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Take care of your skin with some hyaluronic acid… The last innovations of Teoxane, Esthederm and Klapp

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Following our last articles about different cosmetics, this time we have a look on the illustrious hyaluronic acid, a real star nowadays of formulas, notable used in moisturizers. This molecule is often associated with technicality, biocompatibility and, above all, effectiveness assets.

Indeed, this element may be very useful in many beauty routines, even more when it comes to sensitive skin, moisturizers are renewed to open up to new, lighter textures, while displaying unsurpassed skincare At the origin, inspired by medical techniques and innovations, many laboratories, specialized pharmaceutical and dermatological, involving hyaluronic acid injections, were looking to develop a new range of cosmetics dedicated to all, in order to reach a larger audience of traditional skincare cosmetics brands.

This new market cosmeceutical positioning as been baptized “cosmeceuticals”, since those innovative are wedding traditional cosmetics, pharmaceutical and drug methods, unless those treatments own higher concentrations assets than conventional products and some of them require a medical accompaniment. Although, this efficient family may be adapted to all kinds of skin issues, but especially present in anti-aging. In addition to this, you still have the opportunity to find them in classic distribution circuits, like pharmacies, drugstores, and also in spa institutes.

In this topic, take the chance to discover some of those related cosmetics players, through a constant innovation race for beauty. By Alexis Lery

For instance, Teoxane, a Swiss laboratory distributes its two cosmeceuticals ranges, formulated around its RHA (Resilient Hyaluronic Acid) and throughout 60 countries. This team has developed an expertise in wrinkle filling, through injection, for more than 15 years. During that period, these Teoxane Laboratories have also developed their own so-called RHA technology, to expand their injection products into more universal cosmetics (photo credits: Teoxane).

Lately, a worth technical and innovative line of skincare has been launched to fight against many recurrent skin issues, such as: dehydration, imperfections and pores, pigmentation, prevention of signs of aging. This time, still including the benefits of their patented hyaluronic acid expertise. Thereafter, you would notice that the heart of this formula, present in each of their skin treatments, give the chance to your epidermis to maintain an optimal hydration, to be visibly smoother and clearly fuller.

In order to meet the needs of consumers, those treatment protocols are as well adapted to beauty institutes and spas, which may be combined with alternative technologies, like the Resilient Skin Expert Treatments and Expert Treatments.

Moreover, their products can be associated with the combination of three key techniques: pro-age gestures, circular pressures on energy points, or completed with regenerative LEDs. These treatments are naturally suitable for all skin types, preferably after a personalized diagnosis, in order to clarifiy the purpose of its action for yourself (hydrating, lifting and restructuring effect).

At first glance, if you consider yourself as pretty cautious of your lips, the Teoxane homemade 3D Lip proposes to nourish and plump them. This product contains a complex composition of different rich ingredients. Among them, we could find for sure some hyaluronic acid, completed by collagen microspheres, for their hydrating and plumping actions. Adding to this, we can count ceramide aimed to smoothing and repair this fragile skin, helped by the moisturizing function of the unsaponifiable shea butter.

Effectively, this daily lip treatment contains a rich texture providing comfort, hydration and of durable effect on your lips. Furthermore, this lotion includes a bunch of densifying and nutritious ingredients to smooth, nourish and plump any lips, thanks to its melting and non-sticky texture, plus some refreshing applicator tip, to maximize the resulting comfort to your sensitized lips.

Teoxane 3D Lip – 10ml – Recommended price: 36 €

We follow our review with the same ergonomic format, represented by the R[II] Eyes cream. This delicate solution, dedicated for the eye care, would able to visibly lighten the eye area from the first application, thanks to a deep hydration of this sensible zone, to any dust or soft blow. The final result is slightly tinted, thanks to the Soft Focus illuminating pigments. Thus, it is obviously a fragrance-free formulation, suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. In addition, this cream is specially designed to conceal everyone’s fatigue, aging and puffiness wrinkles under your eyes.

