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Get ready for the next MIF Expo, a panorama of this full Made In France annual fair!

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Launched in 2011, the Made In France Expo grew year after year, answering to a certain demand  from consumers, more and more wishing to make sense and be aware of their purchases’ origin.  
Time goes by and they realize that consuming French is specific philosophy, more complex than promoting employment, preserving some economic environment and the fulfillment of the quest of some quality” explains Fabienne Delahaye, founder of the event. By AL

With this in mind, this MIF Expo is logically fully dedicated to Made In France manufacturers, looked forward to welcome many more guests for its next edition, extending lately its duration in order to give more time to encourage there any multiple discovery and shopping experience (photo credits: MIF Expo).  
Indeed, this annual event wishes to generate connections between manufacturers and consumers, all sensitive to the highlighting of French multi-sector competences. Since behind each purchase, it includes a dialogue and a real breeding ground opportunity for all the players who have decided to manufacture in the French territory.
Concretely, the Made In France Expo welcomes, every year, motivated exhibitors to display their ingenuity and inventiveness to improve comfort and the quality of life of everyone, thanks to the creativity and know-how of more than 500 exhibiting French entrepreneurs and more than 70,000 visitors, an increasing figure at each edition. 
Another recent innovation organized during this MIF Expo, the Made in France Awards. Thanks to a jury of personalities, awarding some favorite French companies through 4 categories, for the prize of the public, the prize for innovation, the environment prize and the prize for the entrepreneur of the year. If you would like to participate at the next edition, you should apply on the official website.
In order to support the local initiatives, many French regions would also be hosted to highlight their startups, such as previously Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Grand-Est, Normandy, New Aquitaine, Pays de la Loire but also smaller entities, departments like Corrèze, for this event occurring at the Parisian Fair Center of Porte de Versailles. For your information, at each edition, a special region would be mentioned as a guest of honor.
Stay tuned for the next edition next November, on the official website!

We found for you some interesting brands, first in terms of green high-tech:
 – According to the WHO, mostly in urban areas, people spend more than 80% of their daily time indoor (at home, at work, in the car, at school…), breathing then many pollutants, specific to closed spaces. Indeed, the indoor air, we breathe is 6 to 8 times more polluted than outside, increasing the risk of irritation, allergies and the symptoms of chronic respiratory diseases (photo credits : Air Pur Labs).
Facing this rising air pollution concern, the French firm Air Pur Labs offers two combined and patented innovations, around the Smart Blooow solution. Thus, you would initially find a simple Blooow filter (made of activated carbon), to use alone or to adapt on an eco-designed purification device. Indeed, this connected (to your smartphone) air purifier treats your interior air using the same basic innovative Blooow system. This module is available in 7 colors and 2 sizes (10m2 or 30m2), with a lifespan superior than 15,000 hours, acts in silence, neither consuming any energy nor generating harmfulby-products. Its concentrated composition allows to efficiently capture the main chemical pollutants (Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde) and organic compounds (odors, smoke…), those which are the main pollutants to be found in your home.  
Furthermore, thanks to a Gold Medal awarded at the 2019 Lépine Invention Contest, the other device, the baptized Smart Blooow is part of a second generation of air purifiers, those enriched with the modern electronic and connected technologies. Manually or via a dedicated mobile application controlable, two operating modes are proposed to adapt your purification device, according to your needs and the duration you daily wish for the air cleaning. The ECO mode is dedicated for a silent capture of pollutants, while the BOOST mode is notably supposed to act in a situation of pollution peak (such as kitchen and paint odors, cigarette smoke, etc.).
As a matter of fact, SmartBlooow has been tested with a ppb RAE 3000 VOC detector (at 24°C) and an average 48% humidity. Within those conditions, in a closed enclosure, the results showed a 82% decrease in the VOC concentration (octane, meta-xylene) and more than 50% in formaldehyde.
More information on the official website, explore their wide range in the online store.
– The Suncase is a new generation solar lighter designed for a daily, ecological and sustainable use. Developed by the French startup Solar Brother, it works like a true solar concentrator, it captures the sun’s rays for an efficient, free ignition that can be used for life. Its design makes it possible to accommodate a gas lighter for a 24 hour use, including a night ignition, while reduce gas consumption by the contribution of bi-energy. Ergonomic and ultra-compact, the Suncase fits easily in your pocket and goes everywhere (photo credits: Suncase).
How it works? The Suncase solar lighter spreads its wings and then concentrates the sun’s rays into a focal point for a lighting in 3 seconds, for any kind of material: wood, brown paper, tobacco, incense. Its case gives wings to an ultralight (12 grams) and compact packaging. You would be also amazed by its waterproof and windproof resistance.
More information on the official website, explore their wide range in the online store.

