The Best of France and nearby!

Discover our suggestion of restaurants in Limoges, from Gogaille, Philippe Redon, La Maison du Fromage and of course Les Halles!

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ESTER is either a district and a technology park, located in Limoges, supporting and promoting innovative projects and events..

Apart from being a porcelain capital in the heart of France, Limoges is able to seduce foodies with its rich culinary tradition and regional delights. Already known for its know-how, the city also dazzles all the taste buds of the World with a palette of exceptional flavors but also a delicate art of tableware. 

That’s why, you would often find local plates which are adorned with colors and patterns, creating a visual experience as enticing as the feast that fills them. This epicurean sensation is reinforced with the support of local chefs, aware of this local aesthetic speciality, while introducing as much as possible their creations with a particular attention to a certain visual presentation. A perfect way to highlight those regional products, visible in the various markets of Limoges, inviting anyone of you for a tasting session, that’s rich in flavors.

Among those Limousin treasures, we could count on delicious cheeses, such as Salers, Fourme d’Ambert and goat tomme, but also truffles, different types of mushrooms but also potatoes, either cooked in pâtés and pies. In fact, most of those ingredients embody the refined simplicity of traditional cuisine, highlighted by talented chefs in daring creations. A gastronomic potential that could be completed by region’s wines, particularly grown through the vineyards of the Vienne valley. Therefore, we propose you here a true immersion into this central region of France, where many places celebrates the richness of ancestral delights. By AP

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