Teoxane R[II] Eyes – 15ml – Recommended price: 59 € 

Once again, enriched with the RHA technology, the Micellar Solution is composed of a special blend of powerful moisturizing and soothing agents, all perfectly suitable to clean (without rinsing) your epidermis impurities and prepare the makeup stage, without disturbing the natural balance of your skin. Designed, even for the most sensitive skin, this is both a cleanser, tonic and make-up remover leaving your skin clean, hydrated and of course smoothed.

Teoxane RHA® Micellar Solution – 200ml – 27 €

After this cleansing step, why not soothing your skin with the Deep Repair Balm? Indeed, this immaculate Extreme Comfort Repair Balm contains a generous texture, which aims to provide an instant film-forming and hydration. This treatment is conducive to the recovery and restoration of irritated and sensitized skin, thanks to a rich formula that helps to restore optimal and express hydration and soothing to your facial skin.

Teoxane Deep Repair Balm – 30ml – 42 €

Furthermore, if you look to somehow treat your skin, the RHA Serum would undoubtedly be the solution… This acclaimed fundamental regenerating concentrate includes the highest concentration of the Teoxane‘s original and patented RHA moisturizing technology. This aerial and comfortable Serum offers a powerful combination of antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients, in order to visibly tone any aged skin from 14 days of use. After 28 days, you would certainly notice your wrinkles even more reduced and a more radiant skin.

Teoxane RHA® Serum – 30ml – 97 €

Now, regarding your daily care, the Advanced Filler is an alternative to deeply hydrate your face, suitable to any normal to mixed skin. This dermo-restructuring day care is specially designed for an optimal hydration coupled with powerful anti-wrinkle active ingredients. Consequently, this essential plumping cream contributes for an immediate hydration and help to tackle any loss of firmness and fill any wrinkle, that could happen for anyone.

Teoxane Advanced Filler – 50ml – 92 €

The next issue would be complementary to the previous one, since the Advanced Perfecting Shield is a pro-structure and complexion perfecting care. This skin shield is adapted to protect your epidermis within a single step, in particular through a cocktail combining RHA, anti-aging active ingredients and powerful antioxidants, capable of preventing, correct and hydrate from the UVA/UVB (starring a SPF30 protection) and any other visible warning signs of skin aging, illustrated by any dull and tired aspects. Thereafter, it would aim to strengthen the natural conservation of your skin.

Teoxane Advanced Perfecting Shield SPF30 – 50ml – 65 €

Last but not least, let’s think about unifying all of those cares, notably before sleeping? The Perfect Skin Refiner is a night treatment, whose mission is to retexture and renew your skin, thanks to a consistent balance between the combination of glycolic acid and the hydrating RHA technology, still developed by Teoxane. As far as we tried it during 15 days, this soft and proactive exfoliating treatment aims to actively regenerate your skin cells during your sleep, in order to obtain a more hydrated and homogeneous complexion. Its polyvalent action is focused on reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as the size of your skin pores, then smoothing any tarnished surface and pigment spots.

Teoxane Perfect Skin Refiner – 50ml – 85 €
More global informations on the official website and explore the entire range on the online store.

Born from the altruist wish of the French passionate biologist and cell specialist, named Jean-Noël Thorel, who paid many efforts, notably on a research on cutaneous bioecology, in order to elaborate a sustainable solution for the neutralization of aging parameters. At the origin of the various brands, such as Institut Esthederm, Bioderma and Etat Pur, all belonging to the NAOS group. This mother venture is specialized in the promotion of the ecobiology, a concept aimed to better preserve the skin‘s ecosystem and strengthen its natural mechanisms (photo credits: Esthederm).

Among the many approaches developed since its early days, in the 1970s, his Esthederm laboratory notably proposes products working on anti-photoaging issues, along other specific beauty patents. For instance, their Osmoclean is a professional cleaning method, based on the protection of your skin flora and its ecosystem, with the activation of your natural defense system, thanks to the production of beta defenses (a natural antiseptic), while eliminating the random pathogenic flora (unwanted bacteria). Other alternative patents, mostly in terms of slowing of the skin aging, were also developed with the Cellular Water (as a mimetic of tissue water), Repair (dermal repair), UVinCellium (an intracellular protection without filter or screen) or even the Time Control System (a new anti-oxidant). A range of high-technology available in many Spa centers!