Also a huge choice to explore in the fooding branch:

– The Brocéliande Torrefaction has been launched by two coffee enthusiasts in a small  village, Ploërmel. Very early sustainably committed, they paid much efforts to manage their production with a green orientation, notably cooperating with the Max Havelaar certification, in order to create a range a fairtrade labeled coffee range (photo credits: Brocéliande).

Nowadays, the Brocéliande Torrefaction proposes a selection of different coffees dedicated to all kinds of tastes, convinced by the responsible consumption, while still discovering the taste of real homemade recipes. For your information, their coffees are roasted according to an artisanal and traditional method, called “slow method”, where the beans are slowly roasted in a drum for a period of 24 to 26 minutes, by raising the temperature to 220 ° C.

This traditional process guarantees a regular and deep maturation. Thus, the initial pale green beans placed in the roaster, then stand out with a more generous shape and a greedy caramel color. During this operation, the master roaster takes an optimal care of those grains.

Historically, the Brocéliande Torrefaction has been selecting raw coffees from the more equatorial regions of the Blue Planet. Like with wine, the family team carefully chooses the best coffee vintages, in order to always bring the best flavors, combining real harmonious tasting (organic or not) and escaping experience (thanks to many origins).

More information on the official website, explore their wide range in the online store and find the nearest sale points.

– We follow this series with the Comète diet chocolate products, a brand proposing an alternative to sweet products, while taking action against overconsumption of sugar, especially by children (photo credits: Comète).

For your information, 60% of them, between 8 and 12 years old, consume a daily high level of sugar: approximately 75g of sugar each day, versus 25g recommended, by the WHO, with serious consequences on health.

That’s why Comète decided to launch a simple and tasty organic selection, Ecocert certified, with its own galaxy of sweet products,. The result is 3 types of products, gluten-free and without any palm oil plus counting less than 30% of sugar comparing to an equivalent product. Among them, Nutella lovers would find a delicious Pâte à Étoiler (nut spread), as well as Cookimètes, softly sweet chocolate cookies, completed with hazelnuts and oatmeal. On top of that, you couldn’t miss the sugar saving, offered by the Brownie de l’Espace, a new type of brownie, garnished with chocolate chips, rye flour and even almond powder.

More information on the official website, and explore their wide range in the online store.

We pursue our visit with some wellness tools:

– If you believe in the benefits of cryotherapy, or the “Derivative Baths” method (developed in the middle of the 19th century by the naturopath Louis Kuhne), the SŌKAI start-up proposes an innovative concept combining refreshing gel pockets and the matched underwear, specially designed to accommodate them comfortably close to your body (photo credits: SŌKAI).

The founders are convinced of natural virtues of cold, especially with a regular application at the crotch. At any time of the day, it’s possible to use those SŌKAI bags (with the dedicated underwear or just yours), on an average period between 2 to 3 hours per day, although the gel bag has a shelf life of 1 hour.

Among the improvements promised by this solution, a reduction of the usual toxins and cellulite, an improved sleep, the appearance of the skin and a more efficient blood (and good fats) circulation, better regulation of your body temperature as well as your recovery after a sporting effort, a reduction of hot flushes

More information on the official website, explore their offer in the online store.

– If you believe this time in the power of wood… You may wear on your wrist, one of the bracelets made by L’Apéro De Gabin, in the South of France, in sustainable oak wood (photo credits: L’Apéro de Gabin).
Those alternative jewels would bring you a certain serenity from the forest. Each bracelet is handcrafted and engraved with cool patterns, such as a marine anchor, dandelion, deer. Furthermore, there are also a huge choice of colors regarding the bracelets’ cords, in order to make each model a unique piece and also easy to adjust the size!
The team sands and treats those wooden pieces, in order to provide them the best resistance for any daily basis, in particular with water contact. All of those parameters have been meticulously studied by L’Apéro De Gabin, so that this object, rich in symbols, could accompany you over time and accomplish a real communion with Nature.
Stay tuned for the new models on the official website, and explore their existing offer in the online store.


The French fashion is also available to fulfill your style…

– In many regions of France, “cocorico” is famous for the rooster crow… Here, this rallying call is adopted as a fashion brand, by Cocorico and for sure Made In France! Indeed, they promote a new vision of streetwear, made with quality materials and many of them, adorned with funny messages. Therefore, you would find a choice of many clothes, such as T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, BoxersSocks, etc.

Most of those items are produced by a factory, Origine France Garantie labeled. Indeed, from knitting until the last touch, passing by the design step, all of the Cocorico‘s manufacturing stages are carried out on the French territory. The team also tends to support, as much as possible, some of their partners in their labeling processes (photo credits: Cocorico).

For your information, they work in close collaboration with 6 factories, located in France. Each of their partners share a common goal vision, for timeless quality clothing. On top of that, the entity also own their proper Cocorico workshop, in an old renovated farmhouse situated in the heart of the Lot department. This is where are realized the last stages of the production transformations, like the installation of the French flag and the adding of the various markings!

More information on the official website, explore their wide range in the online store.



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