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Enter the Lacoste Arena, as the crocodile’s largest flagship store, in the core of the Champs-Élysées

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Such a bright green perspective over the Arena entrance..

Since the creation of its first polo shirt in 1933, Lacoste has relied on its authentic sporting heritage to infuse the world with a constant flow of optimism and elegance, notably through a unique and original lifestyle line. Those outfits, shoes or sports accessories, either dedicated for ladies and gentlemen, without forgetting their children, have always met at the junction of sport and fashion.

That’s why, you could find in each Lacoste’s collection, an authentic timeless elegance, captured by a combination of creativity and classicism. Since its beginnings, many crocodiles have been worn and transmitted from a generation to another, elevating them to a rank of icons. This kind of French elegance is nowadays worldwide acclaimed since Lacose is established in 98 countries, through a network of 1,100 stores. By AL

..unless you prefer shooting other sides of the store.
This original staircase is a perfect framework for a photocall..

Icing on the cake, last May 20th, 2022, Lacoste opened wide the doors of its first largest flagship, located in the heart of the emblematic Champs-Élysées Avenue in Paris. This wide space was designed in order to show as much as possible the spirit of this legendary crocodile brand, through its fashion and sports communion (photo credits: Lacoste).

That’s why, once inside, you would notice that this Lacoste Arena is a unique agora, where would cross the various Lacoste cultures. Located at the hot spot of the 50 avenue des Champs-Elysées, it seems that this Lacoste Arena has already succeeded to bring together all the brand’s followers, whether those are fashion lovers, sports enthusiasts, responsible and creative consumers


..until the more recent global fashion trends, like this teddy.
The Lacoste history is fascinating from its emblematic polo shirt..

More than a simple store, this arena needs to be explored from every corner, eventually to reveal the styles and wishes of any visitor. Furthermore, your in-situ experience may be stimulated through a certain combination between entertainment and digital innovations, somehow symbolizing the whole state of mind of this French brand which achieved to manage its own identity across ages.

Thus, you would be surely seduced by this real immersion into the Lacoste‘s universe and inclusiveness, towards a couple of exclusive services and moments. Among them, don’t miss the Croco Wall, an artistic and interactive scenery associated with a photobooth, allowing anyone to be immortalized in front of this installation full of crocodiles (photo credits: AL).


..with those tennis judges and players‘ vintage outfits.
More facts about the strong link between Lacoste and tennis..

It’s not a mystery that with its 1600 m2, Lacoste Arena would offer you various facets from this crocodile culture, through its 9500 pieces which are showcased. When it comes from a giant footwear area, or collections regarding golf, tennis and fitness sports, plus ready-to-wear for all genders.

This is not the only surprise, since you could be as well tempted to desire a customization option, in order to personalize your favorite polo with several crocodile logos, with a specific color, cuts or initials to select. Among them, you would have the choice to opt for the signature of the place, an exclusive Lacoste Champs-Élysées capsule collection, offered in a metro station representation, to wear on polo shirts, sweatshirts, caps and canvas bags.

“We are proud to open Lacoste Arena, our new flagship, in the heart of the Champs-Élysées. More than a store, it will be the beating heart of the brand and aims to completely renew the Lacoste customer experience thanks to numerous technological innovations, combining an interactive and immersive experience. This opening is a strong signal for the influence of this famous crocodile in France and in the World, this flagship store will be a rallying point at the crossroads of cultures, generations and styles, and will allow us to share with our customers the emotion and the Lacoste know-how.” admits Thierry Guibert, president of Lacoste.

This turning platform would suggest you different polo colors and patterns..

On top of that, due to its active commitment for more sustainable fashion, the Lacoste company has especially designed a space in this Lacoste Arena, dedicated to its sustainable development approach. Named under Durable Elegance, you may find this philosophy featured in the LOOP polo shirt, made from recycled fibers from old polo shirts, or the original L.12.12 polo shirt with even improved durability.

We could also mention the Cotton Flower polo shirt, which is a 1991 reissue, totally made up of 100% organic and untreated cotton, as the expression of cotton in its purest and most respectful form. For your information, this corner would be maintained but regularly renewed to share the brand‘s innovations in terms of sustainable development, with the goal to propose more responsible fashion.


Don’t you remember that Serena Williams is one of the Lacoste ambassadors?

In fact, this green project currently includes a knitted mural, combining a sustainable and artistic approach, along recycled hangers and developed from cotton offcuts, plus bags which are created from old polo shirts given to people bringing back their old Lacoste outfits. Moreover, you could as well appreciate this philosophy with the upcoming Spring-Summer 2023 minimalist collection (pictured below), highlight technology, comfort and look assets.

Adding to this, those various elements would be regularly highlighted through different events, where would be welcomed guests, artists or young creators. Those players, endorsed or not by Lacoste, would invest this guest room, in order to share their experience and eventually honor the history that preceded within this arena. Indeed, the mythical Gaumont Ambassade cinema used to occupy this edifice.

Lacoste Arena, 50 avenue des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris (France) / Phone: 00 33 (0) / More information on their official website.

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