Related to this article, this same Esthederm project as well focused on this natural water reservoir, embodied by the hyaluronic acid. As we have seen earlier, this molecule is naturally present in your skin, somehow guaranteeing youth and firmness, through a high ability of hydration.

Therefore, this natural asset is exploited by a specific range, launched (to find more than 53% hydration) through the Intensive Hyaluronic® collection, along a series of distinct reference molecules in aesthetic dermatology, such as Vitamin C & E2, AHA Peel, Retinol and Spirulin. A selection of emergency-beauty treatments proposes a targeted molecule for each indication, to be applied during two months, in order to regain a healthier skin. This list of premium cosmetics, dedicated to refresh your image and can be alternately used with your usual treatments, or in addition to special aesthetic procedures. 



At first sight, as a first stage, you could start with the Intensive Serum, a hyaluronic acid complex combining three different forms of hyaluronic acid, in order to intensely hydrate and stimulate the production of your inner and natural hyaluronic acid. This local protocol is essentially efficient in the situation of wrinkles, fine lines and intense dehydration, within the rehydration of the superficial layers.

As a proper makeup base, this Intensive Cream is recommended to be applied on your face, neck and décolleté, every morning and evening and eventually for a 2-month treatment. This Serum immediately plumps your skin (mainly at the disposal of your wrinkles and fine lines), either on the surface and in depth, before a visible result through a rehydrated skin, that you could easily feel as more flexible, comfortable and radiant

Intensive Serum – 30ml – 72 €



Once your epidermis is prepared with the previous Serum, we invite you to complete this hyaluronic acid routine with the Intensive Hyaluronic Cream, able to take care of your inevitable apparition of the first signs of aging, and all its sides effects impacting the firmness of your skin.

Indeed, thanks again to a triple action, this essential molecule would help you to intensely hydrate your skin and stimulate the production of your inner hyaluronic acid., while protecting you against the future environmental attacks. In order to make this remedy possible, a daily application of this Intense Cream, also suitable to a 2-month cure, would undoubtedly help you to rejuvenate and enlightens your epidermis, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face. 

Intensive Hyaluronic Cream – 50ml – 61 €


Furthermore, if you’re into a total treatment, employing the hyaluronic acid benefits, the Hyaluronic® Mask would surely be the right answer to clean and smooth your skin, by rehydrating the various and primary surface layers and swelling the tissues inside. For your information, between the cold temperature you could experiment outside and your warm interiors, the protective barrier of your skin, called the hydrolipidic film, can be often deteriorated, leading in particular to some dehydration.

This patented complex, pursuing this previous alloy of three different forms of hyaluronic acid, has been conceived to penetrate these deep layers of your epidermis, in order to densify these tissues by saturating them with water. It would be enough if you use this solution once or twice a week, eventually before attending a party or as a night care. The instructions for use are really simple… As usually, cover your face, your neck and your cleavage with a generous portion of this Mask and leave it for at least 15 minutes, before washing this ensemble. As a matter of fact, a sweetened visage would be also proud to erase your wrinkles and fine lines.

Hyaluronic® Mask – 75ml – 36,50 €

At last and for your eyes only, the Intensive Hyaluronic Eyes Serum is is a real hydra-plumping treatment to preserve the health of the common marked and tired looks. A product able to intensely hydrate and prevent environmental aging of this sensible zone, while filling the hollow area of the so-called valley of tears. In another hand, this Serum is efficient to reduce and plump the arising wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

For more efficiency, apply it daily by circular ascending massages around your eyes, crow’s feet and its surrounding valley of tears, either to be used alone or before any application of a complementary eye contour treatment. Don’t miss the illumination of your regard, turned into a refreshed, smoothed and visibly younger-looking appearance.

