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Why don’t you adopt the organic beauty care line developed by Comme Avant?

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A large family of green products to adopt..

If you want to consume differently in terms of cosmetics and household products, the Comme Avant brand offers a range of solid cosmetic and vegan products. In connection with our former article about the Made In France fair (read here), we invite you to discover this ambitious and effective company, based in Marseille, willing to develop beauty products, starring as few ingredients as possible, in order to ensure healthy use either for the body and the blue Planet (photo credits: Comme Avant).

As far as we know, these concentrated products are intended for the whole family, thanks to their solid and concentrated format. This originality therefore allows products to be used for a relatively longer period than average habits. In addition, this solid format, packaged in biodegradable cardboard, avoids the use of many plastic bottles and at the same time allows you to reduce your waste. Not to mention the possibility of product refills, in different formats available, for more economical and ecological packaging. Indeed, ecology is truly at the heart of the commitment of this start-up, passing by a team which is constantly looking for eco-responsible solutions. By AL

The couple Sophie and Nil Parra in front of their Comme Avant‘s selection.. 

This family affair, launched by the couple Sophie and Nil Parra, went into an environmental approach, initiated in December 2018, and honored by a 2-star Slow Cosmetics mention, rewarding a brand’s full action and not just its products. Thus, this label must highlight the company’s commitment in terms of respect for environment and health concerns. In the case of this green adventure of Comme Avant, the entity wishes to act for a true ecological transition, through a range of eco-friendly products, based on minimalist and natural compositions.

De facto, this range of cosmetics and sustainable clothing is thus handmade manufactured in a workshop, located near Marseille, with the constant aim of reducing any kind of waste. An approved philosophy of consuming less and better, designed for nowadays and future generations. On top of that, Comme Avant aims to establish a real trustful relationship, coupled with a real transparency, particularly regarding its customers. This is why, do not hesitate to consult the detailed composition of all their products, and even enter behind the scenes of the conception and the origin of their ingredients, on their website and their different social networks.
The legend tells that the Comme Avant adventure started with a homemade soap..

In addition, the Made in France values ​​are much real here since, from the supplier to the manufacturing, the majority of the Comme Avant‘s process is French, in particular with the aim of limiting the impact emanating from production.

We are glad here to introduce you a couple of their products that could maybe change your daily habits. Starting with a mosquito repellent, based on a fully natural, solid and organic Murumuru butter. Furthermore, without any controversial substance, this solution effectively repels random mosquitoes and insects, from attacking your skin and prevents any bites. Plus, composed of a nut butter, extracted from a tree, native from Brazil, this balm nourishes and prevents any skin dehydration. While melting, this butter quickly melts, without leaving any greasy film, allowing an easy application on the whole body but also on your visage. Accompanied by an alternative to chemical molecules, PMD is a biocidal active ingredient and also a derivative of lemongrass, allowing to reach a repellent action against mosquitoes, while diffusing a natural and light smell of lemongrass (preferably for children over 6 months).
One washing powder may hide another..

Otherwise, you could let yourself be tempted by a washing-up powder for dishes, with Camargue salt. Still handmade in the workshops near Marseille but this time from only four biodegradable ingredients, all of natural origin.

This washing powder represents a natural and zero waste alternative to conventional detergents. In fact, this powder degreases, cleanses and washes your dirty dishes, with good results in terms of cleanliness, thanks in particular to this precious salt, coming from the salt marshes of the Camargue region.  Indeed, this key ingredient will prevent white spots on your dishes, while softening water, since it eliminates the random lime. In addition, the presence of citric acid, as a natural component, would complete this meticulous descaling and anti-limestone action, for shinier dishes. Finally, thanks to its economical powder format, a dosage can be made according to your needs.
Don’t also miss the other accessories to store your products..

Without missing the washing powder for clothes, still handmade in their southern workshop near Marseille, once again from an alloy of four biodegradable ingredients. This cleaning product again represents a natural and green alternative to conventional detergents, promising to clean and detach your clothes while preserving colorful and even white tones. This miracle was made possible with the help of baking soda, embodied in a mineral powder, reinforced with multiple uses whose properties are recognized.  

Indeed, this powder has a cleansing and softening action, sustained by the action of sodium citrate, also called trisodium citrate. This sodium salt would eventually soften your washing water and make it less chalky. This component also has degreasing and stain-removing properties, in particular thanks to its economical powder format, whose dosage can still be done according to your needs, thus allowing you to save money.
Such a pleasant olfactory line..

One of the latest novelties resides in a range of solid perfumes, all composed of only 4 ingredients from natural origin (including kokum butter, sunflower wax, essential oil) and whose 4 natural fragrances were imagined by a local perfumer from the Alpes-Maritimes department. 

Among them, you could count on the scents of Vanilla & Jasmine, Coconut milk & Orange blossom, Patchouli & Cherry, Vanilla Monoi. All of those versions are certified with the organic COSMOS label, those perfumed sticks are meant to be sustainable on your skin, with a life expectancy of approximately 5 hours and can even replace a 200ml regular liquid perfume for a use of around 6 months, for a portion of 20g. Adding to this, those products represent an alcohol-free and non-photosensitizing alternative to conventional perfumes, with a soft and nourishing effect for your skin. 
More information on their official website

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