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Prepare a Forever Living planning with a selection full of Aloe Vera!

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Did you know that aloe vera gel resist inside freezing gel?

Have you ever heard about the multiple benefits of Aloe Vera? This natural essence has been known for millennia, notably for its multiple virtues and its richness related to countless active components. In fact, there are more than 250 constituents of interest which have been identified in this plant, including vitamins (A, B, C and E), minerals (zinc, copper and iron), sugars (glucose, mannose and cellulose), lipids and glycoproteins.

Indeed, Aloe Vera is a typical desert plant, similar at some points to agaves and belongs to the lily family, while having very similar characteristics with cactus and moreover, there are more than 300 species to be admired in the entire World. Even though, this unique plant fortunately needs little water but cannot stand the rain. As always wearing a green robe, this species remains a strong and majestic plant, adorned with fleshy leaves and stands in perfect harmony with nature.
That’s why, this variety prefers growing in wild zones, such as the Canary Islands, Africa, South and Central America, and in some areas of the Mediterranean region, where summers are hot and dry versus mild winters. Nonetheless, we can also find an important cultivation territory in Mexico, passing by Texas and California, until Central America, Brazil, Turkey, Israel, India, China, along a couple Caucasian countries.
If you have a further look at the leaves, you could notice their juicy and thick structure, inside a watered tissue providing an Aloe juice, full of bitter, astringent, sweet and refreshing aromas. Therefore, it’s a pleasure for me, Martin Darras to introduce you the benefits of Aloe Vera within its medical traditional or alternative therapies, notably through the wide range of the Forever Living products. By Martin Darras & Alex Plato

Many surprises are hidden in this plant…

Founded in 1978, the Forever Living products is an American venture is already present in 160 countries, spreading its know how in cultivation, manufacture and distribution of its own aloe vera range, while fully mastering the entire production process. In this article, I would have privilege to show you this exclusive line of aloe vera-based products developed by Forever Living, through a selection of certified food supplements, skincare and essential oils, made in the United States but reaching France right now (photo credits: Forever Living). 

Furthermore, if we deeper focus on the countless studies lead on this botanical species, you would be pleased to appreciate its global efficiency both internally and externally. Indeed, in case of a topical application, the random aloe vera products deserve a real moisturizing effect, and may facilitate any healing issue, while contributing to the renewal of your skin by its combined action on keratinocytes, along a proved collagen synthesis. 
Added to this, we still can confirm that aloe vera is able to soothe and regenerate your epidermis. Therefore, in internal use, aloe vera constitutes an excellent food supplement because of its richness in antioxidant molecules. Nonetheless, this essence helps to strengthen the body’s natural defenses, and has a beneficial effect in case of physical and psychological fatigue. On top of that, other sources of interest, regarding aloe vera, are connected to the fact that it contains as well a couple of elements that we hardly find anymore or no longer at all in any random diet, whether a natural and balanced one. 
Aloe vera is made for everybody…

In the other hand, within an external use, many studies have shown its good action on the skin, thanks to a strong moisturizing power. The result is clear with a visible epidermis renewal. Apart this, as seen before, your skin may get healed, while being calmed and soothed, especially with an application on any burning zone and stings from insects, nettles or jellyfish.

When it comes to consumption of aloe vera juice, you would be surely satisfied to get naturally detoxified, through a general sensation of well-being. It’s true that from this pleasant feeling may be complete, from the gastrointestinal function, passing by the reproductive and elimination organs. Adding to this, aloe vera is also renown to be an instrument able to improve and protect your spirit condition, with the help of multiple free radicals and thus stimulate the natural defenses of your organism. A fair action regarding these elements which are mainly known to be responsible for aging your cells. 
In order to fully enjoy the best virtues and assets of this plant, the Forever Living products proposes a selection of different products to be tested when you need it. 
Starting with the Aloe Jelly (118 ml) – Ref: 61 – 21.70 €. This Aloe Forever Jelly gathers all the benefits of aloe vera in one gel, to get deeper in your skin. Just essential! At my opinion, this product is essential for me and I always carry out everywhere. I muchly appreciate this odorless solution, for relieving sunburns, insect bites, irritations, or just for the pleasure of moisturizing your skin. My special advice is to apply it in the neck, in the mouth for canker sores or other pains…
Don’t also miss the Aloe Heat Lotion (118 ml – Ref: 64 – 21.70 €), an authentic heating cream made to relieve any musculation tension. In fact, this represents an ideal solution notably for back pain, even more to relax your legs muscles, this cream is both suitable for beginners or experienced athletes! Its heating power can be revealed as a surprising but efficient action. My personal advice is to apply it after my workouts, to appease my sore muscles, for guaranteed effects! Moreover, you could also apply it through small hazelnuts on your whole head, in order to heal your headaches!
After this, why not trying the Aloe Propolis Cream? (113g – Ref: 51 – 28.90 €). For instance, this Aloe Propolis cream is certainly one of the most nourishing creams, I ever known in this range. Indeed, this cream is able to nourish your facial and body skin, while bringing them a lot of hydration thanks to a gentle alloy of natural ingredients, such as pure aloe vera gel, bee propolis, chamomile… My special advice is to adopt it for a dry and irritated skin, and even nourish your feet!
Then, let’s get to the Aloe Peach 1L (Ref: 77 – 33.48 €), this drink is especially made and designed for children and is already so popular with adults. Don’t we say that an adult is a big child? By the way, this heart of aloe vera drink is one of the Forever Living‘s most popular products, essentially for its light and fruity peach flavor! In addition to the virtues of this rich aloe vera pulp, whose benefits of peach are rich in fiber, vitamins A, B and C.
Last but not least, the Forever Bright Toothgel (130 ml – Ref: 28 – 11.20 €) is a dental gel, fluoride-free and non-abrasive which is able to softly clean your teeth and your sensitive gum. As far as we know, its chlorophyll complex, menthol-free, provides a feeling of natural freshness. Without forgetting that its complete formula, based on Propolis and Aloes, leads to maintain an excellent oral hygiene. In this situation, I would advise you to get tempted by its green color. You should undoubtedly be seduced when you would start to use this toothgel, and especially thanks to its soft and natural taste. In summary, an efficient product ready to convince you and eventually provide a hard time using others!
Here we go for the essentials, and you could easily find the rest of the Forever Living products, among a wide selection of solutions, available on the online catalog. For your information, the Forever Living products line is the result of the tremendous ambition of a man, led by his desire to offer products of an irreproachable quality, initiated for more than 30 years.
Take care of your skin with this smooth soap…

That’s why, I decided to propose you and even distribute these products for several reasons. By the way, I also received an internal training to fully understand the specific use of each of them.

The first reason is their preparation, where the aloe leaves were carefully picked by hand, to avoid any degradation, and then get immediately transformed into those gel solutions, in factories which are luckily located near the plantations.
Then, the pulp is directly pressed and coldly stabilized, thanks to a unique and patented process. At last, this stabilized gel is then subjected to serious tests, which are known to guarantee an exceptional level of quality. Don’t forget that the Forever Living products are intended for healthy people, in order to maintain a certain sustainable well-being, but can’t replace any medical treatment. So, if you really want to learn more about this opportunity to facilitate your physical and emotional well-being, don’t hesitate to contact me for more information. 
More information on the official website, on Instagram and Facebook. Also contact me on my mail box or phone (+33 (0)676489100 for more details).
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