Intensive Hyaluronic Eyes Serum – 15ml – 39,50 €


More global informations on the official website and explore the entire Intensive range on the online store.

After this Helvetic selection, we switch to their German neighborhood, within the Klapp firm. Lately, this forty-year-old company, located in Hessisch-Lichtenau, launched a renewed Repagen Hyaluron Selection 7 range. Those purple packaged products are based on the Klapp know-how on their patented hyaluronic acid technology, aiming to stimulate all of your epidermis layers, notably through a 7 times more hydrating promising benefits. Thereafter, this local action would boost the opening of your skin pores and facilitate the penetration of any facial care products, you would eventually apply later (photo credits: Klapp).

Among several specific beauty products to explore, the common composition of its active ingredients is constant between each of them, to find in the Klapp partnered stores and beauty institutes. 

The main assets highlighted by the Klapp team, particularly lie on  quick results due to highly dosed compositions, made of different active ingredients formulations. Those are combined to ground a stable skin hyaluronic network, to prepare a better penetration potential and thus, a more efficient cell metabolism, in order to finally reinforce the detoxification process of your skin. 

Prima facie and to reach those goals, you’re invited to appropriate the flagship 24H Hydra Cream, a facial care dedicated to all skin types, offers an anti-aging treatment. 

This could be possible thanks to a well kept secret content, the Alpinia Galanga extracts, plus obviously homemade hyaluronic complex, composed of five different (high and lower) molecular hyaluronic acids, as well as two other active ingredients, also able to promote the formation of natural hyaluronic acid, from your inner epidermis

Indeed, through a morning or evening application, after a cleaning session, and a soft massage, most of your skin layers would be undoubtedly hydrated, visibly plumped and stimulated, for an anti-wrinkle effect. 

It seems that with hindsight, you would easily realize that the water balance of your skin would have been restored and protected with the help of this intensive care based on natural oils and a durable antioxidant protection, targeting on random free radicals.

Klapp 24H Hydra Cream – 50ml – 95 €

While still taking care of your facial assets, you may pursue your daily care with the Klapp Hydra Fluid cream, also dedicated for all skin types. This exclusive serum takes care of your skin with five high-quality hyaluronic acids, as well as two other active ingredients, also able to promote the formation of some hyaluronic acid directly by the skin

For instance, you may count on really active ingredients, such as again several molecular seized hyaluronic acids, plus polyglucuronic acid, coupled with this endless natural Alpinia Galanga extract and glycerin. This rich combo would undoubtedly offer you many properties, to replenish your skin‘s moisture reserves and providing a unique lifting and plumping effect, due to a sufficient hydrating action. The result is apparently a firmer and smoother looking skin, and sparkles with a visible silky matte glow. In fact, the controlled release of hyaluronic acid allows to your epidermis a complete hydrating experience, while in the same time, the active ingredient complex promotes the synthesis of elastin of your skin and strengthens the connective tissue. We recommend you to apply this solution, possibly every morning and evening and ideally before the previous 24H Hydra Cream.

Klapp Hydra Fluid – 30ml – 63 €

Last but not least, taking a good care of your eyes is a must-do, opt for the Hydra Eye Care Cream. A look treatment, made to revive all skin types, thanks to five finely selected hyaluronic acids, along two other active substances which also promote the formation of hyaluronic acid by the skin, while still stimulating the delicate eyes area and offering a hydrating and plumping effect.

As a reminder, you would again find the same active ingredients as before, counting on various hyaluronic acids, married with polyglucoronic acid and Alpina Galanga extract, this time completed by sunflower oil. This combo conveys an intensive care for your eye contour, while quickly and immediately penetrating, and leaving a feeling of softness and firmness on the skin.

This whole action for a visibly smoother and firmer eye area and an intense moisturizing effect, to apply morning and evening by gently tapping around your eyes pouches.

Klapp Hydra Eye Care Cream – 20ml – 74 €

More information on the official website.



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