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The International Garden Festival celebrates its 30th birthday in Chaumont-sur-Loire Castle, and also spend some sailing Moments on the Loire river

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..near the palm trees inside Le Jardin de la Serre.
Here is the Mediterranean Garden by Jean Mus..

Still around the Loire Valley, which is nowadays homologated as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, you would notice that a certain cultural life has always been rich in this multi-faceted territory… With the presence of kings, painters, writers and poets who were in quest of a fluvial inspiration.

Furthermore, it’s not a mystery that the offer of monuments and gardens is rich, notably through wonderful castles, but also villages, medieval cities. All those real witnesses of a certain history of France, deserve to be visited in a way or another. We are glad here to introduce you the perfect wedding between this historical side and this Loire river, through the floral Domain of Chaumont-sur-Loire, able to amaze you from many sides and its illustrious Festival International des Jardins. By AP

..they fill the whole height of the temple of tropical plants.
The Rainforest greenhouse features Tillandsias usneoides.

The first example would be the International Festival of Gardens of the Castle of Chaumont-sur-Loire which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2022. At this occasion, the thematic edition of this year completes the original perennial gardens, plus a focus around the idea of “ideal garden”. A good way to display a selection of landscaping and design artists were invited to express themselves within unique inspired art installations (photo credits: AP & AF).

This is not only a path around 20 different green plots of 210m2 each, but also a sort of a true springboard to reveal all kinds of eclectic talents. Apart from this, a good opportunity to revitalize the art of gardens every year since 1992, with always new plant species and assortments. In fact, this seasonal programming can as well be a source of inspiration for anyone of you, all around this 15th century Castle of Chaumont

..but also of exotic shapes, reminding this continent.
The African Garden displays an avalanche of colors..

Indeed, the 2022 year celebrates 30 years of creations, inspired by historical or poetic, educational or ecological themes, within this International Garden Festival. Therefore, this “ideal garden” actual thematics tends to revisit our connection with nature and plants, especially since the growth of urbanization and even global warming phenomenons. Then, with a visible global desire for sustainable nature and responsible food concerns, would you find the perfect harmony and taste, where you could find a certain well-being and happiness?

For your information, a real challenge has been proposed to the several designers of those 2022′ edition gardens, who had to propose personal projects able to synthesize different (and sometimes contradictory) notions of realism, colorful weddings or even unexpected illusion.


..unless you prefer the African Garden of Leon Kluge?
Explore some tropical plants in the Serre Extraordinaire.

Therefore, we invite you to appreciate the know-how of those landscaping artists, illustrated by the use of innovative materials, original plants and stagings, while unveiling new surprising gardening techniques, for incredible results to stare at. In those ideal gardens rediscover all kinds of forgotten virtues and qualities of a garden can provide, versus the countless contemporary constraints to be considered.

The various designers have then proposed a lot of innovative plots,  concentrating many vegetal creations, full of beauty and emotion, but also of messages, in order to surprise and amaze visitors. A good occasion to celebrate the anniversary date of the creation of this unmissable Festival International des Jardins of Chaumont-sur-Loire, after two years of pandemic pause. Moreover, each of the 30 selected designers, among 250 candidatures, enjoyed a total freedom to deal with the theme of the year.


..the good match between wood and generous volumes.
The quintessence of a Renaissance castle for you..

Therefore, initially built around 1050, this fortress of Chaumont-sur-Loire was set to control the border between the counties of Blois and Anjou. Owned by the Amboise family during 500 years, the metamorphosis of this beautiful edifice, into a leisure Renaissance styled castle, was even operated by Charles II of Amboise.

For instance, the various exterior facades gained predominant sculpted decorations, transforming this typical Loire Valley castle into an elegant this princely residence. Acquired in 1550 by Catherine de Medici, before transferring it in 1560, to Diane de Poitiers, this national domain hosts nowadays a large artistic scene inside its walls, full of exhibitions of contemporary art and photographs, focused on Nature theme. You could even pursue this green experience, by tasting some good meal in one of the four restaurants of the domain… such as the Comptoir des Tilleuls here, and its organic self-service offer, to enjoy right under linden.
..or just enjoy the intimacy of a cosy salon.
Which event would you celebrate in this dining hall?

We could say that this dynamics may have been launched from 1875, with the acquisition of this domain by Marie-Charlotte-Constance Say, when she started to decorate the countless rooms with a touch of Renaissance furniture and design the castle for opulent receptions. This crazy project was made possible with the help of the brilliant architect Paul-Ernest Sanson, who also designed the surrounding luxurious stables, proposing a complete upholstery designed by Hermès.

On top of that, another architect Marcel Boille proceeded with the construction of the farm of the Domain. Without forgetting that you’re still invited to walk through the wide park, offering a breathtaking view of the Loire Valley, designed by Henri and Achille DuchĂŞne, in 1884, and punctuated by many contemporary artworks. At last, you could pursue your experience inside the Domain, by staying a night in the brand new Le Bois Des Chambres ecological concept hotel.

Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire, 478 Le Château, 41150 Chaumont-sur-Loire (France) / Phone: 00 33 (0)2 54 20 99 22. More information on the official website.

..the Chaumont-sur-Loire hill just behind the cruise trip.
Aurélien, taking care of his own traveling material..

Under this beautiful site, let you seduced by the opportunity of a Loire river escapade. Therefore, AurĂ©lien may be considered as a passionate sailor, and his cruising project of Moments de Loire is undoubtedly a tailored  and intimate river experience, possibly to try once in your lifetime. The concept is the possibility to safely navigate on the only wild European river with such a kind and well informed guide, along even some of your friends

Thus, this Loire river has almost no more secrets for this lover of traditions, he patiently knew how to master, essentially through this ancestral Loire boat, also called “toue”.
An inimitable cruise ship, just beneath the Castle of Chaumont-sur-Loire..
All made of wood, those solid flat-bottomed boats were useful in the past to carry stones and building material to the main ports of this Loire Valley. Apart from this, those “toues” were very useful to circulate more safely than the random roads, which were full of bandits… That was such a real lifestyle! 

Don’t hesitate then to ask Aurelien for specific privatizations of his boat, such as specific customized trips, at the occasion of professional meetings or private appointments, where you could eventually meet skilled Loire specialized fishermen, but also gastronomic chefs, musicians and storytellers… Then, hurry up to ride like the wind with or without this large traditional orange sail, and discover the treasure of the Loire river!

Moments de Loire, 7 Rue d’Asnières, 41150 Veuzain-sur-Loire (France) / Phone : 00 33 (0)7 50 09 49 81. More information on the official website.

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