 27. More information on the official website

..until the modern constructions.
From this natural edifice..

It’s time to learn more about the surrounding station of Saint-François-Longchamp, whose origins can be found from the end of the 16th century which was once marked by numerous epidemics of plague and famine. Originally born from the reunion from the two hamlets of Montgellafrey and Saint-François-de-Sales, which both experimented an tumultuous history, before being granted in 1904 from the name of Saint-François-sur-Bugeon. Thereafter, with the development of the ski resort, this locality would eventually take the actual name of Saint-François-Longchamp, in 1969. 

From the bottom of this large alpine domain, don’t miss the mysterious Cheminées des Fées. This imposing natural column made of friable rocks, is crowned with a rock hat which seems to be more resistant to erosion. By the way, these strange shapes are commonly the source of many beliefs and legends.
..never far from some urban decoration.
The contemporary alleys of the station..

An introduction in a way to the wide choice of summits to explore in the upper station that can reach 1750m at its highest, unless some summits may surpass this limit. For example, the illustrious Col de la Madeleine is renown for being an almost inevitable climb of the Tour de France, over nearly 20 km. For your information, this Col de la Madeleine has been crossed by the Tour, more than 25 times and classified of out of category pass, not far from the duet Blanc and Bleu lakes.

Indeed, from this top of the World, you could admire a breathtaking panorama over the Mont-Blanc massif, and on the Maurienne side, all the summits of Arvan-Villard (Pic du Frêne, Aiguilles d’Argentière, Pic de l’Etendard, and Aiguilles d’Arves). Since this summit is considered as strategic by the departmental authorities, a road was decided in October 1949 in order to connect the valleys of Maurienne and Tarentaise. Its construction was achieved through several sections and finally inaugurated in July 1969.
..before a quick descent speed!
The machinery behind this ascent..

In fact, a pleasant hiking both in summer and winter, to enjoy from the Hotel La Perelle and crossing the endless mountain pastures until the two altitude refuges, where some countless pick-me-ups wait for you (photo credits: Alex Plato and Yann Brillant). 

Otherwise, apart the multiple ski slopes available in the domain of Saint-François-Longchamp, many activities are possible at any time of the year. This is an important fact, especially when the ski lifts can be sometimes closed. For example, you should try the dizzy rail toboggan, called the Comète, in reference to the long track, full of hairpin bends and sharp turns, before ending on a massive 540 degree spin. This attraction provides unique sensations throughout this descent, thanks to the possibility of controlling your own speed with handles located on your luge.

Nearby the sculptures contest.
Do you think is this bear is real?

Also located in the center of the resort, don’t miss the incredible human bowling attraction proposed for a couple of months. Let you get amazed by this improbable descent, stuck in a giant transparent bowl! It’s a real fact that seasonal animations are regularly organized by the Tourist Office, such as the ice sculpture contest, among many other types of entertainment or initiations

Nonetheless, would you prefer to live an unforgettable experience with sled dogs? If you’re fond of interactions with animals, in connection with their inner natural element, this ride is really made for you! A pack of charming Siberian Huskies remain at your disposal and in the meantime, you would have the privilege to enjoy a wonderful family moment, through the snowy landscapes. Icing on the cake, you could also support this shelter for these abandoned or beaten dogs. Facing a complicated past, you could offer them a new future by adopting them, learn more about this laudable initiative here.

One last stop, why don’t you have a look at the Balneotherapy Centre, overlooking the amazing Alps. Again in the heart of Saint-François-Longchamp, the recent edifice is spread over a surface of more than 2500m², dedicated to well-being. Thus, through a series of different balneotherapy and outdoor pools, along relaxing facilities composed of sauna, hammams, jacuzzis, fitness and bodybuilding room, still in the framework of a team of physiotherapists, doctors and physical trainers. Furthermore, in order to complete your experience, a bowling bar is as well available, entertained with frequent and free concerts (photo credit: #MySFL). 
More information about the potential activities and planning of Saint-François-Longchamp, on the official website.



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