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The new circus edition of Les Folies Gruss waits for you in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne!

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..behind the official label.
A blue carpet to welcome you..

The legendary Alexis Gruss circus company presents, for a new season, from October 1st, 2022 until March 5th, 2023, its unique concept of Les Folies Gruss, in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne. This inspired equestrian themed show is a recent creation that required 9 months of preparation, accompanied by a food moment of sharing with the artists! 

This year, the Alexis Gruss Company relaunches its own Folies, a concept already in vogue during the Belle Époque period, while combining moments of entertainment and fancy food. Thus, in this category, you are more than invited to arrive a long time before the show, in order to benefit of all the food and animation offered by the troop, both dedicated to kids and adults. 

On the program, an authentic circus​ time, starring skilled acrobats​ and clowns​, along a rich equestrian show​, full of surprises. A project initiated by the Gruss family, includes a whole universe to get immersed into before and after the spectacle. Therefore, you could spend some traditional meal or enjoy typical fair sweets, such as crepes, waffles from Liege, candy pop and, above all, the possibility to discuss with the artists at the end of the show. In this case, listen to the interview of the group leader Stephan Gruss, in the second part of the article and in our video below. He tells us more about the upcoming performances of this year and some secrets behind them! By AP

..what about this welcoming blue marquee.
The greenery photo call wait for your pose..

Following a complicated but successful 2021 season, the Alexis Gruss company wished to repeat Les Folies Gruss adventure, with a new version. For your information, this brand new experience started from October 1st, 2022 and would extend until March 5th, 2023, settled in a majestic marquee, rented in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne (photo credits: AP)

What you can expect from this new edition of Les Folies Gruss? Thus, more than 1h30 of show, where you would appreciate the artistic talent of approximately 25 versatile circus performers, along 50 charming and elastic horses. For instance, you would be surely enchanted by the different types of aerobatics performances, carefully prepared by the whole troop
..learn more about tradition with those mannequins.
The stage is mobile and very impressive..

Among them, you could of course count on incredible equestrian tricks, which is in a way the specialty of Les Folies Gruss. Without forgetting the numerous aerial stunts, either from the ground or in the air. It’s not a mystery that those athletic and spectacular prowesses require years of hard work and rehearsal, even the random juggling and humorous sequences that this show includes. 

Without forgetting the vocal assets of Candice Parise, known as the former candidate of The Voice TV reality musical contest, which even performed during the French National Day‘s parade, in the Champs-Élysées. Therefore, thanks to her powerful voice and the performance of a complete orchestra, you would benefit from a live concert for the price of a brilliant circus show. 
..juggling is an a major asset in the Gruss family.
It’s true that horses play an important role in this show..

With this brand new creation, the famous Compagnie Alexis Gruss goes off the beaten track and reinvents an unexpected surprise to share day and night, with family or friends. With the Folies Gruss, the company presents an astonishing concept show (photo credits: Folies Gruss).

Thus, Les Folies Gruss becomes the place for all pleasures, where any spectator can live a full experience, before, during and after this magic session, settled in a rather unusual and very magical place, located in the middle of the Bois de Boulogne, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.  Thus, take the chance to discover a creative scenography, imagined by a new creative team, expressing a warm atmosphere, inspired by is the Folies, a concept already in vogue during the Belle Époque period. many emotions to celebrate at the bar zone.
Aerian figures also hold very breathtaking effects..

On top of that, enjoy a gourmet lunch in the midst of acrobats, horses and other amazing surprises (including a candyfloss and waffles bar), to share a good moment with your friends or even an artist, in a festive atmosphere. A real opportunity to live a unique convivial experience, where you can interact with your neighbors in the collective tables, even by watching a few circus acts, before and after the spectacle.

Indeed, you may share a fairy lunch or dinner, under a part of the marquee. A good occasion to exchange with the other spectators and even with the various artists, before or after the showTherefore, during your lunch, the Gruss artists are your hosts, they would offer you a sort of appetizer with a real orchestra lead by the singer Candice Parise.


This human pyramid won’t make you regret your venue.

On the menu, prepared by a professional caterer, recipes from the sea (smoked fish, oysters, ceviche…), along typical French gastronomy (cold cuts, among other delights…), to accompany with a cup of champagne or Parisian craft beer. For your information, those extra-show sessions would welcome you on weekends, where you could take the chance to come for lunch before attending the spectacle, so to say from 12:30pm. Adding to this, don’t miss the kids zone, able to entertain your youngest children, along a series of artistic and musical performances that still take place throughout your lunch.  

