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Did you know that time after time, your skin takes age and inevitably loses its tone, its elasticity weakens and many wrinkles appear? In order to save some time against the signs of aging, many laboratories have developed a series of effective collagen based treatments and injections.
That’s maybe why collagen was one of the very first featured ingredients, highlighted by the cosmetics industry. Originally from the Greek, this work means “glue producer” and logically its properties are also ancient, since it was already used by the Egyptians, at least from 2000 BC. J-C. However, this component was not famous for its a glue form, but more specifically for its role in the skin aging, thanks to the studies research.
Therefore, the first uses of collagen in beauty can be dated from the early XXth century, with a real intensification by the cosmetics laboratories, from the 1980s. Notably based on native collagen sources, partially originally extracted from animal skins in order to obtain an aqueous solutions, able to develop products dedicated to the human collagen protection. By Alexis Lery 

As far as we know, collagen is a natural protein, omnipresent in the human body and by the way, nearly 90% of our skin is made up of it, and even 30% of your protein mass, with a common goal to help your epidermic tissues to regenerate and fully maintain the natural elasticity of your facial movements, during the first twenty years of anybody’s existence (photo credits: Klapp).
Unfortunately, the collagen production decreases after you get 30 years old, and from then, your skin starts to change of appearance, loses its tone and the first signs of aging become more visible, along the random wrinkles… 
Nowadays, in order to offer to your skin a reasonable dose of collagen, two possibilities are available. The more efficient would be to proceed to injections, mandatory operated by a doctor, directly on the targeted zone, for an expected effect able to last for several months. Although, the easiest (and more affordable way) would be the use of existing cosmetic treatments, formulated with collagen, mostly aimed to deeply hydrate your skin. By the way, one of the first collagen pioneers, particularly in beauty care, is Japanese. Established in 1907 by the Nippi laboratory, from this time, their marine collagen could have become one of the main suppliers to the beauty industry.
For example, in Japan, dosed between 1000mg and 10000mg, collagen products are available everywhere, either in supermarkets, beauty salons and even some restaurants, baptized beauty restaurants which have even made this as their specialty, by serving collagen based dishes, such as shark fins, chicken skin or pigs’ feet. Based on this statement, you have to know that there are three main types of collagen that you could find not that far from your place, from animal, marine and vegetal sources. Depending on your diet, you have the choice. 
As another option, there could the red light therapy. This rejuvenating collagen lamp emits some red light waves, concentrated between 350 and 800 nanometers, depending on the device, which are able to penetrate from 8cm to 10cm into your skin, in order to stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin. This action contributes to heal wounds, relax tissues and promote blood circulation.  
First of all, it seems that these cosmetics, based on collagen, are an effective solution for your skin to regain its radiance, with multiple proven hydrating and smoothing effects. Therefore, for a complete effectiveness, the casual cream needs to be applied on every single sensitive zone of your face, where wrinkles are most likely to form, such as the eye and lip contours. Moreover, the usual recommendation is to apply your solution every day and particularly in the evening, since the skin cells regenerate the most during your sleep and would be rather ready to fight your imperfections… Thereafter, your visage should be better oxygenated, detoxified and hydrated.
For more illustration, we decided to mention here some proposals of immediate solutions to your skin.

At first glance, the German laboratory Klapp continues to display their wide cosmetics know-how in the different sights of modernity. 
For your information, this firm, created in 1980 by Gerhard Klapp, has always been motivated by a politics concentrated on research and development of high technological products, based on active principles and methods, in order to build the most efficient treatments as possible on the market. For this reason, this visionary spirit represents one of the facets of the current beauty trends, with several innovations exploited through the years. Among them, we can count on Retinol (Vitamin A), O2 therapy, Vitamin C and ASA Peel. In this case, just after our review about their full hyaluronic acid range (read our article here), we focus this time on their collagen alternative.
Therefore, their CollaGen series contains this precious protein, a highly valued component by this cosmetics laboratory, for its ability to hydrate, fill and soften the skin. In this case, an ingenious formula has been developed in an appropriate range, in order to reduce the first signs of aging and the lack of elasticity of anyone’s skin.In this family, you are invited to admire a complete skincare, able to offer you the best benefits of this high-tech research!
Starting with a 24H Cream, dedicated to last a full day to repair an atopic and dehydrated skin, whose main action is to strengthen your tissue, compensate any loss of contour and of course hydrate your main assets! Mainly composed of a combination of active ingredients, such as marine collagen, soybean oil, Vitamin C and glycerin… Recommended to be applied every morning and evening for a cleansed skin, we can really admit that the light texture of this collagen cream gives you a softened feeling and more elasticity, suitable for mature skins. For instance, you could complete this skincare with the CollaGen Ball/Liquid treatment.

24H Cream – 50ml – 69.40 €

For more sensation, a 24H Rich Cream has been lately issued, with the same operating instructions and equal properties of providing an intensive hydration, but with the additional cocoa butter and macadamia oil ingredients. Composed with a rich texture, this cosmetics undoubtedly envelops your inner epidermis, in order to find a softer and smoother appearance, and be resilient again with a better elasticity. Also ideal in combination with the CollaGen Ball/Liquid treatment.

24H Rich Cream – 50ML – 69,40 €

If you’re cautious about your eyes, after long days at watching TV or something else… We highly advise you to test the Eye Care Cream, which would be able to hydrate and soothe your any sensitive areas around the eyes. With the same composition as before, made of Marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and soybean oil, to gently apply in circular rounds in a cleaned eye area for an easier penetration in the tired wrinkles and to prepare your upcoming make-up.

Eye Care Cream – € 49.40

Last but not least, if you expect for a more intensive penetration in your epidermis, you could also try the Starter Set. This facial stimulator is an innovative and ideal treatment to lead at home as a cure, allowing the active substances to express themselves through a combo of collagen, pullulan, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. As an association between a serum, a collagen ball and this facial stimulator, your visage would become more deeply tightened and hydrated, notably compensating the eventual loss of contours, while forming a protective film. The application method is simple, add the content from the serum flask into the ball bottle and shake this ensemble. Then, spread the lotion with the stimulator for about 3 minutes, better before sleeping and preferably during a cure of one week, for more efficiency, notably on your fine lines and wrinkles.

Starter Set – 31.00 € (1 ball, 1 stimulator, 10ml).

More information on the official website.


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