Otherwise, you prefer spending some time in the so-called after-show where any of the could benefit from a privileged moment of exchanges with the artists from Les Folies Gruss, after each performance. In fact, the promise of an immersive experience of a new kind, designed for all sensibilities and all combined in an entertainment and catering set. A good way to be hosted by a united tribe of artists announcing a festive, musical and culinary family moment.

Charles Gruss in action on his horse..

We invite you to learn more about this singular show, told by Charles Gruss and Kaylie!

– Can you introduce us to the new edition of Les Folies Gruss?

The Gruss family and their 50 horses welcome you for a magical moment with your family and friends all in one place. More than just a spectacular show with 3000 places, Les Folies Gruss is an experience that begins with a high quality restaurant in which you are surrounded by on going live music and artistic performances. Either accessible from Parisian metro, by foot and easily accessible by car from the ring road of Parisperiphérique, situated in the Parisian woodlands of the Bois de Boulogne, facing a lake, you will be welcomed by horses right from the moment you arrive.

The authentic love for horses of the patriarch Alexis Gruss..

After the pre-show experiences, you take your seats to watch a poetic aerial and horse show performed by a family of artists accompanied by a live orchestra and a high profile singer. After the show, the experience doesn’t end just yet, the bar and desert booth remain open and you can meet the artists, talk, take photos, and get your programs signed. A complete afternoon or evening out in a lovely area to walk around and not too far from the Eiffel Tower either, fitting in wonderfully to your parisien trip.

– What is the philosophy of this new edition? What are the new things to discover?

Here you will be welcomed to spend a moment with the Gruss family, « the artists are your hosts »
After the show you can meet all the artists for a chat and visit the horses, we want you to feel close to us and we really care about the relationship between the audience and the family. In this new edition, you will watch a brand new show full of surprises, the acrobatic tricks in the air or on horse’s back are more exiting and the « mise en scene » is innovative. If you don’t speak French, don’t worry we have even thrown in an English comedy interlude.

– For visitors from the South, could you tell us about your academy near Avignon? When can we visit it?

And for the southern visitors, you can enjoy Les Folies Gruss in a beautiful outdoor version beneath the sunset of Béziers, in Occitania during all summertime. In July and August, « Les Folies Gruss estivales » will welcome you every evening for memorable summer nights.

The reception hall is ready for a wonderful performance!
– For this new edition of the Folies Gruss, it seems that you prepared some surprises, could you tell us more about them?
For this new creation, I surrounded myself with a new artistic team, notably Gregory Antoine, with whom I assigned the stage direction, and to whom I asked to imagine a new scenography which would better show off the orchestra and our wonderful singer Candice Parise. We have also created lots of new pictures which show off the multiple talents of our artists and our horses

– How long it took to develop this updated version? Did you meet some obstacles or get some support of anyhow?

We have spent many a long month working on this show and have had many challenges caused by the complexity of some of the tableaux. Notably in the aerial numbers, we have a new motor system in place meaning each individual flight is programmed into and piloted by a computer, this was a very complex process.

Those pyrotechnics tricks are often proposed for events..

In order to bring together humans, computers and horses was a great challenge.  You will also see in this show some young horses that have been in training for several years and debuting their first appearances in the arena. For example, 4 young pure-bred arab horses, who present a musical chairs style number where they jump in and out of giant baskets

– You belong to a famous Circus family, what could you tell us about their history and which type of heritage you have to transmit now to the next generations?
Our family has been in the world of circus since 1854, the equestrian and saltimbanque skills have been passed down through 6 generations.
The driving force of our family is creation, to progress and make our skills evolve from one generation to the next, and even between one show creation to the next, is an enormous challenge that all the members of our family rise to each year. To this day we are still 3 generations of the family in the ring together. And the 7th generation has already arrived, my grandson Oscar. Transferring our unique skill set is what drives us to work hard everyday.
Les Folies Gruss by Alexis Gruss Company, Carrefour des Cascades, 75116 Paris (France) / More information on the official website.
2 sessions are kindly proposed per day:

– In the morning, doors open at 12:30 p.m., show at 3 p.m.
– In the evening, opening at 7:00 p.m., show at 9:00 p.m.




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